Civil war in the Vatican as conservatives battle Francis for the soul of Catholicism


When Pope Francis was elected nearly four years ago, on 13 March 2013, he was escorted – like every pope before him – from the Sistine Chapel to the Room of Tears. It is the place where a new pope pauses for a moment – and no doubt many of them do shed a few tears, thinking of the momentous responsibility upon their shoulders – before stepping out on to the balcony of St Peter’s to greet the world as the new leader of the Roman Catholic church.

When Francis, known until then as Jorge Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, first appeared that night, he appeared remarkably sanguine, joking that the cardinals had gone to the ends of the Earth to choose the next pope. If he’d had any inkling of what these last four years would be like, he would surely have wept in that Room of Tears.

While hugely popular across the globe with Catholics and non-Catholics alike, Francis has struggled against fierce opposition from the Vatican establishment to haul the Roman Catholic church into the 21st century, fought to reform its government, tried to persuade cardinals to revise their thinking on the divorced and remarried, and been openly opposed by rebel prelates.

Last week marked the start of Lent, one of the most important periods of the church’s calendar, a time when Catholics fast, give alms and reflect on humanity’s sinfulness in the run-up to their commemoration of the crucifixion and of Easter. It is usually marked by quiet prayerfulness, and on Sunday the pope, along with members of the Roman Curia, will leave Rome to begin a five-day retreat. He will leave a Vatican beset by tension, turmoil and rebellion. There are even rumours that growing numbers of Vatican hands think he should quit.

On Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, came a big blow, in effect caused by the pope’s enemies: Marie Collins, the last abuse survivor on his commission into child abuse in the church, quit, frustrated at the lack of progress and what she calls “shameful lack of cooperation” from the officials most concerned with cases of abuse, highlighting the intransigence of the Roman Curia, or governing body, in the Vatican – the body Pope Francis wants to reform.

With Collins gone from the Commission for the Protection of Minors, set up by the pope to investigate the worldwide scandal of sexual abuse by priests and religious brothers, and the other victim representative, the Briton Peter Saunders, on indefinite leave of absence, the commission has lost a certain integrity.

When she stepped down, Collins complained that the commission had been starved of resources, progress was slow and there was “cultural resistance” to its work in the Vatican.

The commission’s recommendation that there should be a tribunal set up to deal with bishops who had been negligent over abuse has been impeded by Roman Curia officials despite the pope himself approving it. “There is an area of the Curia that has not moved into the 21st century,” said Collins. “It is very resistant to working with the commission. There are people who still want to cover up.”

The opposition Pope Francis is facing puts the church into uncharted territory. Massimo Faggioli, a leading theologian and Vatican-watcher, said: “The Vatican status quo is behind this. It is a cultural and political opposition that was already visible a few weeks after Pope Francis’s election. They are against changing the style and position of the church from a western one to a global religion.”

In Francis’s early days as pope, Vatican whispers focused on the financial reforms he wanted to make. Pope Benedict had resigned after a series of revelations, known as Vatileaks, which exposed financial malpractice in the Vatican, and Francis sought to end it.

But the most vocal opposition to the pope has developed over his desire for debate about marriage and divorce, gay people and the family.

After two synods on the issues in 2014 and 2015, Pope Francis produced the document Amoris Laetitia, in which in effect he told the church’s bishops to make local decisions about the divorced and remarried and their receiving of communion.

Traditional church teaching says that a Catholic who remarries after divorce can receive communion only if the church has also annulled his or her first marriage. Some bishops have seen Amoris Laetitia as a direction to compassionately welcome people without annulments to receive the eucharist.

That has outraged conservatives. A letter to Pope Francis from four cardinals hostile to change was made public. The communication took the form known as a “dubia”, expressing doubts, demanding yes and no answers and in effect challenging the pope’s authority by asking him to make points of church teaching clear on this issue and Christian life.

The four accusers included three retired cardinals, plus Cardinal Raymond Burke, an arch-conservative American canon lawyer who has gone as far as threatening to issue a correction to Pope Francis over Amoris Laetitia. Burke has been a thorn in the pope’s side for some time.

He was given a powerful judicial role in Rome by Benedict XVI, from which Pope Francis moved him. Last year Burke and other conservatives were ousted from the Vatican department that oversees worship. Then, earlier this year, during a row between the pope and the ancient Knights of Malta which led to the departure of the order’s British leader, Matthew Festing, Cardinal Burke was sidelined in his role as envoy to the order. Within days anti-Francis posters appeared on the streets of Rome; so has “fake news” by way of spoof Vatican newspaper pages mocking him.


we have been posting on this civil war for a while..its getting more exposure involves the knights and most likely the rainbow priests of the vatican and throw in some hard core conservatives..

“Francis has struggled against fierce opposition from the Vatican establishment to haul the Roman Catholic church into the 21st century”


“They are against changing the style and position of the church from a western one to a global religion.”

important language here..think about it..he is positioning the rcc as a “global” religion..not a western one..


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  1. It is a normal future day on the Temple Mount (الحرم الشريف) in Jerusalem. Jews, Muslims and Christians, entering through the Gate of Mercy, are waiting for services to begin, respectively, at the Temple, at the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque, and at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Friends of all three religions and from around the world greet each other, and some gather around an informal group of musicians from the three faiths who are playing together. The Temple Mount has shed the remnants of destruction and conflict left by the Roman Empire and is once again is a joyous place, in which all worship in their respective holy buildings, but bearing witness to the same One God, creator of all.

  2. Script ..

    Vatican Moves on Temple Mount 2014

  3. Steve Bannon Aligns With Vatican Hard-Liners Who Oppose Pope Francis

  4. Mystery Babylon and Nimrod have no soul; that they sold long ago when the Etruscan merchant bankers infiltrated it; in peace

  5. One green religion 🙂 Can`t wait. And you? 😀

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  9. Two things:

    1.) It is not simply because Rome has a Pope that the people of God reject Rome. What the Pope brings into the dynamic is the question of authority. The Pope and the Roman magisterium declares on grounds not found in Scripture, that the Pope is the highest authority of matters of faith on earth. This ungrounded declaration has flesh and blood consequences. The Pope, without Biblical warrant, sets himself up as the final say on doctrines and Christian living found in Scripture and the church. Since the Scripture is God’s Word, then the Pope and magisterium set themselves above God in pretending to be the final arbitrator judging what God says or does not say. Man is sinner, a being of sin. We corrupt and do not get the things of God always right, which is why it always is about Christ being the highest authority and we submit and humble ourselves to His Word. Yet there is more to this Popishness.

    Roman Catholicism publically embraces teachings that are not in the Scripture, and consequentially, sets these extra-Biblical teachings as more authoritative than Scripture. Therefore Catholicism actively and unashamedly accepting teachings that counter Scripture and having placed the Pope (and magisterium) as the highest authority, then any attempt to go along with God’s tender Word, instead of the Pope’s fiat word will only bring failure to the person siding not to the Pope – inside Roman Catholicism. When man is the final arbitrator, then all people will have to go to that man in order to know what that man understandings because only by the reason of that man are those peculiar understandings of the world found. That is how cult leaders apply their dominance over others. People have to go to the cult leader in order to know any teachings that only that cult leader has to share with the world. Scripture is filled with words from different people over thousands of years who were able to teach the same message of Christ Jesus who is very God and very man. If a person does not believe in Christ and His Word, then that is how it is for that person, which says nothing different than the Christian worldview (there are believers and unbelievers).

    The absolution of authority in Catholicism was solidified at the Council of Trent in the sixteenth century. Vatican II did not overturn the Council of Trent or Vatican I; it only made the false doctrines more palpable to a larger tent/amount of people.

    2.) The gospel is the issue:

    Pastor R.C. Sproul, “Rome teaches justification by infusion, the Reformation by imputation. Rome teaches we are declared righteous only when Christ’s righteousness is poured into us as we cooperate with the sacraments. The Reformation teaches that we are declared righteous by the righteousness of Christ accounted to us, coming to us by faith, by trusting in His finished work alone. Is it any wonder that so many want to throw their hands up, to conclude it’s all just too complicated? If one must parse these technicalities in order to make it into the kingdom, who could ever make it? Shouldn’t the gospel be simple enough that even a little child can understand?

    “It is. All the careful Latin terms, all the footnotes and citations, all the treatises and canons, in the end are but an outworking of this one question: Do you rest in the finished work of Christ alone?

    “The simplicity of the gospel and its depth, its incomprehensibility, come together precisely because of its very nature—it’s not about me, but about Jesus, not about working but resting, not about cooperating, but about being born from above. This is why Luther so potently saw the connection between justification by faith alone and the bondage of our wills. We were dead, but He made us alive. We are sinners, but He declares us just.”

    God declares us just, not because we are just, but because Christ is just. Since man is corrupt, man is not able to be in the uncorrupted new creation that will be completed when Christ returns and ultimate sinful man can not be near a holy God. Since God is loving, He mercifully judges people, who repent and believe in the work of Christ, to be considered just due to Christ. The righteous work that Christ did in our place is what God looks at in order to lovingly declare and bring mercy to those that believe this is what God had accomplished. This does not make a believer good and without sin. Pagans can do good things in the world, at times (or most the time – does not matter) better than believers. Yet what believers praise and gives thanks to, is God and the world of salvation that He accomplished and applies in His people who He calls when they worship Him, which is called a church.

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