Houthi rebel missile strikes Riyadh military base



Yemen’s Houthi rebels have reportedly fired a surface to surface missile that hit a Saudi military camp 40 kilometer west of Riyadh on Sunday night.

According to some media reports, the Saudi has not commented on the incident, but a number of local citizens reported on Twitter that the missile hit a military camp located to the west of al-Mazahimiyah, a town near Riyadh.

According to Al-Masdar News, the Houthi rebels reportedly announced the successful launch of a variant of Russian Scud-type missile known as “Borkan” at around 8:00 p.m. GMT.

Yemen’s SABA News agency quoted a Houthi spokesperson announcing the attack as a “successful test-fire on a precision long-distance ballistic missile.”

“We stress that the capital of [expletive] is now in the range of our missiles and, God willing, what is coming will be greater,” a statement from the Houthisaid.


DRAMATIC video has emerged of the moment a suicide boat rammed a Saudi frigate last week — an attack believed to have been intended for a US warship.

The Al Arabia news network has released the footage, taken from the frigate’s air operations observation platform overlooking the helicopter pad on the rear of the ship.

It had been previously reported that the ship had been hit by a guided missile. But the footage reveals a Yemeni rebel speed boat dashing over the horizon and into the warship’s stern.

The Saudi warship has returned to its home port in Jeddah on Sunday, Saudi Arabia’s national news agency said.

“The frigate, which was attacked by the Huthi militia while on patrol in the Red Sea, has returned to Jeddah as planned,” the Saudi Press Agency reports.

Saudi Arabia said last week that two sailors were killed and three wounded when battleship Al-Madinah was hit by a Yemeni rebel “suicide” boat strike off the Red Sea port of Hodeida.


the rebels landing a few minor blows..more symbolic than effective..

the killing continues on endlessly..driven by the sauds..and their fear of other shades of islam..


~ by seeker401 on February 7, 2017.

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  2. I don’t think the attack on the frigate was a suicide mission. Houthis are shia, and typically suicide missions are a sunni thing, though not exclusively. The video from the frigate is not clear, and the video from the Houth side doesn’t show a boat either…

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