Images 21/5/17


easier to believe this version than a robbery where nothing was stolen..

i just cant be just cant..

old jesuit mind trick..divide and conquer..

butterflies for the former boy band king..nice jocks..

one eye..

read it..this is not fake..its real..yet we are told to believe and if you dont believe you are somehow anti-semitic..

red pill or blue pill?

closer to non fiction than fiction..

nye is gatekeeper who will say whatever he is told to say to flow with the narrative being built on any particular subject..

why would an owl be included if not for occultish reasons??

signs and symbols rule the world..

the thai king is the oldest rocker in thailand..nice jeans and midriff thingy..


if your trying to be funny and make a point you need to get your shit together or you look a bigger fool..this is one of those occasions..


~ by seeker401 on May 22, 2017.

30 Responses to “Images 21/5/17”

  1. Interesting newspaper articles.

    • Iran’s Ahmadinejad on Holocaust


      • very good..and williams the fake news king himself!

      • His point #1 and #2 are general and I do not think offer anything constructive. They are good points, but too broad.

        Yet, his point #3 is excellent, concerning Palestine. There is no good answer to #3; in my opinion, Ahmadinejad is right about it.

      • Maybe this point of mine challenges me concerning if it is a hoax or not:

        I would not put it past the bankers and others in the cartel of corruption to “use” the holocaust and even push for it, when they had the opportunity during WW2, i.e. financing when knowing where the money was going and still doing it anyways. Then “use” the holocaust as sympathetic leverage, like a false flag, to get the nation of Israel. They definitely had the political leverage to do so after the war and the holocaust was the driving motivation.

        That might fit into Ahmadinejad’s point #2.

        • B-i-n-g-o!!!

          I can’t recall which of the prominent zionist of the ’30ies said that hopefully with Hitler European jews would finally decide to settle in Palestine. (seek, do you remember that quote?)

          Until the “holocaust thing” most ordinary jews were living a nice and comfortable life in Europe, and didn’t have any intention to change habitat..especially in Germany, where by the late 19th – first 20th century jewish zionist scholars were alarmed by the trend of total German/French etc integration of the jewish people.

          All the more, many jewish sects/movements, including the hassidim Chabad of the time, were openly against the zionist idea and were determined to live in Europe in their birth places. Of all the jews persecuted by the nazis seems that those groups of jews (anti-zionist) suffered most, Chabad were close to extermination at the end of WWII.

          lol, the social engineering tactics function for jews the same as for the goym 😉

  2. thai king WTF?!??!?!

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  4. lolololol fake news (hal turner garbage) shut down by fake news (jeff bezos/cia garbage)…. per


  6. NATO leader’s wives:

  7. bye bye Zbig!!!


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