David Rockefeller is dead..finally


Billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller, a former head of Chase Manhattan bank and a luminary in political circles, died Monday at the age of 101, a spokesman said.

He died in his sleep due to congestive heart failure at his home in Pocantico Hills, just north of New York City, spokesman Fraser Seitel said.

The last living grandson of Standard Oil co-founder John D. Rockefeller, Forbes magazineranked David Rockefeller 581st on its annual list of billionaires released Monday, estimating his fortune of $3.3 billion.

He led Chase Manhattan, now part of JPMorgan Chase, in the 1960s and 1970s, and his accomplishments included opening the first Moscow offices of an American bank and the first in mainland China after President Richard Nixon‘s 1972 visit there. He also oversaw the growth of Chase Manhattan’s operations in the Middle East, Latin America and Japan, Seitel said.

Rockefeller also was well known in political circles in the United States and overseas, where he encountered heads of states from close to 100 countries and was known as an outspoken champion of American capitalism.

He was offered the post of Treasury secretary by presidents Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon, but turned both men down, the New York Times reported.

Rockefeller famously helped persuade then-president Carter to allow the shah of Iran into the United States for cancer treatment in 1979. The move was widely seen as spurring the Iranian revolution led by the Islamic fundamentalist Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.


must have been a stake through the heart..thats the only way to get rid of them..

“Rockefeller famously helped persuade then-president Carter to allow the shah of Iran into the United States for cancer treatment in 1979. The move was widely seen as spurring the Iranian revolution led by the Islamic fundamentalist Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.”

that worked out well for all involved eh?


~ by seeker401 on March 21, 2017.

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    • March 20th Spring Equinox Satanic Holiday Fitting for evil ones demise, too bad he went in his sleep. Seven heart transplants, I wonder how many young ones were sacrificed trying to keep the seed of Cain alive!

  1. from maria on another thread:

    “Today marks the significant day of the Vernal Equinox. This is the first day of Spring in 2017 and arrives today, March 20 at 10:29 GMT.

    The importance of this day is that everyone in the world experiences the same amount of sun because the sun’s most direct rays shine on the equator of Earth.

    As the Sun crosses over from the Southern Hemisphere into the Northern Hemisphere, it shines Directly over the earth’s equator, bathing the earth’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres in an equal amount of sunlight. During the equinox, both day and night are balanced to 12 hours each all around the world.

    Spiritually this is known for the ancient times, as the festival of the Sun. Many Ancient cultures influenced by the Rishis, Druids, Cathars and several others held this day as supremely significant. ”

    and now read the history of the last cathars – the siege of Montsegur:


    “Most of the Cathar perfecti (=enlightened/magoy) declined the offer, and twenty-six mercenaries, knights, soldiers and followers actually asked for consolamentum on March 13th–the spring equinox. This would guaranteed their death at the end of the truce….”


    “In 1243-1244–the Cathars–a mysterious heretical sect were besieged at Montsegur by ten thousand Royal Catholic French troops. In March of 1244, the castle finally surrendered and the Cathar defenders were burned en masse in a bonfire at the foot of the pog.

    In the days prior to the fall of the fortress, several Cathars allegedly slipped through the French lines carrying away a mysterious “treasure” with them. While the nature and fate of this treasure has never been identified there has been much speculation as to what it might have consisted of: from the treasury of the Cathar Church to esoteric books or even the actual Holy Grail.”


    …the old devil definitely knew the secrets…his “passing away” was a well prepared ritual.

  2. at what time did D.R. passed away?
    could be Monday, 20 March 2017, 06:29 EDT?

    it would be great if we could have the list of famous/important people who passed away (by natural causes) on the day of the Spring equinox…


    in that sense…I was wondering if in 32/33 a.d. the spring equinox was on Friday of Passion…or Saturday…some info-, Rev?

    I don’t know if that’s relevant…http://endtimepilgrim.org/70wks11.htm

    • curious legend/tradition:

      “There is an ancient Chinese belief that you can stand an egg on its end on the first day of spring.

      The theory goes that, due to the sun’s equidistant position between the poles of the earth at the time of the equinox, ***special gravitational forces apply.***

      This is, of course, nonsense. But it does still make for a fun party game – and you can save your eggs to paint on Easter Day.”


    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/March_20


    • Based on Daniels 70 weeks prophecy Yahshua died 30 AD

      Vernal Equinox .. Wed March 22 .. 30 AD


      • thanks, Rev.
        so not exactly on the vernal equinox…quite close…

      • 322 Skull and Bones ? 3/22

        March 20th The Orthodox Church in America

        Lives of all saints commemorated on March 20
        Martyred Holy Fathers who were slain at the Monastery of St Sabbas

        On Great Thursday, March 20, the Saracens again descended upon the Lavra with a larger force and began to beat up the monks. The survivors were driven into the church, where they were tortured in order to force them to reveal where any treasure might be hidden. The monastery was surrounded, so no one could save himself by fleeing. The barbarians seized Saint John, a young monk, who had cared for vagrants. They beat him fiercely, then they cut the sinews of his hands and feet and dragged him over stones by his feet, which tore the skin from the martyr’s back.

        The keeper of the church vessels, Saint Sergius, hid the church vessels and attempted to flee, but he was captured and beheaded. Several of the monks nevertheless managed to hide themselves outside the monastery in a cave, but they were spotted by a sentry on a hill, and they ordered everyone to come out. Inside the cave Saint Patrick whispered to the brethren huddled with him, “Fear not, I will go alone and meet my death. Meanwhile, sit and pray.”

        The Saracens asked whether there was anyone else in the cave, and Patrick said that he was alone. They led him to the Lavra, where the captives awaited their fate. The Saracens demanded of them a ransom of 4,000 gold pieces and the sacred vessels. The monks were not able to give such a ransom. Then they led them into the cave of Saint Sava inside the monastery walls. They lit a fire on which they piled up dung in front of the entrance to the cave, hoping to suffocate the monks with the poisonous fumes. Eighteen men perished in the cave, among whom were Saints John and Patrick. The Saracens continued to torture those who were still alive, but got nothing out of them. Finally, they left the monastery.

        Later, on the night of Great Friday, the monks hidden in the hills returned to the Lavra, they took up the bodies of the murdered Fathers to the church and buried them there.

        The barbarians who plundered the monastery were punished by God. They were stricken with a sudden illness, and they all perished. Their bodies were devoured by wild beasts.

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  4. is this possible? Bill & the Rocks? or Bill as a Rock?

    • http://www.reocities.com/CapitolHill/8425/CLINROCK.HTM

      • The person now known as Bill Clinton: his maternal grandmother, believed to be quite a beauty, and reportedly having some link to British royalty, had a great love affair with Winthrop Rockefeller. Hence, Bill Clinton is apparently the illegitimate great grandson of old John D. Rockefeller. Another great grandson is John D. Rockefeller IV, called Jay, to be cute. Is Jay a secret power co-conspirator with Bill Clinton or a rival for occupying the White House?

        Up to now, Bill Clinton’s background, as portrayed by the Rockefeller-controlled monopoly press, is apparently just another fairy tale of a kid from a nothing place, Hope, Arkansas, somehow rising to high position by great effort and merit. A recent book points out that Bill Clinton was moreso linked with Hot Springs, Arkansas, and was dominated by his uncle Raymond Clinton. The uncle was a wealthy and influential so-called “auto dealer” (some contend that sometimes is the title or role of the local or regional bagman) with ties to the Ku Klux Klan and organized crime. Along with other figures from the vice-ridden, mob-controlled Hot Springs of the 1940s and 1950s, Uncle Raymond financed Bill Clinton’s first campaigns. (See: “Partners in Power, The Clintons and Their America” by Roger Morris.)

        Other reputed patrons of Bill Clinton reportedly include the Jacobs family of Buffalo, New York (who also reportedly contributed to the rise to high position in sports of O.J. Simpson). They control concessions at sports stadia around the nation, through their operations, once called Emprise, and later, Sportsystems, Inc. Some contended the international sports concession firm had underworld ties.

  5. I think Rev17’s info is very pertinent to the death of Old Rockefeller. These men beLIEve they too are ‘god’, so in a mocking or satanic, adversarial spirit, they imitate his life in an inverted manner – upside down. Good/Evil

    So, The death of Christ on the Vernal Equinox and the most likely chosen death of Rockefeller on the same would make sense. I bet the old bastard even laughed at the fact his name was ‘David’.

    • Yahshua did not die on Friday ..

      When Yahshua Died

      Historical Interpretation of Prophetic Scripture

      • WOW Thanks Rev17

        and now that some have exposed their lie, this is how they rewrite his story (history) again!

        Spy Wednesday

        • SUNday Worshippers Christ ‘rose’ on SUNday according to ‘them’

          • Personally I do not derive meaning from man’s etymology. For example, in Scripture the day Christ rose is referred to as the 1st day, 8th day, and LORD’s day, etc.

            A further etymological example would be as follows: Wednesday means “Odin’s Day”, so it is another god’s day and thus a way to desecrate Christ’s resurrection day; or Wednesday is the 4th day referring to the day in Genesis 1 when the sun, moon, and the stars were made. This latter type of surmising only brings the day of Christ’s resurrection, for some who may hold to Wednesday, back to a SUN-day, MOON-day, or STAR-day, in other words, what is commonly called Wednesday or the 4th day is just another pagan holy day. Decontextualized etymology and language translations get bogged down in man’s semantics, instead of God’s written authoritative Word. That is why I personally am not sure what is to be understood by thinking “Sunday” is authoritatively controlled by man and not God, when the latter – God – is totally in control.

  6. one by one one less of THEY
    let THEY eat THEY GMO’S http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-39329933

    • will repost thank isabel..

    • ‘THEY’ LIE! LOL I doubt they will eat the GMO, but it sounds good doesn’t it since the peasants are screaming they want their real food with nutrients back and are rejecting the frankenfood! 🙂

  7. Remember this? Geez

  8. I think it’s odd that nothing seems to have been reported about a memorial service or burial and the puppets who attended it. Did they just announce his death and stick him in the ground with no fanfare at all? I remember a Jewish Senator who died and his memorial service was on TV with all the grandstanding ones like Biden who attended making pathetic speeches about what a great guy he was, but nothing about Rockefeller??? ODD to me.

  9. old buddies, David&George:

    When David Met Brooke: The Ultimate New York Power Couple

  10. I’m searching for info- about Rockef’s funeral…nothing…has he just uploaded his consiuosness/mind/whatever into a new body or something?

    curious info- instead…


    The life of David Rockefeller also witnessed the Rockefeller Foundation’s century-long connection with China that saw investments in China’s science, medicine, and higher education.

    The Rockefeller family’s connection with China date back to 1863, when John D. Rockefeller sold his first kerosene to China and presented his first gift to China missions.

    The Rockefeller Foundation entered China in early 20th century when the West was moving toward modern ideals of evidence-based medicine.

    The foundation bought the Union Medical School and renamed it the “Peking Union Medical College.”

    The foundation not just wanted to establish a first-class school of medicine in China. It also introduced the US Johns Hopkins model to the Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

    Peking Union Medical College Hospital remains one of the finest hospitals in China today.

    Over the course of the 20th century, several hundred Chinese institutions and many thousands of Chinese scholars and practitioners received Rockefeller philanthropic support.

    In 1979, the Rockefeller Foundation came to China to reprise its historic roles, bringing resources to rebuild China’s medical infrastructure and revitalize its life sciences, and to link China with global scientific networks.

  11. http://www.gettyimages.ae/detail/news-photo/businessman-david-rockefeller-the-youngest-son-of-financier-news-photo/586062537?#businessman-david-rockefeller-the-youngest-son-of-financier-john-d-picture-id586062537
    what a beauty, lol…

  12. D. Rockefeller’s Gruesome Legacy


  13. What difference does it make if one body died?
    Sounds to me like unconsciousness( greed, hate, everything you don’t like in him) is still alive an well.
    Wake up .

  14. he is the un-dead

  15. a week ago, on 17th March a great man, who dedicated his life to others passed away, after a fulgurant brain cancer. he was a catholic priest, man of God, of the real once who live to serve and are happy with that, just turned 60…he was so loved by the christian and not only community of the places he had been priests at that his funeral resembled the one of a prince…the bishop (not man of God, really, just damned hypocrite technocrat) had made his life a nightmare, humiliating the priest over and over…
    in Agust last year all of a sudden appeared that the priest had this huge brain tumour, passed the brain surgery and the prognostics were of just 6 months…the typical chemo- followed and he drowned deeper and deeper…:(…the family protected him so that they practically isolated him from the rest of the world…by Christmas I could finally talk with them and convened that they would supply him with all that alternative supplements we have been talking on this blog for years now (a 2 page list the one I have compiled)…The month of January passed and contrary to the predictions the priest’s health seemed turn steady…at the end of February he worsened again just to pass away 2 months after what had been predicted in origin…

    …practically at the Spring equinox!!!…

    …God writes right with curve lines…

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