Dinosaurs may have “UK origin”


The first dinosaurs may have originated in the Northern Hemisphere, possibly in an area that is now Britain.

This is one of the conclusions of the first detailed re-evaluation of the relationships between dinosaurs for 130 years.

It shows that the current theory of how dinosaurs evolved and where they came from may well be wrong.

This major shake-up of dinosaur theory is published in this weeks’s edition of the journal Nature.

The reassessment shows that the meat eating beasts, such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor, have been wrongly classified in the dinosaur family tree.

One of the implications is that dinosaurs first emerged 15 million years earlier than previously believed.

And the fossil evidence suggests that this origin may have occurred further north than current thinking suggests – possibly in an area that is now the UK, according to the new study’s lead author, Matthew Baron of Cambridge University.

“The northern continents certainly played a much bigger role in dinosaur evolution than we previously thought and dinosaurs may have originated in the UK,” he told BBC News.

The previous version of the dinosaur family tree was developed 130 years ago by Harry Govier Seeley, a palaeontologist also working at Kings College, London.




how did they cross the water? 🙂

“It shows that the current theory of how dinosaurs evolved and where they came from may well be wrong.”

i thought the science was settled??


~ by seeker401 on April 3, 2017.

10 Responses to “Dinosaurs may have “UK origin””

  1. I wonder if “the dinosaurs story” is not in fact a cover-up…for this, for instance:
    just think of Jurassic Park hollywood movie PR bombardment…= Steven Spielberg…the same with Operation “Peppa Pig”, omnipresent & created to molde our kids:the favourite pet of Peppa Pig’s little brother George is a dinosaur…ho-ho…

  2. These guys get paid for faking evolution . The Trex dug up by Schweitzer
    was smelling and had blood . Another had tendons – fleshy – not fossilised
    into stone . A lot of the “fossil bone” specimens in museums are not stone but real bone . So the timescale is crazily exaggerated to fit the no God theory.
    Flesh and bone do not last millions of years.

    Any discoveries which break the ” fossilised” theory get smothered , clamped down on , spun into oblivion.
    Schweitzer did not want to lose her job and has been told to look for reasons that flesh and blood could last for so long – impossible .

    Marco Polo said he saw tamed dragons ( old word for dino) pulling carts in China .
    Crocs and creatures like the Komodo Dragon are in the dino family today

    • iron can be preserved millions of years, eh?

      if all that’s a cover-up, I wonder WHY on earth??? what would be the problem if 21st century man coexists with dragons? or, to pose the question differently, are the dragons any different from the crocodiles&aligators we know well?
      …why David Icke’s theories about “reptilians” pop up all of a sudden…

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  4. “So the timescale is crazily exaggerated to fit the no God theory.”
    …or to delete all indications of a man-dragon coexistance.
    and, by the way, present the dinos/dragons as the good guys…they put that image in our kids heads (Peppa Pig’s George, haha, who instead of killing the dragon, has it as his best friend, Dorothy the Dragon, Bernie, Shrek etc, etc..there are no bad dragons in made-in-Hollywood, at least I could think of…curious, isn’t it?)

    the opposite of the traditional dragon tradition:


    “Saint George and the Dragon

    According to the Golden Legend, the narrative episode of Saint George and the Dragon took place somewhere he called “Silene”, in Libya;

    The episode Saint George and the Dragon appended to the hagiography of Saint George was Eastern in origin, brought back with the Crusaders and retold with the courtly appurtenances belonging to the genre of Romance.[1] The earliest known depictions of the motif are from 10th- or 11th-century Cappadocia[2] and 11th-century Georgia;[3] While the veneration of Saint George as a soldier saint goes back to the 7th century at least, the earliest known surviving narrative of the dragon episode is an 11th-century Georgian text.[4]”


    ” A typical example of the sort of story related, also involving St. Silvester, shows the saint receiving miraculous instruction from Saint Peter in a vision that enables him to exorcise a dragon:

    In this time it happed that there was at Rome a dragon in a pit, which every day slew with his breath more than three hundred men.”

    “the story of Saint Margaret of Antioch surviving being swallowed by a dragon”

    Curious as well, that “Dracula” seems coming from “son of the Dragon”…or at least is connected to the Order of the Drago

    which symbols are:

    “The edict of 1408 describes two insignia to be worn by members of the Order:

    …we and the faithful barons and magnates of our kingdom shall bear and have, and do choose and agree to wear and bear, in the manner of society, the sign or effigy of the Dragon incurved into the form of a circle, its tail winding around its neck, divided through the middle of its back along its length from the top of its head right to the tip of its tail, with blood [forming] a red cross flowing out into the interior of the cleft by a white crack, untouched by blood, just as and in the same way that those who fight under the banner of the glorious martyr St George are accustomed to bear a red cross on a white field…[10]

    and https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/63/Insignia_Hungary_Order_Ordo_Draconum_History.svg/220px-Insignia_Hungary_Order_Ordo_Draconum_History.svg.png

    isn’t that remember this?


    there is no doubt, that all those orders with only “noble membership” share hidden knowledge not for the vulgus….and they plasme one into the other…

    (note: seems, however, that the “vampire attitudes” of Vlad Dracula are a 19th century western creation:

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