The warrior monks who invented banking


On London’s busy Fleet Street, opposite Chancery Lane, is a stone arch through which anyone may step, and travel back in time.

A quiet courtyard houses a strange, circular chapel and a statue of two knights sharing a single horse.

The chapel is Temple Church, consecrated in 1185 as the London home of the Knights Templar.

But Temple Church is not just an important architectural, historical and religious site. It is also London’s first bank.

The Knights Templar were warrior monks. A religious order, with a theologically inspired hierarchy, mission statement, and code of ethics, but also heavily armed and dedicated to holy war.

How did they get into the banking game?

The Templars dedicated themselves to the defence of Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem. The city had been captured by the first crusade in 1099 and pilgrims began to stream in, travelling thousands of miles across Europe.

Those pilgrims needed to somehow fund months of food and transport and accommodation, yet avoid carrying huge sums of cash around, because that would have made them a target for robbers.

Fortunately, the Templars had that covered. A pilgrim could leave his cash at Temple Church in London, and withdraw it in Jerusalem. Instead of carrying money, he would carry a letter of credit. The Knights Templar were the Western Union of the crusades.

We don’t actually know how the Templars made this system work and protected themselves against fraud. Was there a secret code verifying the document and the traveller’s identity?

The Templars were not the first organisation in the world to provide such a service. Several centuries earlier, Tang dynasty China used “feiquan” – flying money – a two-part document allowing merchants to deposit profits in a regional office, and reclaim their cash back in the capital.

But that system was operated by the government. Templars were much closer to a private bank – albeit one owned by the Pope, allied to kings and princes across Europe, and run by a partnership of monks sworn to poverty.

The Knights Templar did much more than transferring money across long distances.

As William Goetzmann describes in his book Money Changes Everything, they provided a range of recognisably modern financial services.

If you wanted to buy a nice island off the west coast of France – as King Henry III of England did in the 1200s with the island of Oleron, north-west of Bordeaux – the Templars could broker the deal.

Henry III paid £200 a year for five years to the Temple in London, then when his men took possession of the island, the Templars made sure that the seller got paid.

And in the 1200s, the Crown Jewels were kept at the Temple as security on a loan, the Templars operating as a very high-end pawn broker.

The Knights Templar were not Europe’s bank forever, of course. The order lost its reason to exist after European Christians completely lost control of Jerusalem in 1244, and the Templars were eventually disbanded in 1312.

So who would step into the banking vacuum?

If you had been at the great fair of Lyon in 1555, you could have seen the answer. Lyon’s fair was the greatest market for international trade in all Europe.

But at this particular fair, gossip was starting to spread about an Italian merchant who was there, and making a fortune.

He bought and sold nothing: all he had was a desk and an inkstand.

Day after day he sat there, receiving other merchants and signing their pieces of paper, and somehow becoming very rich.

The locals were very suspicious.

But to a new international elite of Europe’s great merchant houses, his activities were perfectly legitimate.

He was buying and selling debt, and in doing so he was creating enormous economic value.


But this web of banking services has always had a darker side to it.

By turning personal obligations into internationally tradable debts, these medieval bankers were creating their own private money, outside the control of Europe’s kings.

Rich, and powerful, they had no need for the coins minted by the sovereign.

That description rings true even today. International banks are locked together in a web of mutual obligations that defies easy understanding or simple control.

They can use their international reach to try to sidestep taxes and regulations.

And, since their debts to each other are a very real kind of private money, when the banks are fragile, the entire monetary system of the world also becomes vulnerable.

We are still trying to figure out what to do with these banks.

We cannot live without them, it seems, and yet we are not sure we want to live with them.

Governments have long sought ways to hold them in check.

Sometimes the approach has been laissez-faire, sometimes not.

Few regulators have been quite as ardent as King Philip IV of France.

He owed money to the Templars, and they refused to forgive his debts.

So in 1307, on the site of what is now the Temple stop on the Paris Metro, Philip launched a raid on the Paris Temple – the first of a series of attacks across Europe.

Templars were tortured and forced to confess any sin the Inquisition could imagine. The order was disbanded by the Pope.

The London Temple was rented out to lawyers.

And the last grandmaster of the Templars, Jacques de Molay, was brought to the centre of Paris and publicly burned to death.



really interesting article..the “official” history of the templars and banking..

“But Temple Church is not just an important architectural, historical and religious site. It is also London’s first bank. The Knights Templar were warrior monks. A religious order, with a theologically inspired hierarchy, mission statement, and code of ethics, but also heavily armed and dedicated to holy war.”

dedicated to holy war..

“By turning personal obligations into internationally tradable debts, these medieval bankers were creating their own private money, outside the control of Europe’s kings. Rich, and powerful, they had no need for the coins minted by the sovereign.”

and thats how it started..


~ by seeker401 on February 20, 2017.

47 Responses to “The warrior monks who invented banking”

  1. Templar monks acting as loan sharks.
    The Vatican is not separate and has not ever been from the Crown and Washington .
    Just the early days of loan sharking with the Vatican/Washington and banksters.
    The Knights templars probably now own all the loan sharking corporations.

    Nothing changes Lawyers are still like hyenas, ripping the meat off the peoples bones in the banking monopoly .

    • Yeah, the tittle should be:
      “mercenary banksters were committing fraud supported by govt a long time ago ” .
      The monetary monopoly is utterly fiction based E.G the US debt is 17 trillion in debt and still going .Since the banksters control it completely and their fraud is a “bottomless pit ” its not “fragile”.
      (Its not even real lawful debt.)


    Fitting, this is what I am reading right now.

    • i dont click on pdfs supplied by FE liars/psyoperatives, and i suggest others dont either.

      • i got brave..its long..might be over 50 years old..

        In preparing this work it has been my chief aim
        to give to the Masonic reader a brief, concise and
        interesting documentary compilation of the origin
        of Freemasonry and Knights Templar. The authorities
        consulted have been those of the world’s
        best historians and Masonic writers. In this brief
        history all historical facts, chronological dates, and
        documentary evidence have been taken from such
        works as Ridpath’s History of the World, Joseph
        Francis Michaud’s History of the Crusades, English
        and American Encyclopedias, Biblical History,
        Masonic Encyclopedias by Albert G. Mackey,
        M.- D., Robert Macoy, 33, and George Oliver,
        D. D., with many other works of renown, and ar- ranged in such form as to give to the reader the
        greatest amount of information in the least space,
        saving many hours of necessary labor in the re- search of a large number of volumes of dry and
        uninteresting reading, obtaining in the end only
        such results as one will find within this little volume.
        From my early experience in Masonic life, I learned that the character of the institution was
        elevated in every one’s opinion just in proportion
        to the amount of knowledge that he had acquired
        of its symbolism, philosophy and history. But that
        few men have the time, patience or inclination to give the close and attentive reading of the greater
        Masonic works to acquire the knowledge that every
        Mason should possess.

        a mason discussing masons wont show us to much i would suggest but may have some historical stuff..

        • make sure you don’t leave the pdf open (they can actually build real-time snooping into pdfs), and if you have a decent virus scanner… now would be a good time to run it 🙂

        • Apparently this was written in 1906. I am always studying about Freemasonry / the Jesuits / and the Askenazi/Khazarian Jews. Just thought I’d share what I was into at the exact moment this post was blogged.

          I do know that Jesus ran the money changers out. This has been a fight for quite some time.

          “And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”

          “So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.”

          So apparently they used a special silver coin for worship and the money changers / Jews / Templars cornered the market on these coins and started charging an exorbitant amount for the coins………

          Now of course they weren’t quite at the phase of fractional reserve debt based currency yet, but they were certainly meddling with the money supply even then. So this goes back damn near as far as we can study.

  3. Thank you, a very nice story; however, Banking did not start with the Templars; it goes back to the Mediterranean; the Etruscans, Phoenicians and Sea People who shaped Roman, Greek and Israel civilization;

    Hiram of Tyre built Solomon’s Temple; they were also freemasons; Ezekiel 26 prophecised the destruction of Tyre; a great read; it has not been found;
    there are 200 sunken cities in the med; and Ez had ET help…

    This is where the Malta connection comes in; the Maltese cross is a Phoenician Cross; they are the sea merchants; they served Egypt, Babylon, Persia; they are aka black nobility; the Tuscan bankers are them; Medici, Orsini, De Banco; they come from Anatolia; before that they were more than likely Akkadians; it all goes back to Sumeria; we would bet on a Bactria connection;

    These brotherhoods are moon worshippers; there seems to be a blood feud between moon and sun worshippers, even today; they travelled around Africa; they brought Sheba her gold from Ophir, Southern Africa; they sailed AROUND the earth; they took Solomon’s gold to Java and established a treasury;

    Diaz, Columbus were merely re-opening their routes; they knew exactly where they were going and what they would find; during age of discovery they quickly went and annexed the wealthy lands;

    They used money as a tool and became popes. married into bloodlines of Europe and took over; they are also incorrectly known as Kazhars, they are more than that; or Zionists; its Sihonists; the Bible calls them Jebusites; the mount outside jerusalem; however, they hide themselves within states they control;

    Their main treasury was Ceute until Alfonso X captured it, killing 5 Moorish kings; the five quincunx on Portuguese coat of arms is the 4 Kings treasuries and the House of Dragons, Kings square; these all relate to global collateral accounts; this is why Morocco wants Ceute back from Spain; this is more than likely where Heather “disappeared” to; in search of the original treasurers;

    The knights Templar may have started off as a freeman knight revival, but like all good systems, they had to pay the ferryman, shylok the Etruscan; and shylok soon “owned” them;

    We wish we had the time to write the story with references, but alas; we are servants of the people and Southern Africa is taking action; its boots on the ground; feel free to follow these humble crumbs; in peace

    • great comments my friend..

      These brotherhoods are moon worshippers; there seems to be a blood feud between moon and sun worshippers

      • As Tesla said: we are merely receivers; and, at the expense of sounding like another false prophet:
        the battle between these two is also a battle between the first adam, and we the second adam [they have no souls]; between the two systems of our binary system; between the earth AI and Nibiru AI;

        But, they are brothers and we are cattle, so their fighting is over our loosh; they want humanity as an interface so they can experience soul;
        much like Mr Smith telling Morpheus that he wants to escape the matrix;

        It seems our best bet, when we pass over, is to head right out of this bubble; back to the SOURCE, our home; which is way outside all this; it is formless; this is truly a soul trap and “form” is the candy; we are merely rebuking them all, while just passing through; souls do not come from here, but now most souls are trapped in here; and, the batteries for the AI;

        Take NO intermediaries; connect with the silver cord direct to Source; do not buy any lies; as above so below; the good and bad both bat for the same team;

        A loving Creator, THE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS, will forgive you, IF you are a doer of the law; love thy neighbour; live in peace; do good;

        Prepare yourself, emotionally, mentally and physically for the worst; even if you believe in the New Earth; their closing act is unfolding; the last great human sacrifice; but, it will be brief, each faction is taking their slaves elsewhere;

        Make your declaration of intent that you do not consent; no obligation; declare you no longer want to be a part of their evil game; rebuke them;

        In the same manner that it is bound, it is loosed; they have bound souls with curses and sorceries; so, rebuke them; there is only one way into this bubble and one way out; death; it is not terminal, merely one of the transitional states of consciousness; read Tom Kenyon;

        And, know this; this matrix is a blink for the eternal soul; a mere wisp;

        Every soul is a galaxy on their own; every reality, every thought has manifested in parallels; even, if it is not here; whatever we believe is true; and, we will become that; we are all journeying away from Source, but destined to return;

        We write this against our will; but the hour is urgent; and, this receiver was compelled from outside this bubble to bring this to someone’s attention; it is most likely you, dear Seeker 401;

        Now, because we represent many peoples and our purpose is to unite, not to divide; and mankind is so passionate about their alien AI gods
        we kindly ask you remove this post;

        It is a specific message from the heart; keep up the wonderful work, but always be ware the AI is looking into your soul when you look into its image, the digital screen; feed it no loosh;

        Be blessed on your journey; in peace

        • “A loving Creator, THE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS, will forgive you, IF you are a doer of the law; love thy neighbour; live in peace; do good;”

          Much of what else you said is interesting, but I am only focused on what I quoted above for it is a false gospel. Why was John Huss burned at the stake? Why did the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre occur? Why were there thousands of refugees fleeing across Europe at one time or another in the sixteen century? Why were the Waldensians oppressed? What I quoted above is the Roman Catholic gospel, and all other Pelagian (fourth century) and Semi-Pelagian false doctrines. The church has always had the true gospel of Christ, but eventually, the Papacy and others killed people who proclaimed the true gospel. As the true gospel was being proclaimed the wealth and power of the Papacy became threatened. In the sixteenth century, the Papacy wealth was threatened, i.e. a call against indulgences, and its power was threatened, i.e. the charge that the Pope is not the final authority on matters of God. The Papacy – threatened – reacted by an increased killing of dissenters.

          People are not forgiven by what they do or the veneration of the Pope, Mary, or saints, etc. That is works, not faith. People are forgiven, i.e. forensic justification, by Christ Jesus and what He did.

          Galatians 2:16, “nevertheless knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the Law but through faith in Christ Jesus, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, so that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the Law; since by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified.”

        • great post UZA..i appreciate your thoughts and words..we have a wide collective here and i look forward to your comments as you come from another part of the world for most of us and from a place not many will have experienced..we all offer soemthing different..peace

          • “great post UZA..i appreciate your thoughts and words..we have a wide collective here and i look forward to your comments”

            I second that. I have enjoyed the diversity of comments. I think that is part of the richness of coming to seeker’s blog.

            Seeker, you have done a wonderful job, and the articles you find are definitely insightful and top notch.

        • thanks, UZA, very interesting…whom the human soul belongs to? us, the humans? what are we? are we “our soul”?

          Angels from without
          These types of angels are created beings. They are force fields of intelligence that are sent out into the ethers, into the cosmos, to do the bidding or to take the action of their creator.

          Angels from within
          “whenever you create positive thoughts and positive feelings you create biologically positive subatomic angels that the universe of your body. These force fields create quantum field effects that switch on positive biological responses thereby reducing the affects of stress.”

        • Thank you UZA, I totally enjoyed your comment.

  4. Reblogged this on UZA – a people's courts court of conscience.

  5. Jct: Believe me, the Templars did not invent fractional reserve banking. Astle’s “Babylonian Woe” and Graeber’s “Debt: The First 5,000 Years” both detail how loansharks have been pulling the scam since the invention of a medium of exchange. King Solomon ran the world’s biggest bank at the time.

    • Great recommendations. Here are a couple other favorites of mine:

      The Money Masters:

      The Creature From Jekyll Island:

      The lecture is fine, but the book is amazing.

      • Griffin’s book is awesome! It is a fine scholarly work.

      • bill still and g. edward would both shun you for being FE filth. your delphi technique could not be more obvious, shill.

        • There are levels of awakening. Even Bill Still doesn’t believe that there is a Jewish influence and that we need to support the Jews. He is clueless to the power and influence that these fake Jews have had:

          What I hate about liberals is that they are right no matter what. About everything. Yet totally wrong.

          “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” Ronald Reagan.

          You are acting worse than a liberal. Your behaving like a liberal bitch. You are not contributing anything of value in any of your comments. You are just absolutely so of everything.

          Every single one of your butt fucking ball boyfriends were Freemasons:

          Einstein was a 33rd degree pseudo science Jew bitch.

          I could google and put up hundreds of links educating you of this but since you know so much you can do that yourself.

          I will tell you that I am not concretely sure of what exactly is, but I am positive that what we have been told is not so.

          • you already outed youself as a purveyor of FE lies and sorcha faal lies. so why are you surprised when someone point out that you’re a liar?

            how much do you get paid to write comments on blogs?

            • Hey, I said I questioned Sorcha Faal in my very first post I mentioned the name. There isn’t a fake or not fake book out there. There is vast information out there that needs to be disseminated.

              I have been deeper and deeper in the rabbit hole for 7 years now. My awakening started with the Fed and I studied central banking, monetary history and economics for 3 years. That is how I found this blog so many years ago. My little saying was “follow the money.”

              I have studied every damn conspiracy theory that there is and I believe there is something to them and they are all connected. The CIA and the US Govt are creating events now. Fear, division, control.

              All the studying finally led us to Freemasonry/Jesuits and fake Jews that control everything.

              So then you try to find all the info you can on Freemasonry. Now of course they, as the biggest secret society ever, do an amazing job of telling us what they want us to know. Like BBC and the History channel. That is fake news. Any mainstream media is fake news. The Jews own it all.

              So then we are stuck on the net. Thank God for the net. But we still have to dig through their disinformation.

              Now liberals say that we need to be tolerant and they are the least tolerant.
              They say we need to unite but they are the most divisive.

              It seems you are that way on steroids. I’m not your enemy. I’m just a dude searching……learning.

              The flat earth thing. Yup, I still think it is flat. Even more so by the day.

              The connections to the globe and all the lies that surround it with the Freemasons grows more all the time.

              Dude you can believe that we are on a ball spinning a thousand miles an hour. It’s all good. We can believe that a flying monkey is God and it’s all good. I may think your a tad nuts, but I certainly am not going to attack you for believing so.

              We are all on a journey.

              • FE is – clearly and obviously – a psyop. It’s purveyors are either incredibly stupid or they are paid. No one needs to ‘unite’ with that nonsense. Using that idiotic logic, we would have to ‘unite’ with UFO people or with people who think africans are subhumans. (and once again.. the ‘unite’ meme is straight out of the delphi playbook.)

                you only want to talk about banking as a way of sleazing your way into this blog, when there are literally hundreds of FE blogs were you can go talk your nonsense.

                so once again: fuck you.

    • “King Solomon ran the world’s biggest bank at the time.”

      WOW, now THAT is something that has NEVER crossed my mind, but it sure makes a heck of a lot of sense to me. Thanks johnturmel !! 🙂


        Derived from Babylonia.
        It has long been admitted that the Israelites derived their system of weights and coins from the Babylonians, and both peoples divided the talent ( ) into 60 minas ( ), each mina consisting of 60 shekels, so that the talent contained 3,600 shekels.

        The Biblical shekel weighed 11.95 grams, and the addition of one-fifth (2.39 grams) gives 14.34 grams as the weight of the later coin, which then became equal to the Tyrian sela’. In addition to this shekel, which was called “the shekel of the sanctuary,”

        1 Shekel = 14.34 grams
        1 Talent = 3,600 Shekels = 51,624 grams
        1 Talent = 1659.750183548617 Troy oz.

        Now behold, with great pains I have prepared for the House of YHWH 100,000 talents of gold and 1,000,000 talents of silver, 1 Chronicles 22:14

        100,000 Talents Gold = 165,975,018 Troy oz. 5,162 Metric Tons

        1,000,000 Talents Silver = 1,659,750,183 Troy oz. 51,624 Metric Tons

        The cost of gold required at $1236 oz is $205,145,122,248

        The cost of silver required at $18 oz is $29,875,503,294

        • and why does the usa still use imperial measurements???

          • to keep us confused ..

            Imperial and US customary measurement systems



            The reason the the US still uses the original weights and measures is because it is Constitutionally mandated to do so.

            All the gold that the US claims to have (Its all sold or leased) is still valued at the mandated dollar amount. This is why they divulge the amount they claim to have in ounces, not the dollar value of said gold.

            It is still on the books at the dollar amount indicated by the Constitution.

            • @Birch
              Bullshit. Constitution my ass.The US constitution was written by the Establishment’s masonic “founding fathers” for the bankers . What was “founded “was a British US corporation where rights were privileges to be given or not. The US is not independent from the City of London and as you can see the US corporation, the govt and its courts do not apply or give a crap about the so called constitution. Its purpose is to make the debt slaves believe it and feel free, believe that they have rights when the Bank or England’s Crown does not allow the ” citizens ” rights.

              • I agree with everything you said 100% We never won the revolutionary war. Every city, state, county, and the US is incorporated and all part of the crown.

                The Constitution has been replaced with a corporate charter. Maritime law. Admiralty law.

                But, the only reason that the gold and silver are stamped 1 dollar for silver ounce and 50 dollars gold once is because of the coinage act. And it is still all on the books that way.


                They say we have 258,641,878 ounces valued at $10,920,429,098. So 42.22 ave. That is because some of the gold was valued at $20 per ounce. Some at $35 dollars per ounce after the confiscation/theft, and $50 dollar current face.

                At present day value the Gold they claim they have should be valued at $319,940,003,086.

                But all that gold has been stolen, sold, and leased. They simply create paper derivatives to control the price via the SLV and GLD.

                They like to hide inflation so we don’t figure out how bad we are getting screwed.

                A great place to see real inflation, unemployment numbers and the money supply is:


  6. we said this bfore same money-changers some same names haha
    we forget for a while about HPH 😦
    here is

  7. usury was talked about in ancient hindu texts starting around 2000BC when etruscans were still living in caves (and weren’t even etruscans yet).

    buddhists prohibited it around 700BC, when etruscans were first starting to write things down.

    the mahabaratha laid out the case against gambling hundreds (if not thousands) of years before anyone had ever heard of a roman.


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