Iraq military unit with Australian adviser hit by Islamic State chemical attack

An Iraqi military unit with US and Australian advisers has been hit by an Islamic State chemical attack that the Pentagon says was ineffective.

The Pentagon said it was aware of what it said was a “low grade” chemical attack on an Iraqi unit in west Mosul, which has been the scene of heavy fighting as Iraqi forces and their allies battle Islamic State militants for possession of the city.

A defence official told the ABC Australian and US advisers were with the unit at the time.

The ABC understands the foreign advisers were medically screened and showed no signs of exposure. All returned to duty.

“My advice right at the moment is no Australian troops were affected but Australian forces did provide assistance following the attack. That’s my current advice received in last few minutes,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told AM.

It is not known what chemical weapon was used, but IS is believed to have access to chlorine and mustard gas.

In a statement the Pentagon labelled the attack as largely ineffective, saying it “further displays the desperation of ISIS as they seek to hold an untenable position in Mosul”.

Defence officials say IS’s chemical weapons is “rudimentary”.

There were reports of two separate IS gas attacks in as many days over the weekend, but it is not clear if the Australian advisers were involved in either of those attacks.

The spokesman for the Joint Operation Command in Iraq said IS attacked government troops with some type of gas in western Mosul, a day after militants launched a gas attack in western Mosul’s al-Abar neighbourhood.

The offensive to retake Mosul has seen heavy street-to-street fighting, with Islamic State fighters driven out of the east of the city and making a stand in their last strongholds in the west.

In March Iraqi troops recaptured west Mosul’s main government buildings and say they are now in possession of around 30 per cent of west of the northern Iraqi city.


oh..IS have CW?

and they use it..regularly..

but its assad who decided to shit in his own nest and drop sarin on a village to kill 30-40 people when he could drop a conventional bomb and kill doesnt add up..there is NO evidence and this latest event confirms that it is IS who is willing to use CW..not assad..


~ by seeker401 on April 20, 2017.

5 Responses to “Iraq military unit with Australian adviser hit by Islamic State chemical attack”

  1. “IS is believed to have access to chlorine and mustard gas.”

    They know they have “access” to it. From where? And to release that statement to the public, unsurprising to me, might mean it is old hat to them that IS has access. It is the stuff they do not say that is usually far more dangerous.

    I understand the connection of IS to the U.S. and Saudi’s, etc. It is just that word “access” that caught my attention.

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  3. No it does not add up, as Assad is Washington’s man and this is all a bullshit war of the bankers funding and controlling both (seemingly different ) sides. Can’t have a war without a celeb boogieman.
    That is why all the media stories are hearsay to support escalations and continued war.

  4. what if Iraq was all about looting their antiquities..??

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