Images 23/4/17

this what facebook wants..a mind reading smart phone..

which one is the bunny?

you can try..but you cant change historical fact,,it is what it is..


somebody is really keen on seeing others take refugees..but not so welcoming in their own state..


real truth..we have known this for years..

kylie jenner..knows the game..

one eye again..

something creeps me out over this image..

no forgery..just more evidence..that sits alongside a previous pic..this was emailed to HRC..


this was huge we DGAF..

if you agree with a few of these then you arent doing it right..


~ by seeker401 on April 24, 2017.

24 Responses to “Images 23/4/17”

  1. The major power failure over the weekend

  2. wwwwhat? no chip?

  3. View story at

  4. CloverField Clip … Operation G0thamShield – CloverField repackaged?

  5. Lee Stranahan: ‘Ideological Coup’ By Kushner-Linked Goldman Globalists Destroying Trump White House

  6. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  7. who would be AQ on hrc emails?

  8. great images, thanks, seek!
    the last one is great! serves for into- to our 1984-reality 😉

  9. And you KNOW the international ;jews’ are definitely involved, because guess what, anti-semitism is once again on the rise….no sh** sherlock..the people are waking up!! Unfortunately for the ‘everyday person’ who calls themselves Jewish, either because of their race or religion, those who call themselves ‘jews’ and are not, will allow them, in fact MAKE them scapegoats again!

    • this:

      “those who call themselves ‘jews’ and are not, will allow them, in fact MAKE them scapegoats again!”

      the useful idiots/human shield protection the anglo-american-Rthshcl/Warburg&Co establishment needs & uses on his way to build the NWO, in which “a financial elite will be th ruling class”…

  10. Breakfast in America Album ..

  11. Yeah, deertrail live stream is back and running! It had been turned off for a few weeks, because according to the outside comments on their facebook page, some people were being nasty to the old retired couple that runs the cameras. It is natural that deer look skinny and sickly to some people who are not used to deer shedding. They are not sick, but their winter fur is simply coming off as their summer coat grows in (their winter and summer coats even are two different colors). The old couple did not want any trouble from anybody so turned off the cameras until yesterday or today.

    I put this here, because it is an image, and how ignorant people can be about nature and simply be mean to other people due to their ignorance.

    From their website: “James is retired & just is enjoying himself. Candace has Lyme disease from the woods that she loved to wander in & now watches it from the safety of the computer. We are a married couple who decided to share our hobby with you, not an organization.
    The animals that visit the Deer Trail cams are not caged, but free to roam at will. Therefore you may see sick or injured animals. We will also see them and contact the necessary authorities when needed and follow their advice.” [location: central Minnesota]



    • “As, therefore, producing himself by himself, he manifested to himself his own Thought, so also the Thought that was manifested did not make the Father, but contemplating him hid him—that is to say the Power—in herself, and is male-female, Power and Thought.

      Hence they pair with each other being one, for there is no difference between Power and Thought. From the things above is discovered Power, and from those below Thought.”

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