Trump explains Comey firing..and, hey look, its Henry “vampire” Kissinger

President Donald Trump, unsurprisingly, was subjected to some lobbed inquiries from members of the press pool, who’d been granted brief Oval Office access, about why FBI Director James Comey had been dismissed Tuesday.

More surprising: that the president ventured an answer. This was it, in its entirety:
‘Because he was not doing a good job.’

Still more surprising: Upon entering the Oval Office, the press pool learned that Trump was holding an off-the-daily-calendar meeting with Henry Kissinger, national-security adviser under President Richard Nixon and later secretary of state.

Trump also welcomed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to the Oval Office early Wednesday.


thanks to xxx for the link..

the fucking vampire..

the facade is gone..the veil is lifted..once was is no more.. #VoteForNobody


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25 Responses to “Trump explains Comey firing..and, hey look, its Henry “vampire” Kissinger”

  1. Is it not interestng that this globalist creep (Kissinger) has open access to Putin, Trump and other national leaders. How come the presstitutes don’t ask about his mneddling in US politics?

    I almost puked when I heard a commentator talk about “rule of law and us constitution” in relation to the FBI.

    • agree..

      • >the facade is gone..the veil is lifted..once was is no more.. #VoteForNobody

        i see you’re not ‘unconverted’ me
        Trump is the best manchurian to date – but on this website -we had our suspicion from the very beginning


      The Rule of Law is a Myth but the people are too fixed in their own personal world view. I recently went on my daughter’s facebook page for curiosities sake, and was stunned to see just how bad it is out there.

      I guess I was used to reasonable and logical people searching for REAL answers and TRUTH, like our community here. What I found instead leads me to believe, there is No Hope and definitely no Change in site. Only a miracle will save us.

  2. How many apologists remain, especially of the Alex J. crowd?

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    great article here!!:



    • I tend to disregard anything coming from the Washington Post and CNN and especially Anderson Cooper, CIA asset. I don’t know if these people are set up because they were already corrupt, or if they are blackmailed for past ‘sins’, but it seems like the people in high offices have a past they prefer to forget, or at least not made known. Many I suppose are just psychopaths with no feeling of empathy for anyone but their own desires. Other days I think they’re just cocky, willing participants in this theater and one day realize their butts are being used as ‘scapegoat’ of the year.

      Kind of the same as the Obama Gay Church Murders and the operative called Reverend Wright from his ‘church’, which did in fact take place, but are still listed as ‘unsolved’. Reverend Wright lives near by. His house is a MANSION, paid for by the politically connected ‘church’ in an all white gated community off a golf course. His daughter, who was handed a police chief position, and highly unqualified, in my opinion, later found herself facing prison time for fraud regarding a program called ‘ My Brother’s Keeper’.

      Wonder if Wright had to make that ‘sacrifice’ for the lifestyle he now enjoys.
      I’m sure she’ll come out of prison and end up on the Illinois State School Board or something else as ridiculous. Illinois rewards the connected one’s for their crimes. Here’s her story, and those who defended her actions, including the doctor who said she had a personality disorder that “placed a firewall between her and reality.” He said the main manifestation of the disorder was “the compelling capacity of Miss Wright to use denial as a defense mechanism.” LOL what a joke….

      • here’s the mom’s story whose son was murdered which also has connections to a judge who was involved in the Iran / Contra crimes.

        “Sinclair was arrested by Washington, DC police following his news conference based on a warrant from Delaware issued by Vice President candidate Joseph Biden’s son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden. The Delaware charges against Sinclair were later dropped.

        Sinclair’s book is now the subject of a defamation lawsuit [Daniel Parisi, et al v. Lawrence W. Sinclair a/k/a “Larry Sinclair,” et al] brought by Dan Parisi, the proprietor of the website,, who is mentioned in Sinclair’s book with regard to his involvement in polygraphs administered to Sinclair after he made his allegations against Obama public during the 2008 presidential campaign.

        The lawsuit is being handled by the politically powerful Patton & Boggs law firm, the same firm that represented George W. Bush’s top political adviser Karl Rove in the Valerie Plame Wilson /CIA leak, and has been filed against Sinclair, his publishing company, and distributors, including Barnes and Noble and in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Sinclair is currently a resident of Florida.

        The lawsuit against Sinclair has been assigned to Judge Richard Leon, the Republican deputy chief minority counsel on the House Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran, aka, the Iran-contra scandal.

        From 1988 to 1989, he served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General and from 1992 to 1993 was the Republican chief minority counsel on the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s October Surprise Task Force investigating the 1980 Reagan-Bush campaign’s secret dealings with Iran to ensure the defeat of President Jimmy Carter.

        Leon was nominated for the federal bench by President George W. Bush on September 10, 2001. Leon’s involvement in so many high-level cover-ups of White House misconduct makes him an illogical choice to hear a case involving serious allegations against President Obama.

  5. MUST READ Catherine Austin Fitts

    All you Need to Know About James Comey

    James Comey, the now former head of the FBI, is also the former General Counsel of Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor and weapons manufacturer in America and hedge fund advisor.

    Lockheed Martin used to run significant information and payment systems at the Department of Defense. They appear to have spun their subsidiary out of the company after DOD closed their fiscal 2015, with $6.5 trillion of undocumentable adjustments.

    Here is what you need to know about James Comey. Everything he said or did related to Hillary Clinton or President Trump is unimportant. The fact that James Comey did and said nothing about $6. 5 trillion missing from your government in fiscal 2015 tells you all you need to know about James Comey.

    Here is a description of the FBI’s legal powers and authority. If the US government is missing trillions of dollars, don’t you think it is the FBI’s highest priority to figure out where the money went and get it back?

    If I was a invisible, secret governing board responsible to preserve the trillions I had stolen, I would sure want to break up the country. It’s a lot easier than explaining to people that you stole the money that they had saved to pay for health care and Social Security. I would also want to start WW III – that would keep the power and money rolling my way. There is nothing like a dangerous fight to provide air cover for financial fraud. You can blow up a lot of records and make endless excuses.

    You should also remember that the last time these folks engineered an impeachment process was when all the money started to disappear from the federal accounts and the federal mortgage programs were used to explode the mortgage fraud that lead to $27 trillion of bailouts for the banks.

  6. lol:



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