Musk says his Tesla battery company could solve South Australia’s energy crisis in 100 days

TECH billionaire Elon Musk on Saturday confirmed he’s spoken personally with Jay Weatherill to discuss his company’s plans to build a battery farm to help SA solve its power woes – amid support from the Australian Greens, who say his plan to build a batter farm could be “game changer”.

Mr has weighed into South Australia’s energy crisis, boldly claiming he can fix the problem for $33 million and in under 100 days.

Elon Musk on Friday said his US-based company, Tesla, could build a 100MWh battery farm less than four months after a contract being signed.

Such a system, he said, would go a long way to preventing a repeat of recent blackouts due to load-shedding. Tesla recently launched a similar, but smaller, system in California.

Today billionaire Mr Musk revealed he had spoken by phone with Premier Jay Weatherill, describing the State Government as “clearly committed to a smart, quick solution” to the state’s power woes.

Mr Weatherill confirmed to that he had “positive discussions” with Mr Musk “regarding his battery proposal” in a call which is understood to have lasted about 20 minutes.

The pair are expected to speak again in coming days.

“Many local, national and international businesses have come to us with proposals in the weeks since we announced our plans to intervene in the broken national energy market,” Mr Weatherill said, although he would not put a figure on the number.

“We will be releasing our energy plan very soon.”


the musk man is here..with his green ideas..its so easy to fix eh?

try living in the state with the highest electricity prices in the known universe..and then tell me what happens when the wind dont blow..thats my life..


~ by seeker401 on March 14, 2017.

11 Responses to “Musk says his Tesla battery company could solve South Australia’s energy crisis in 100 days”

  1. sometimes I think Musk (or whoever stays behind him) named his electric car Tesla in order to obscure the info- about the real electric car of the real Nikola Tesla (which he used, according to testimonies of the time quite comfortably at the beginning of the XX s. without a drop of oil…)

  2. How often does the electric go out due to lack of wind? For how long?

    • usually needs a “perfect storm” so to wind so no windmills work, load shedding begins, we closed our base load power coal fired stations to save the planet!..we then use another states coal produced electricity(note the irony) to top up what we need..but if they have issues then we get nothing and they are abotu to close down their coal fired station that gives them 25% of their electricity..guess which state will miss out on top up power as required?

      • south Australia? to answer the question.
        So 25% of the energy does not come from the wind, but coal, which comes from another state and that coal plant is going to shut down. Sounds like 25% of the energy needed will not be there.

        • thats the maths..yes..40-50% of south australias energy comes from wind..but when the wind dont blow we get nothing..hence the musk baterries sales pitch..

  3. Musk had a seat at the World Government Summit in Dubai, which is part of their climate agenda.

    Dubai exports batteries:
    “[Discussed at the Summit:] the plan is for the desalination plant to provide salt for batteries, another export.”

  4. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  5. Musk may be here (& into SA?) ..but he ‘ll find it hard going against the National Grid Cartel.. the power boyz will dig in. Good luck & smoke a bong or 2

  6. Great,,, 2 teams in the finals

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