Privacy concerns as China expands DNA database

China is building a vast DNA database with no appropriate privacy protection, human rights activists warn.

While a genetic database of convicted or suspected criminals exists in many countries, China is thought to include anyone, regardless of valid grounds for suspicion.

Ordinary citizens are being asked to have their blood drawn for a DNA sample, Human Rights Watch says.

Vulnerable groups and minorities appear to be a particular target of the push.

Those include migrant workers, political dissidents and ethnic or religious minorities like the Muslim Uighurs in China’s far western Xinjiang region.

Xinjiang authorities are reported to have bought around $10bn (£7.7bn) in equipment to step up the collection and indexing of DNA.

Human Rights Watch warned that the collection programme could be used to increase political control.

“Mass DNA collection by the powerful Chinese police absent effective privacy protections or an independent judicial system is a perfect storm for abuses,” Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch said in a statement.

DNA collection can have legitimate policing uses in investigating specific criminal cases, she explains. “But only in a context in which people have meaningful privacy protections.”

“Until that’s the case in China, the mass collection of DNA and the expansion of databases needs to stop.”


its a globalists wet dream..

“Ordinary citizens are being asked to have their blood drawn for a DNA sample, Human Rights Watch says.”


~ by seeker401 on May 23, 2017.

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