The mysterious straight line that unites seven shrines dedicated to St Michael


thanks to joelH for the link..

love this stuff..this is a did they know and how did they do it and why does it point to israel?

is the irish starting point significant?


~ by seeker401 on May 19, 2017.

26 Responses to “The mysterious straight line that unites seven shrines dedicated to St Michael”

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  2. After the works of God and his followers, the dark ones come, treading those works and appropriating them, in addition, leaving a trail of rape and blood. Real life, truth, is very close to us, just look with humility, and then defend it firmly.
    Without reliance on appearances, to see the other side, Cross the Stripe.

    In short, I will begin the translation into English of my books, written for the truth, a work that I did all alone, nevertheless, I still await collaborations; And among other shortcomings, I’m still not an expert in English.
    God knows, what these books are for.

    In these books, and in some already in the beginning, you can see Michael, and other angels of God, also Jesus, his Mother, and God Himself, and many others, human, with names and anonymous, but also, you will have to To see a horde of devils, with the same appearance as you and me, and Lucifer himself, here on Earth, … waiting impatiently to be proclaimed as god.
    I do not believe in coincidences
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  3. We are in serious danger, completely surrounded by unscrupulous Lucifer devils. Those of us who want truth and love must join forces.

  4. Dumbfuck Abrahamists always pointing themselves towards a stupid fucking desert they like to fight over ever since they murdered the “pagans” and actual Christians.

  5. Seek what is THEY- long-worshiper holiday on late April-May when remember is belt something ?

  6. trying to find that we found this


    Very interesting. Thanks Joel and Seek 🙂

    • ta. looks like the ley-line is angular as well

    • Skellig Michael Island.. is it even possible to build a monastery here.

      Maybe it was St Michael hiding here…lol

      • lol..

      • I did not know this island(s) is where some of the new Stars Wars are being filmed.

        • wtf..

          • The picture is a caricature of the theme of the island, how monks used to live there, and how the new Star Wars movies are being filmed there as it is the location in the movie for the warrior monks called Jedi.

            • not usually coincidence with these things..

              • Definitely not a coincidence. It is a pilgrim site for sure, and warrior monks is always a good example for future Jesuits or what have you. I think it was the video I posted, in which they interviewed a lady who is in distress about the influx of people visiting the island since the Star War movies gave it stardom. The lady wants to make sure the island can be an experience for people so they can experience how the monks did. She said she does not want bathrooms there, etc. Made me think if the boats had a bathroom or what? And that is a long walk up and then back down again.

                The yearn to live “natural” without reason leads only to sexual immorality and beastly violence. And to live with reason, without feeling or a sense of the natural, is a serial killer (a cold-hearted, calculating, pre-meditative murderer) and beastly violence. Asceticism has been around for a long time. I am sure some pilgrimage visitors to the island fancy asceticism. Some just like to role play, like the father and daughter pretending they are jedi knights (I think in that video). It is fun, but escapism gone too far are how lullabies work, i.e. putting the masses to sleep.

  8. Do you know that Jesus callas himself a “Light bringer” in the Bible and who used the word Lucifer to translate it? 🙂

  9. We are all doing the Earth story from the beginning.
    Contemporary history continues to be written, thanks to God, not only for liars, rapists and murderers, pretending to be victims, but triumphant as they tread blood …
    We must read between the lines to understand, those on the dark side do read between the lines. They do not want God, neither want truth nor love, they want the money Lucifer gives them by committing all sorts of aberrations.
    This is a contemporary example of what happens, with the works done for love: Michael, here is a poet, singer, and even climbed on scaffolding if needed; But both his work and everything I gave him to sing for the truth and for love, now, that pearls, are under the feet of pigs.

    These songs were written by Michael to complete his work: “This Is It”, and I am the woman who tells Michael during an extensive conversation, although I am at the same time between two worlds and in none because I had just left Death, what, Michael Jackson, is a light for the world of our time, and that time had not been the first … about 30 years before I told him that he would be a light for the world.

  10. And the song, I’m so blue, exposes who they are: There it was, Branca and Mc’clane, and as Michael told me, the doctor did not want to enter: in that pub with the other three the group would have attracted too much attention , And he, was going to be the executor.
    Besides being a delight to listen, read, to understand the truth, Michael lost his life for that. ‘They’ know who Michael is and who I am. And much more. They are very clear on which side they are, they have to swear, before the symbols of Lucifer.

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    La historia contemporánea sigue escribiéndose, gracias a Dios, no sólo por los mentirosos, violadores y asesinos aparentando ser víctimas, aunque triunfadores mientras pisan la sangre…

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