Images 14/5/17

oh really?

uh huh..

so subtle..

celebrity cute..and full of shit..

what are they trying to tell us here?

hi ri ri..

we know who you wax for boris..

truth out of his own lips..a whore to the system..

a mural in chicago..interesting..

3 o’clock is the witching coincidence..

another still from the same video clip above..a masonic sword..why?

to compare..

the sword sits between them..

drake..the owl boy..from the same video clip..

speaking of owls..what about googles owl that!


gigi hadid..pop/fashion diva puppet..


~ by seeker401 on May 14, 2017.

12 Responses to “Images 14/5/17”

  1. ‘Project Owl is Google’s internal name for its endeavor to fight back on problematic searches. The owl name was picked for **no specific reason**’

  2. How Your Brain is Turned Against You

    Filtering and Sorting External Stimuli

    • great article, Rev! thanks!

      “This is how the internet and other forms of media have manufactured thought-forms which serve to distract us from other and more pertinent concerns. We are told what to focus on. The mainstream evening news tells us what we should be thinking about. If that doesn’t get you the alternative media which is disbursed across the internet will get you with the oppositional dialectic scripting. Either way, all those forms of media work in unison to engage your RAS and convince it of what it should be focusing on and filtering.

      Movies, music, television programming in general, and even our educational curriculums all work to hijack our RAS so that it doesn’t focus on real world observations. Mass populations are not left on their own to tell the RAS what to filter and sort.”

      “Plan your life or s.b. else will plan it for you!”

      that’s why the FE non-sense: to highjack the RAS of the medium-awaked people…= part of the potential opposition hacked 😉

    • “We need to reclaim our own brains and begin to filter and sort based on another set of parameters. What these parameters should be and how they should function is best left up to each of us as individuals. But understanding the fundamental structure and process of the RAS and how it organizes itself based on Maslow’s Hierarchy is the base knowledge which we first must master to begin re-framing our world.”

      Like the kingdom within….our personal Reticular Activating System (RAS) needs to be given our undivided attention and protection. NO more hijacking allowed 🙂

  3. for the collection 🙂 (@isabel)

    • about right..

    • That’s what I tell my young family members, of course, I also tell them if they want to pass their school tests they need to give the answer that the teacher and the fake history books TELL them, because it’s part of the game. 🙂


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