Google hopes to make people immortal

Google’s Director of Engineer Ray Kurzweil believes that we are little more than a decade away from taking major steps towards immortality.

The tech specialist, who has long supported the notion of immortality, says that medical advancements and improved technology in the coming 12 years will see humans being given the option to live forever.

Mr Kurzweil said: “I believe we will reach a point around 2029 when medical technologies will add one additional year every year to your life expectancy.

“By that I don’t mean life expectancy based on your birthdate, but rather your remaining life expectancy.”

By 2045, the 69-year old says, humans will be able to live forever.

He continued: “The nonbiological intelligence created in that year will reach a level that’s a billion times more powerful than all human intelligence today.”

The Google chief says that one of the steps that will allow us to live forever will be the invention of nanotechnology that can be placed in our bodies.

Once inside, the minuscule bots will be a significant improvement on our immune system and will be almost 100 per cent effective at fighting disease.

Another step will be connecting our brains to the internet or a cloud network, which will be as big of a step in evolution as when our ancestors developed the frontal cortex 2 million years ago, according to Mr Kurzweil.

He said: “We’ll create more profound forms of communication than we’re familiar with today, more profound music and funnier jokes.

“We’ll be funnier. We’ll be sexier. We’ll be more adept at expressing loving sentiments.”


we can be gods..we ARE you really think the slaves will ever be included in this?

“By 2045, the 69-year old says, humans will be able to live forever.”


“The nonbiological intelligence created in that year will reach a level that’s a billion times more powerful than all human intelligence today.”


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  1. “Kurzweil has joined the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a cryonics company. In the event of his declared death, Kurzweil plans to be perfused with cryoprotectants, vitrified in liquid nitrogen, and stored at an Alcor facility in the hope that future medical technology will be able to repair his tissues and revive him.[29]

    Personal life[edit]
    Kurzweil is agnostic about the existence of a soul.[30] On the possibility of divine intelligence, Kurzweil is quoted as saying, “Does God exist? I would say, ‘Not yet.'”[31]”

    people ARE inmortal: we ARE an inmortal soul in mortal body, we ARE the Sacred Graal.
    if transhumanisms becomes reality it will convert us into robots with no possibility to activate our Divine sparkle.


      • Ray Kurzweil grew up in the New York City borough of Queens. He was born to secular Jewish parents who had emigrated from Austria just before the onset of World War II. He was exposed via Unitarian Universalism to a diversity of religious faiths during his upbringing.[citation needed] His Unitarian church had the philosophy of many paths to the truth – the religious education consisted of spending six months on a single religion before moving onto the next.[citation needed] His father was a musician, a noted conductor, and a music educator. His mother was a visual artist.

    • well said..

      • they are selling this under the meme of “superhero”…

        “Shanti Korporaal, from Sydney, is at the centre of the phenomenon after having two implants inserted under her skin.

        Now she can get into work and her car without carrying a card or keys, and says her ultimate goal is to completely do away with her wallet and cards.
        “Shanti has bought into the culture that dominates society today, which is one dominated by the fantasy of super heroes that mesmerizes the population at theaters all across the globe.

        “Ever since watching movies like the Terminator, Matrix and Minority Report I wondered if we could actually live like that. I always wondered why we all weren’t living as ‘super-humans’

  2. “Kurzweil is agnostic about the existence of a soul.”

    Yeap, Kurzwell is a run of the mill materialist.

  3. the war on consciousness & collective evolution:

  4. …the final solution: plug them all (the slaves) to the internet!

  5. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  6. THEY are all in THEY same kitchen

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