Israeli national charged over hoax bomb and shooting threats to Australian schools

An 18-year-old Israeli national has been charged with making thousands of hoax bomb and shooting threats, many of which targeted Australian schools.

It is alleged over 2,000 robotic voice bomb and shooting hoax calls began in January 2016.

Victoria Police, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and other state police forces investigated 591 threats in Australia.

Victoria Police confirmed 128 of the threats were directed to Victorian schools. It is not known which other states were targeted.

Internationally, the threats were investigated by a joint team including the FBI and law enforcement agencies in Israel, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

“The Victoria Police E-Crime Squad provided vital cyber evidence which resulted in the arrest of the Israeli suspect,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

“Israeli police acknowledged they could not have done it without us [the E-Crime Squad].”

The suspect’s identity can not be reported for legal reasons. He was 17 at the time of the offences.

The case will be dealt with by the Israeli courts.

The culprit behind almost 600 hoax bomb and shooting threats that terrorised Australian schools over the past year has been identified as an Israeli teenager working from his suburban bedroom, who allegedly raked in a small fortune by making the hoax calls for anonymous buyers on the “dark- net” website Alphabay.

Schools nationwide were evacuated after receiving recorded messages warning of a bomb or active shooter on school grounds, with calls peaking in February and December last year. At least 64 separate schools were hoaxed during one day alone, wreaking havoc and leaving parents and staff in fear. Hospitals, airlines and childcare centres were also targeted.

The source of the hoaxes, or even if they were connected, remained a mystery until this week, when the calls appeared in charges laid by Israeli police against an 18-year-old dual Israeli-American citizen from the city of Ashkelon, south of Tel Aviv.

Israeli prosecutors say the youth, who cannot be named in Israel for legal reasons, used readily available online voice distortion software and programs that allow phone calls to be made from computers, to make 591 calls since February 2016.

His alleged Australian targets, including Canberra Hospital and the Sydney Jewish Museum, were a substantial chunk of more than 2000 calls worldwide that caused nine flight diversions and evacuations of hundreds of public institutions in the US, Canada, Britain, New Zealand and elsewhere.

“There was real panic,” Victorian Detective Superintendent Pat Boyle told The Australian. “Initially there was a lot of panic by very worried parents and also later … it became an extreme inconvenience because of putting operations in place to respond to these matters redirected important police resources to an event which was a hoax.”

———– shocked..

these calls caused a real lot of hysteria and panic in our schools last year..all done by this kid living in israel..and you have to ask..why?

and who was he doing it for?


~ by seeker401 on May 1, 2017.

11 Responses to “Israeli national charged over hoax bomb and shooting threats to Australian schools”

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  2. Yeah, I’m sure the Israeli courts will be very harsh on him — poor little guy has a tumor don’t you know. Because most people with brain tumors operate multi-million dollar operations with sophisticated hardware from their home. Of course, there will be no further investigation by the Western press and despite the fact that his actions had influence on the election in the US Israel will not extradite — remember the whole ‘anti-semitism’ on the rise as Trump comes to office based on this little bastards actions?

    Of course, this has nothing to do with Israeli intelligence and only an anti-Semite would speculate that this sort of thing is actually useful propaganda for the Jewish elite. That’s just a conspiracy theory.

    Meanwhile, ISIS and Israel are going well in Syria. All is well. Bomb away, DJT. Bomb away.

    Somebody kill me. 😦

    • great comment and all over it..

      On. The. Money.
      Because most people with brain tumors operate multi-million dollar operations with sophisticated hardware from their home.

  3. He will be severely punished .

  4. there is some “narrative” going on..but i don’t know what..

  5. The same perosn who called into the US, only to to threat Jewish schools and organizations, to increase the number of incidents of “antisemitism”.

    Gives the Jews more funding.

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