Images 12/3/17

this was seen in the skies above zambia this week..project blue beam?


when oprah hinted she might make a POTUS run this was where she delivered the news..with a clan of berger and his pyramid in the background..


a new t-shirt brand..eye, dollar and pyramid..

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 18: A model walks the runway at the Versus Autumn Winter 2017 fashion show during London Fashion Week on February 18, 2017 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Catwalking/Getty Images)

and image by getty of a model from fashion week in london in february..


these 2 spuds publish the gateway pundit and now have WH press clearances..they were happy about that..


piss off gates..sick of being lectured to by this guy who has NFI how the slaves live..


emma watson who looks to me to be a prime mkultra candidate wore this dress to a women of the year event in 2016..look closely..very the name of the dress and the image on it..


german singer clueso..


a promotional image from narcos on netflix..


hes right..


ever heard of this group?..check it out..


their logo..lots of symbolism..




this is mccains institute that has enabled him to become a very, very wealthy individual and it has many notables involved including hillarys old mate lynn rothschild..she made a splash a few weeks ago with a tweet about podesta..


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26 Responses to “Images 12/3/17”

  1. Vatican Global Forum

  2. diablo? she looks like a trany to me

  3. “Gates: nationalism a global threat…”
    the handlers will need to demonise the nationalism (national states, national borders, sovereign nations) – through the clash of civilizations? – in order to introduce and the slaves willingly embrace the glObal citizenship…is this the script/plan?

  4. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  5. Campaign for Advancing a
    Global Citizens Movement

    Drifting toward the abyss, we have a world to gain…if a vast movement united under the banner Earth crystallizes in time. Everywhere it stirs, though its full potential remains latent, ready to be born. The Widening Circle works to give it life.

    Our Vision

    A Great Transition. In the Planetary Phase of Civilization, humanity and Earth have become a single community of fate. We are in the midst of a turbulent transition from the world that was to some form of global society, with no exit and no separate solutions for individuals, communities, or countries. The transition is generating a host of ominous transnational problems – climate change and ecosystem degradation, economic instability and geopolitical conflict, oppression and mass migration – that left unattended might well pull us toward a bleak tomorrow.

    A Values Shift. The vision of a Great Transition is a planetary civilization rooted in a new suite of values – quality-of-life, human solidarity and reverence for nature – for the twenty-first century.

    Our Strategy
    Rooted in principles elaborated in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Agenda 21, the Earth Charter, the Great Transition, and scores of other documents, a vital GCM would promote a culture of peace and non-violence, nurturing ascendant values of human solidarity, ecological resilience, and quality of life. With adherents united by a shared identity as citizens of a nascent global culture and polity, the GCM is best envisioned as a polycentric political and cultural rising, rather than as a single organized entity.

    TWC’s internal processes will honor the democratic principles of inclusiveness, transparency, and subsidiarity, as it organizes circles at regional, national, and local levels, mirroring the multiple scales of our interdependent world. Philosophical framework, internal culture, terms of engagement, and action program would be refined iteratively as new circles take ownership, always true to TWC’s commitment to the following principles:

    Democratic global governance
    Social justice
    Environmental sustainability
    Within this framework of principles, TWC will always have a two-prong focus: conducting its program and building the next circle, pausing from time-to-time to evaluate, assess, and adjust.

    AGENDA 21 – Church of Climate Change – Communism although as they state, ‘it’s best envisioned as a polycentric political and cultural rising, rather than as a single organized entity.”

    If not, I suppose a few people may actually see it for what it really is???

    Check out their circle of allies on the right hand side

    here’s another one of their sprouts or offshoots

    • AGENDA 21 – Church of Climate Change – Communism although as they state, ‘it’s best envisioned as a polycentric political and cultural rising, rather than as a single organized entity.”

  6. Harvard lecture by GTI Director Paul Raskin

  7. Yale University interview with GTI Director Paul Raskin

    Seems the same clan is pushing this agenda. Could take a hundred years to ‘transition’. So while those on the top keep taking from the rest of us, what are we to do, become hunter gatherers again, chasing butterflies? This is obviously another ‘scheme’ of the cabal running this show.

  8. Emma Watson appears to be going thru an ‘initiation’ of sorts. Second level perhaps? In 2014 she was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.
    Well, that’s not good, thinking of a future Angelina Jolie?

  9. I never heard of the organization called the Church Militant. They named themselves after an old concept.

    The biblical concept of church militant is the church warred against by Satan. This is why even the RCC uses the term; it is an old concept, like saying “faith”:

    Revelation 12:17, “So the dragon [Satan] was enraged with the woman [fantastic imagery to communicate an idea], and went off to make war with the rest of her children [the church], who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.”

    Daniel 7:21,25, “[21] I kept looking, and that horn was waging war with the saints [the church] and overpowering them [25] He will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints…”

    Historically, the church being warred against by Satan has been called the church militant. “Militant” denotes the aggression and confrontation Satan inflicts against the church, and also, the promised victory the church faces in the confrontation in overcoming Satan. Even in death, the victory is in eternal life given by Christ to His people. “Militant” also denotes the “enmity” or “conflict” or “tension” between the unbelievers and believers that has existed since the Fall.

    Yet, as I said, never heard of the organization called Church Militant until xxx posted it in a comment a few weeks back and seeing it above in this past week’s images. Thanks!



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