Blackwater heads to China



OK, OK, not Blackwater. That’s the mercenary force of convicted war criminals founded by Erik Prince that will never outrun its infamy no matter how many times it changes its name.

No, no, no! Not Blackwater! It’s Frontier Services Group—an entirely different mercenary group chaired by Erik Prince—that is heading to China! And they’re not there to sell mercenary services! Absolutely not. They’re merely opening some “forward operating bases” to help the Chinese train “ex-” PLA soldiers how to be mercenaries! It’s entirely different!

Now that we have that clear, some context: Erik Prince is the notorious mercenary who believes he’s the modern-day descendant of “Wild Bill” Donovan. (Prince even named his youngest son, Charles Donovan Prince, after Bill.) Prince’s budding career as a contract killer went down in flames in 2009 after it was revealed that Blackwater was a front for a secret CIA assassination program. He later admitted that Blackwater “became a virtual extension of the CIA” and took orders directly from the agency, but by that point the news spotlight had shifted elsewhere.

As I reported last year, however, that was certainly not the end of Prince or his machinations. He reappeared on the news radar in 2016 after it was revealed he was once again under federal investigation, this time for allegedly attempting to broker mercenary services to foreign governments and launder money for Libyan officials through a Chinese bank.

Things only got stranger when Prince hopped on board the Trump train with $150,000 in donations to Trump’s PAC, becoming a regular guest on Stephen Bannon’s Breitbart radio program where he advocated reviving the Phoenix Program, the US government’s death/torture squad campaign which it tested out in Vietnam and has become the blueprint for operations around the world (and in the US itself through the Department of Homeland Security). In return, Trump appointed Prince’s sister as the new Secretary of Education and took Prince himself on as an unacknowledged advisor.

And if all that wasn’t enough, here comes the latest news: Erik Prince’s new company is “setting up a private army for China.”

Here’s what we know:

Erik Prince is now chairman of Frontier Services Group, a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that bills itself as a “security and logistics services” provider.

Late last year Frontier Services Group put out a press release in which they boasted of their new corporate strategy: Cashing in on the Chinese government’s trillion dollar “New Silk Road” gamble.

The new strategy includes setting up forward operating bases in China’s Yunnan province and the troubled Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, ostensibly to provide “training, communications, risk mitigation, risk assessments, information gathering, medevac” and “security, logistics and aviation services” to “businesses in the surrounding countries.”

Multiple sources inside the company are now blowing the whistle on the proposal, however, alleging that Prince has “been working very, very hard to get China to buy into a new Blackwater” and is “hell bent on reclaiming his position as the world’s preeminent private military provider.”

FSG has denied the “new Blackwater” allegations, stating that “FSG’s services do not involve armed personnel or training armed personnel” and adding that the new bases would only be used to “help non-military personnel provide close protection security, without the use of arms,” but this is the same company that denied the 2016 reports that Prince was courting the Chinese government for “security services” in the first place. According to the new report:

“When Frontier later told its board it was shifting into security services — largely to assist China’s international development policy — the development disgusted two American executives at Prince’s Hong Kong company.

“Gregg Smith, the former CEO of Frontier, said he was ready to quit last March if Erik Prince was not removed from the company. Then, at a board meeting late that month, he said a company official made clear that Frontier would be providing security services in support of Chinese government objectives.”

The report reveals that Retired US Admiral William Fallon resigned along with Smith after the new strategy was revealed to the board: “That wasn’t what I signed up for.”

Regardless of what FSG’s board thought they were signing up for, it’s hardly surprising that a company chaired by Erik “We Need A New Phoenix Program” “CIA Contractor” “Trump Advisor” Prince is pushing to start a military contracting relationship with a major foreign power. Of course, it is actually against the law for any US company to provide “defense articles or defense services” to China, but since when have mere laws stopped an Erik Prince company from doing what it wants overseas? Besides, that’s why the “forward operating base” idea has been given the fig-leaf of providing services to companies in “surrounding countries” when the bases themselves are in China. And this is why the company will be contracting with sheepdipped ex-PLA goons rather than the Chinese military itself.

But wait…I thought Oceania was supposed to be at war with Eastasia? Why would a Trump advisor be aiding the main “enemy” of the incoming Trump administration? It’s almost like the whole conflict is a set up that’s being puppeteered by powerful forces behind the scenes as part of Cold War 2.0 to keep the masses in a constant state of fear of the new (secretly supported) Boogeyman. But that couldn’t be the case, could it?

Oh, that’s right: The largest shareholder in Frontier Services Group is CITIC. And for those who already know about China and the New World Order the circle is complete.

Better get used to the sight of Erik Prince and familiarize yourself with Frontier Services Group. Sadly, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of both over the next 4–8 years.


“Erik Prince is now chairman of Frontier Services Group, a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that bills itself as a “security and logistics services” provider. Late last year Frontier Services Group put out a press release in which they boasted of their new corporate strategy: Cashing in on the Chinese government’s trillion dollar “New Silk Road” gamble.”

we have all seen it..that turd that just wont flush away..

thats erik..erik has a you know who she is?

the article above has enough links to bring you up to date on blackwater oops..FSG..

“Prince has “been working very, very hard to get China to buy into a new Blackwater” and is “hell bent on reclaiming his position as the world’s preeminent private military provider.”


~ by seeker401 on February 27, 2017.

43 Responses to “Blackwater heads to China”

  1. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  2. And “Wild Bill” Donovan was given the highest Vatican award after WW2 – given only to the very few for services rendered .
    And Wild Bill founded the CIA – this honourable organisation of assassins
    and torturers

  3. Talking about defense… (nice of them to warn us…)

    CHINA claims it has a radical new ‘quantum’ radar capable of detecting stealth fighters at great distances. Does this mean our ultra-expensive new F-35 is obsolete, even before we get it?

  4. Bet they’ve always had a branch in China.
    its a bit of a controlled op story Chin V US (V warmongery)

  5. Yeah sure guys there is no controlled opposition, as there is no central bank in China and the banksters don’t rule it …DUH! DUH global control means just that.
    Sure Seek and sockpuppets Blackwater/FSG/bankster goons squad would not already be active in China. The biggest spenders in military.
    fool puppets.

    • if the sock fits….

    • i said the corbett report was not controlled op..not that there is none..

      • Of course he is controlled op in this story (us v China).China has always had Backwater to not think the Lee family in China does not use these NWO mercenaries and will just now start is beyond belief.
        The NWO know people don’t believe the MSM media anymore that is why alternative/controlled op is more read than fox news.
        Thoughts and images to control people’s minds are planted in controlled opposition stories right?

  6. Ok a difference of “opinion”,. I know backwater would already have been in China (*under a different name) as China is but one part of the globalized central banking system). WB.
    I know the Establishment are nationalizing and militarizing the US, spreading the US v China war memes.
    Maybe Corbett is just ignorant just like the “Witches” unknowingly doing what they are told without reasoning and casting a spell of binding on themselves

  7. Hey seek. You were asking for stuff on Mcmaster…

    February 24, 2017 | 07:34 PM PST

    WASHINGTON, DC – Little is known about Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, President Trump’s new pick for the National Security Advisor.

    But some positive signs have recently emerged.

    The first is that McMaster published his PhD dissertation on the deception within the US government that led to the Vietnam war, “Dereliction of Duty: Johnson, McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies That Led to Vietnam.”

Some of the chapters include “From Distrust to Deceit,” “A Quicksand of Lies” and “War Without Direction.”

    According to the report, published in 2015, McMaster openly criticized the military-industrial complex and warned about a “narcissistic approach to war.”

    Yes, McMaster conjured up Eisenhower and said “the military-industrial complex may represent a greater threat to us than at any time in history.”

    The military-industrial complex, he added, “increasingly involves think tanks, and when you see studies that are produced about the future of war or studies that are produced about certain aspects of defense strategy, you ought to look to see who is funding it.”

  8. Yeah yeah yeah no surprise they are all the same puppets (Trump and co) all placed by the same bankers.

    Ignorance has always been a great threat to us, since we spend all our debt on using our minds and inventing ways to kill more people than those that exist . Then we just need to get afraid and preemptive as an excuse to kill.
    Peak Ignorance.
    No need to be afraid of ignorance or to be fearful it doesn’t fix it.
    It makes the world a darker place.

    • The world has been a very dark place, full of lies, ignorance, and corruption for a great length of time (Genesis 3; 6:5; Matthew 15:19).

      Romans 3:23-25a, “23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. 25 God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement, through the shedding of His blood—to be received by faith. He did this to demonstrate His righteousness.”

      You are not saying anything new Mary M, Anabel, notasockpuppet, or whatever name you like to use. Maybe there are many people, using many names, or one person using many names; or maybe there is only one person who only communicates with him or her or they self just having a golly good joy of it on seeker’s blog day in and day out – lol!
      I do not know why you find the need to use different names; though, there is a purpose to your method. Also, I know I am not writing all the comments and posting the articles here, so I do know for a fact that I am sharing the gospel of Christ knowing He, not I, is the Truth.

      It is always a profitable occasion proclaiming the God and Savior of those that believe, because God gave them the faith to believe in Him. What Christ Jesus did as a substitute for those He redeems was a true blessing for we alone will never do anything right. The heartfelt and knowledgeable proclamation does not mean others have to enjoy who is being proclamation – Christ Jesus – nor even be changed or encouraged by the message. What I do know is: glorifying God and exalting Him above all creation, is living.

      Romans 6:11, “Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.”

      That is the Christian life. We will continue to sin until Christ returns again, but now made dead to sin, we have been enabled to live to God in Christ Jesus.

      • You are sharing the gospel of man.
        Christ did not write that stuff, thought there are some truths in a meta state at the end of the day it is far better to know God than to just throw out random quotes from the bible book and be a “believer”.

  9. Seek. Thought you may find this interesting. Jones interviews Tucker Carlson, 2014. Carlson 2017 is now a star. He has his own show on FOX.

    They talk 911 and other stuff. Very rare one sees a mainstream media talking heads come out with this stuff…

  10. updated…

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