North Korea accuses US of bringing region to the brink of war

NORTH KOREA has threatened to carry out weekly missile tests amid rising military tensions with the US over the rogue state’s nuclear ambitions.

“We’ll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis,” Vice Foreign Minister Han Song-Ryol told the BBC in Pyongyang.

He threatened an “all-out war” if the US was “reckless enough to use military means”.

Meanwhile, the country’s deputy UN ambassador blamed the US for the spike in tensions.

Kim In Ryong accused the Trump administration of turning the Korean peninsula into “the world’s biggest hotspot” and creating “a dangerous situation in which a thermonuclear war may break out at any moment.” He told a news conference on Monday that US-South Korean military exercises being staged now are the largest-ever “aggressive war drill.”

He said North Korea’s measures to bolster its nuclear forces are self-defensive “to cope with the US vicious nuclear threat and blackmail.” He says his country “is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the US.”

Australia’s government has reissued calls for China to do more to rein in North Korea as the rogue nation threatens “weekly” missile tests.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop says if North Korea is allowed to continue its nuclear and missile program, it would create “extraordinary instability” in the region and could lead to armed conflict.

While Ms Bishop did not express an opinion on US Vice President Mike Pence’s declaration that the “era of strategic patience is over”, she said Australia would continue to back international efforts to force North Korea to give up its nuclear program.

“The Trump Administration has explicitly rejected President Obama’s approach of strategic patience because that led to a stalemate, during which time North Korea’s illegal missile and nuclear program accelerated,” Ms Bishop said.


kim is nearly at peak hysteria mode..

the pressure builds..something cracks?

“He told a news conference on Monday that US-South Korean military exercises being staged now are the largest-ever “aggressive war drill.” He said North Korea’s measures to bolster its nuclear forces are self-defensive “to cope with the US vicious nuclear threat and blackmail.” He says his country “is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the US.”



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  3. could Nk be a huge big distraction.. ? there’s no oil & the central bank there is not worth 2 urns of kimchee

    • correct..for reference please look at the 25 year “iran will get a nuke we better take them out meme”..

      they might take out a missile or bomb a test area but thats it..

  4. what are they up to?

    + check out “@already happened” in twitter…everybody is preparing for a war conflict…

  5. Its the global banksters that run the UN not the “US”(not the US people or the conceptual ‘US’ nation/place).
    Just dirty banksters running the world through ignorance manipulating peoples fear and hate.

    • Whether people are manipulated or not into thinking, talking, or doing anything, they are responsible for their thoughts, words, and deeds.

      She is a U.S. citizen who in her role at the UN has real power:

      She is not a concept and She is not “not a U.S. person”. Even if this is a brain in a vacs or a reality understood by matrix philosophy, flesh and blood is in this brain in a vac concept. There are dirty banksters, but also, dirty people in all walks of life. It is easy for people to put the blame on others and not to consider their own guilt.

  6. We should be preparing for PEACE not falling over ourselves to manifest more hell/war for them.

  7. The Russians created North Korea. Father of the Kim dynasty, Kim Il-sung was a puppet of the Soviet Union. He was a captain in the Soviet Army during WW II. Following the war, the Soviets made Kim Il-sung chairman of the Provisional People’s Committee for North Korea. Heir to the communist Kim throne is Kim Jong-un.
    It is no coincidence that Putin’s puppets Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are working together to manufacture a nuclear war engineered in Moscow. The plan has been in place for a very long time, and KGB Putin is now in a position to carry it out to fruition.
    Trump declared that Red China’s Xi Jinping gave him a history lesson on North Korea. Such a lesson must have included the fact that Russia created North Korea and controls the Kim dynasty. Why hasn’t Trump informed the American People of these facts? Is he afraid to tattle on his master, KGB Putin?
    I sincerely hope that you take seriously the imminent threat of nuclear war we face today and realize its sources. I detailed this danger in my book E = mc 2 and the Jewish Agenda. Trump is taking orders from the very powers who implemented and run the jewish horror of mutually assured destruction.

    • that would explain a lot!

    • why should Putin need a nuclear war?

      Putin – Trump’s master…lol…don’t see it, sorry.

      • open your eyes ..

        ‘Russia & Israel Partners Against Holocaust Denial’

        Russia makes Holocaust denial illegal

        • thanks, Rev.

          still don’t see, though, why Putin should need a nuclear war…

          • Putin is a Bolshevik Zionist and will do whatever is necessary achieve the Zionist agenda .. if you cant connect those dots its because you lack the scriptural understanding of the ‘Amalekites’ referenced in the video below.


            • thanks, Rev…later on I’ll see the video (could you repost the link, pls, it doesn’t show up)….what is the Zionist agenda you are referring to? the Yeretz Israel? thanks.

              as for the link…yes, we’ve discussed all those connections of Putin to jewish figures…back in late 2014, if I remember well…Ben Lazar (Chabad Liubavich, chief rabbi of Russia who came from Italy & the US …odd, isn’t it?)…Lev Leviev, the diamond magnate competitor of De Beers, ultraortodox jews with Israeli passport who gave the money for the first presidential election of Putin back in 2000…his childhood friends, Rotberg, etc, etc…
              (in the article they forget to mention though Gussinsky, Khodorkovsky & co = all jewish magnates who Putin wiped out during his first years in power…)…the fact with Russian recent history is that, post 1990, 99% of all oligarchs/mafia bosses/those who stole the public money&industries for themselves are all jewish!! it’s much earlier than Putin, it’s “The Family” of the West backed Eltzin…who picked Putin as the good-boy to serve The Family and then Putin made tabula rasa with that Family (all jews) creating his own favourite businessmen/oligharchs (mostly jews once again)…

              but still I can’s see how this will make him step down on Russian national interest in Syria and allow the Qatar/Saudi/Israel pipeline to reach Europe…or why should he want a nuclear war..

            • we recall Seek asked this bfore were is the proof that Putine is a ZIO ?
              wasKGB but the proof of ZIO & pls not the same photos & story that is going around for a while something better thx in advance Rev

        • whatttttt Israhell are deniers ???

          • not Israhell .. the case concerns Holocaust deniers and the Jews intent to exterminate their enemies by any and all means

      • I don’t care what you believe .. what they believe is critical ..

        Deborah Lipstadt, Amalek and David Irving: Video, 36 mins

        “This video is blocked by the “democratic” governments of more than 20 countries, including Poland, Israel, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. Their citizens cannot view these speeches. What do these governments fear about a video that exposes hate…?”
        The video is introduced by David Irving. Michael Hoffman takes the floor and addresses the crowded room. The revelations Hoffman makes about Deborah Lipstadt and the circles in which she moves are indeed shocking. These people are now so confident of their power that they are beginning to openly  advocate the assassination of anyone who is deemed to be an enemy of the Jews, i.e., an ‘Amalek’ — the coded word for anyone the Jews regard as a threat.

        • we don’t need to watched b/c the question of Israhell ( the territory ) be deniers ??even apply THEY-games of Chaos & support booth sides
          that will break all THEY- power that THEY-control to theGoyim
          no more anti-s or anti- anything b/c most are based on THEY-
          no in this one was real too

          • if you don’t watch the video .. then it is you who are in denial

            • we are listen it we know plp that use to know about this RIP
              but we are no totally deniers some part of THEY- holocaust happened
              years ago we meet a WWII-soldier that never talked with nobody about how He help liberated one of the Concentration-camps He never told abou that except to us one afternoon still we get chills recalling the facts

          • the Young Turks who were Donmeh Sabbatean Jews are responsible for the Armenian genocide

            • Amelek-territory is Canaan- Phoenicia
              we post about Them bfore
              out of topic or no
              “In the Hebrew Bible, the Amalekites were a people, in the land called Moab,in what the Roman called Arabia Petraea ”

        • I don’t care what you believe .. what they believe is critical ..


  9. I’ll just throw this in for the information and Rothschild / Jesuit connections to all sides again…. from 2016

    80-year-old member of the Rothschild dynasty, Jacob Rothschild is confident that the United States can find support in some of the Russian elites, he said on American political TV show.

    “The current crisis may last much less time than the cold war. At the moment the US has allies among the Russian elites, who are ready to take over the initiative. In this scenario, ordinary people will not notice anything. The course of Russia’s foreign policy will change – this will be presented as some kind of achievement of Russian diplomacy,” – said Rothschild.

    Meanwhile Rothschild is sure that the so-called conflict of the Russian elites is in the final stage.

    So I imagine this guy will help fund the ‘initiative’ as the Clinton’s and those before Bill and Hillary did working as the U.S. traitors for these filthy people who think they own the world. It’s one big mob – anyone against them, even when THEY create them, such as ISIS are considered to be Amaleks.

    I am convinced that ‘symbolically’ both Russia and the U.S. are the masonic Jews /Communists ‘two pillars’ that hold THEM up! They use the bible as a playbook for their creation and destruction of the world, over and over again.

    Once a Fugitive This Billionaire Aims to be Russia’s Jeff Bezos

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