EPA chief says the Paris climate agreement is a “bad deal”


The United States should continue to be “engaged” in international climate change discussions but the Paris climate change agreement is a “bad deal” for the country, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency said Sunday.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt did not confirm whether the United States would remain in the global climate change pact, under which nearly all countries agreed in 2015 to halt or curb their greenhouse gas emissions, even as the world’s biggest emitter China reaffirmed its commitment to the agreement.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is due to have his first meeting with President Donald Trump on April 6-7. Xi and other Chinese officials have pledged to remain in the agreement.

“To demonstrate the leadership that we have shown on this issue with China and India and other nations is very important and discussions should ensue,” Pruitt said on Fox News Sunday, “but what Paris represents is a bad deal for this country.”

Last week, Trump signed an executive order rolling back former President Barack Obama’s climate change policies, including the Clean Power Plan to slash carbon emissions from power plants — a key factor in the United States’ ability to meet its Paris commitments.


its a bad deal for everyone except one player..can you guess who and why?

ironically they also cry the loudest..

“EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt did not confirm whether the United States would remain in the global climate change pact”

they will stay in it..this will be a trump lie..want a bet?


~ by seeker401 on April 6, 2017.

4 Responses to “EPA chief says the Paris climate agreement is a “bad deal””

  1. If they do anything it will be whitewashing, i.e. clean it on the outside to appear good. Just like Obamacare. There was never to be a socialized healthcare system in the first place. Republicans were against it totally, but as Trump ran for President, the healthcare plan change became about “reform” or “make a new one” (read: Trumpcare). So called Conservatives turned from free market health care plan, to rid Obamacare care (which drew in voters), then ‘reformed’ bill. So from none to just a different version. Whitewash. Now conservatives desire a national health care system. Some politicians say it will be a bill that opens state borders to a more open market plan, but every time the federal gov’t has to oversee state borders that means Federalism, which means federal oversight, i.e. national healthcare plan. Same old, same old, just more palatable for some and it is “their” plan, not the “enemies”.

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  3. I see Australia and London have global summits this summer:

    1.)July 2017: Australia
    Al Gore is key speaker at this one. He still uses that slide show… lol.
    2.)June 2017: London
    Rothschild representative present at this one; along with a World Bank representative. Also, Edmond De Rothschild is one of the sponsors. (I saw this advertised in “Time” magazine.)

    Two agendas on schedule for 2.) as follows:

    “10.10 – 10.50

    “Macro” risks becoming a norm (unexpected election results, terrorism, cyber-attacks, disruptive and fast-moving technological advances, geopolitical and social upheaval etc.)

    11.30 – 11.50

    Growing appetite for local opportunities
    UK’s “Infrastructure bonds”
    Trump’s $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment Plan” 

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