Images 2/4/17

eyes everywhere..

love these accurate..


get that in your head!

hermione..what happened to you..

taylor hill..a model..

shes knows the game..

i sense a theme here..


the kid is looking for the mark..

who said kim is all about long faces and anger?..hes just one of the boys!


~ by seeker401 on April 3, 2017.

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  1. eyes everywhere

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  4. This Alabama law would take the sword, i.e. civil magistrate, (Romans 13) out of marriage issues, which might be a good idea:

  5. “In this new era of magick, it’s never been harder to spot a witch. She’s not some lonely old hag slaving away over a cauldron in the woods; she’s your perpetually perky neighbour who’s a partner at a downtown law firm and lives at Lululemon on weekends. Chances are she may not even associate her crystal collection, weekly meditation sessions and penchant for home-brewed kombucha with the ancient art of witchcraft.

    All she knows is she feels more empowered than ever, and she has herself to thank for it.”

    The longstanding power of the inherent sinful nature of all the little me’s living in the world. Unthankful toward and the neglect to praise Him.

  6. out of topic not
    RIP-victims fast-recover
    why is better-photos fromRussia ? better-CTV&phones or b/c isReal

  7. the zbiggie quote…
    check out this, pg. 17
    Brzezinski journal article “America in the Technetronic Age”, from Encounter (January 1968).
    it’s the exact game plan/picture of our today society…very important article…


    • thanks maria wow! These men are insane!

      very little has been heard on this theme from
      the Communist World, even though Communist
      doctrinarians are the first to claim their
      x9th-century ideology holds a special pass-key
      to the 2ISt century.

      The work in progress indicates that men
      living in the developed world will undergo during
      the next several decades, a mutation potentially
      as basic as that experienced through the
      slow process of evolution from animal to human
      experience. The difference, however, is that the
      process will be telescoped in time–and hence
      the shock effect of the change may be quite
      profound. Human conduct will become less
      spontaneous and less mysterious–more predetermined
      and subject to deliberate “programming.”

    • the average life-span could reach
      approximately 12o years.
      These developments will have major social
      impact. The prolongation of life will alter our
      values, our career patterns, and our social relationships.
      New forms of social control may
      be needed to limit the indiscriminate exercise
      by individuals of their new powers. The possibility
      of extensive chemical mind-control, the
      danger of loss of individuality inherent in extensive
      transplantation, and the feasibility of
      manipulation of the genetic structure will call
      for a social definition of common criteria of
      restraint as well as of utilisation.

      Confronting nature
      could be to them what facing the elements was
      to our forefathers: meeting the unknown and
      not necessarily liking it. Enjoying a personal
      standard of living that (in some countries) may
      reach almost $IO,OOO per head, eating artificial
      food, speedily commuting from one corner of
      the country to work in another, in continual
      visual contact with their employer, government,
      or family, consulting their annual calendars to
      establish on which day it will rain or shine, our
      descendants will be shaped almost entirely by
      what they themselves create and control.

      oh hell no not me! 🙂

  8. >>get that in your head!

    or into a cup of coffee.. 🙂


  10. multilple reports that the attack on syria starts (escalates) tonight.

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