Tesla & Trump



Perhaps this is the main difference between the Clinton Era and the Trump Era: genetic stock. My apologies if that sounds dangerously eugenics-related. And funny you bring that up because if you want to predict where Trump is going perhaps you should look at where he comes from.

Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich (or, Frederick) Trump, emigrated to America in 1885 from the town of Kallstadt, Germany. In fact, the house where his grandfather was born still stands today. Kallstadt sits in the middle of a fabulous wine-producing area in southwestern Germany, not far from France. I had to chuckle at two things associated with names and nicknames of the people of this region as mentioned at this Wikipedia page for Kallstadt [linked here].

1). The town sits in the “Palatine” region of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. While I can’t find a definitive link between the word “Palatine” and “Palpatine,” as in the Star Wars’ “Emperor Palpatine,” I defy you to try and block a mental image of that famous war lord out of your mind now that I have verbally planted it for you. {smirk}

2). The historical local nickname of Kallstadt and its inhabitants is Brulljesmacher (Palatine German for “loudmouth,” via French “brouilles”, “troublemaker”). The idiom refers to the inhabitants as big-mouthed braggarts. I am quite sure — yes, QUITE SURE — that the new President would regard such a label as a yuuge compliment.

Another notable fact is that the Heinz Family, yes as in Ketchup Kerry’s wife, is strongly related to the Trumps. Both families came from the same town. By the way, the name “Trump” is a morph from its original German name “Drumpf” and derives from the German word for “drum.” So if you’re inclined to feel annoyed at the new President’s brash, loudmouth style, well, sorry … but that’s his rootstock. Both his family surname and his ancestral neighborhood bear this out. Get used to it.

President Trump also shares Scottish roots from his mother’s side. His mother Mary was born in Tong, Lewis, Scotland. [linked here]. The President’s father, Fred, is a native New Yorker who was born in the Bronx. The President’s given name of “Donald,” is, as I can attest from my own family’s heritage, about as Scotch as you can get. Here’s a special treat for our RM readers who remember my previous article about Trump Tarot cards from The Economist [linked here]. Per the Wikipedia page for the generic name “Donald,” now we have at least one interpretation of that card: “world ruler“. However, this may serve to simply deepen the mystery of its meaning:

“The name [Donald] is ultimately derived from the Proto-Celtic word elements dubno (“world”) and val (“rule”).”

Which brings us to the pièce de résistance and the title of this blog. Global dominance always rests upon the shoulders of the entity who has harnessed the highest level of Energy and/or Technology. In light of the new #DEW, or, Directed Energy Weapons, that Russia has been dangling in her showroom lately, we have reason to conclude that the new President is already well-informed on the subject.

Continue here: https://www.roguemoney.net/stories/2017/1/18/tesla-and-trump


wow..just wow..

“Another notable fact is that the Heinz Family, yes as in Ketchup Kerry’s wife, is strongly related to the Trumps. Both families came from the same town. By the way, the name “Trump” is a morph from its original German name “Drumpf” and derives from the German word for “drum.”

old man trump knew tesla..check it out..


~ by seeker401 on February 6, 2017.

7 Responses to “Tesla & Trump”

  1. ” John Trump really does seem to have been a brilliant scientist. He was at M.I.T. for decades, and the X-ray machines he helped design “provided additional years of life to cancer patients throughout the world,” as the Times put it in his obituary, in 1985.
    Trump was involved in radar research for the Allies in the Second World War, and in 1943 the F.B.I. had enough faith in his technical ability and his discretion to call him in when Nikola Tesla died in his room at the New Yorker Hotel,”
    “Careful guardianship of game-changing technology and power is handed down from one worthy family to another.”

  2. oohhh we though that was an old post Seek & we wonder how we miss it ?
    thx thx Seek wow indeed You rock Bro ! forget it about SB haha
    this maybe sound fringe but ydayWilheim-Reich & Antarctic ( you do a post again not long ago also thx )
    again was all over & now the vander-graaff & of course Nikola wow 🙂 ohh & Trump Uncle wow 🙂
    we meet a old =Serbian-Professor that meet NikolaT when He was a teen & inspire Him He was going to give a lecture inChicago about the loss Tesla-papers that He said got for Her cousin bfore THEY-CLINTONIANS http://www.wnd.com/1999/04/7042/ was going to make it public &died aHeart attack timing ?

  3. Thank you so much 401 the never ending pieces to this no longer a puzzle can only confirm the why for the public vote overshot by the electoral college.

    • we are part of make NikolaT popular when it was not 😦 except on Scientist-realms
      looking back on 90’s not many teen was know who he was 😦
      the guy in vid said” the figure we need it “that start coming to place later on why?
      many why’s

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