Mexico’s richest man is being mentioned as a presidential candidate


On June 15, 2015, the day before Donald Trump launched his presidential bid, Carlos Slim’s personal fortune stood at just under $67 billion.

Today, it’s about $51 billion.

No one on earth has lost more during Trump’s rise — from a dollar and cents standpoint, at least — than the Mexican telecom magnate. His rank on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index has slipped to sixth after having once held the No. 1 spot. Some of the reasons behind his tumble, of course, have little to do with U.S. politics, but much of it comes down to this: Trump’s tough talk on Mexico has sunk the peso, dragging down the dollar-based value of Slim’s domestic assets in the process.

There’s another, entirely unexpected, element to the Slim saga, though. The very same forces that are shrinking his fortune are, oddly enough, also boosting his popularity at home — to the extent that he is now talked about wistfully as a candidate in next year’s presidential election. After Slim met with Trump in a December visit, Mexicans outraged by Trump’s vow to step up deportations and build a border wall at Mexico’s expense started to warm to the idea that the 77-year-old tycoon could be exactly what the country needs.

A poll by El Universal in January showed that Slim was considered the best-suited Mexican to face Trump, edging out populist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the early frontrunner. His calls for the Mexican economy to look inward, as much as his vast fortune and defiance of Trump, have resonated with Mexicans. And while long reviled at home for his hard-ball business practices, Slim has become politically palatable as cell phone bills have fallen because of a price war and regulatory crackdown.


thanks to maria for the link..

the slim..these guys are appearing all over the place..australia even had one..remember clive palmer?

“Slim has become politically palatable as cell phone bills have fallen because of a price war and regulatory crackdown.”



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8 Responses to “Mexico’s richest man is being mentioned as a presidential candidate”

  1. Sounds like Slim made a donation to the basket. Wonder if he passed thru any doors of Mercy last year!

  2. Jan 14, 2015
    Carlos Slim becomes top New York Times shareholder

    Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has become the largest shareholder of New York Times Co (NYT.N) after exercising warrants to double his stake in the publisher to 16.8 percent.

    Entities affiliated with Slim exercised the warrants he bought in 2009 when he loaned the company $250 million during the height of the financial crisis.

    New York Times, controlled by the Ochs-Sulzberger family through Class B shares, paid back the loan in 2011.

    He follows other billionaires who have put their faith in the media business. Inc (AMZN.O) founder Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013 while Warren Buffett has invested in several newspapers.

    Slim acquired nearly 15.9 million shares of Class A common stock at $6.36 per share. He earlier held an 8 percent stake.

    ‘put their faith’ in the media business

  3. “When recently asked why he thinks the New York Times is a good investment, the Mexican billionaire that has made fortunes in distressed industries that provide steady cash flows answered:

    “We think it’s the best newspaper,” he said. “We believe in media content. We think paper will disappear, but not the content. The content will become more important.”


    all that ‘history’ will ‘disappear’ from the public and hidden where, in the Vatican archives??

    • isnt it always content..yes papers will die..and then what are we left with?

      • If Bezo and Slim and Buffett, ALL MADE MEN, and NOT these self-made wizards they want us to believe they are, have bought the ‘paper content’ with the money they made from timed and corrupt Wall Street deals that they were insiders to, the future generations will have no proof of history, nothing to compare, no truth, no knowledge.
        They will be hidden in the vaults of the Vatican Library along with all those other manuscripts and ‘history’.

        LOL, IF this world doesn’t self-implode, just think, someday in the far future, someone is going to claim they found a ‘scroll’ called the New York Times from ancient days…..and all the scribes will pretend to decipher it, haha.

  4. Four US-Mexico Gas Pipeline Projects Near Completion
    13 Dec 2016

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