Images 5/3/17


love it..


hes a popular guy trump..parade in mexico..

from a german parade..his popularity spreads to europe.. 🙂


as subtle as a brick through a


worship the queen..great article below..


it reminded me of madonna for some reason..


“it wasnt was the russians”..prepare the excuses..a lid is being prised open..and evil forces are frenetic to stop it..


click to enlarge..its a web of connections..


2012 was 4 years ago..are you dead?..any retraction or apology for this alarmist claim?


rita ora showing off her kabbalah tree of life tattoo..




this is apparently called art in brussels..i dont call it that..


a new show coming from netflix called “a series of unfortunate events”..a one eyed harry potter clone?


more one eyed madness from netflix..


please..hes the best thing israel has ever had in the whitehouse..his daughter and son in law are jews..this anti-semite shit is just that..shit..


michael moore practising at being a female..completed with his own pussy beanie..


~ by seeker401 on March 5, 2017.

20 Responses to “Images 5/3/17”

  1. Those alarmist global warming/cooling/changing pieces are always such a laugh in hindsight. 2012, geez… haha!

  2. The matrix/mr smith image is brilliant..

    to something out of africa,, wtf is it? bluebeam?

  3. Michael Moore. Irony… The cunt has a crown… who called the crown a cunt?

  4. 1500 Pedophiles arrested so far nationally in 2017 and the MSM is silent

    Maybe the MSM was waiting for the Spy Chief’s excuse to come out ?

    The Dialectic before the Narrative that covers their arse and other celebrity status / high profile people?

  5. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  6. 1500 pedophiles arrested… NOT 1 ELITE..

  7. happy new war!

  8. re: retweet


    • yes..the musk is zooming in on our states shocking electricty situation..the highest charges in the universe and if the wind dont blow we get blackouts..thanks!

  10. Everything Is Rigged: FiatMoney, Medicine, Elections, Food, the Media… we Are Living In A Fabricated Fairy Tale

    soon someone will invent fake marijuana ciggies

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