Pope Francis: “No noble end” can justify destroying human embryos


Pope Francis has acknowledged the scientific research on genetic diseases, but stressed that destroying human embryos is unjustifiable. The controversial topic was brought up at an event aimed at raising awareness about an incurable genetic disorder.

“We know that no end, even a noble one like the expectation of a benefit for science, for other human beings or for society, can justify the destruction of human embryos,” the Pope said on Thursday at the Papal audience with families of those affected by Huntington’s disease.

“I encourage you to carry out [experiments] in ways that do not contribute to nourishing the ‘throwaway culture’ that sometimes creeps into the world of scientific research,” Francis added.

Thousands of people, including 150 suffering from Huntington’s, traveled to the Vatican to see the Pope, who personally greeted each of the affected people. Huntington’s disease is a genetic disorder, which makes the brain cells die, resulting in personality changes, mood swings, involuntary movements, unsteady gait and slurred speech.

With some countries being less affected by Huntington’s, the fatal gene is 1,000 more prevalent in South America, where a social stigma still persists, leading to the isolation of the affected.

The Catholic Church is not the only branch of Christianity that has been vocally opposed to tampering with human embryos. The Russian Orthodox Church has been recently pushing for a criminalization of abortions in Russia, while some MPs have drafted bills limiting the abortion options for women, none of which have so far passed. At the same time, in the predominantly Catholic Republic of Ireland, where abortion is illegal unless it happens as part of the medical intervention to save a mother’s life, thousands have been demanding to decriminalize abortion in the view of tragic and controversial cases resulting from the denial of medical assistance due to the law.


the cheerleaders for franky wont be happy..

We know that no end, even a noble one like the expectation of a benefit for science, for other human beings or for society, can justify the destruction of human embryos,”

that seems pretty black and white..


~ by seeker401 on May 25, 2017.

9 Responses to “Pope Francis: “No noble end” can justify destroying human embryos”

  1. “No noble end” .. the destruction of yours would have been a good beginning

  2. Noahides..

    • Talmud “Noahide Laws” to Rule Coming Jewish ‘Utopia’

      [Editor’s Note. I first heard of the so-called Noahide Laws from Cisco Wheeler in a phone conversation I had with her about 3 years ago. She revealed a lot of important information to me during that call, including what the Illuminati/Zionist orchestraters have in mind when the New World Order is fully installed. “Law and Order” will take on a whole new meaning when (and if) that era descends upon us. The British Israel propagandists on “Christian” fundamentalist television networks like TBN or CBN and characters like Benny Hinn swoon their brainwashed and mesmerized audiences with idyllic tales of how joy will reign everywhere once “Jesus returns to earth and takes up His throne in Jerusalem” (listen to that fat Zionist promoter from Texas, John Hagee, if you want the full bore British Israel propaganda blitz). The brainwashers don’t make any mention, however, of what happens to you if you  were, per chance, to get out of line and commit something considered to be an infraction in their wonderful Utopian-Zionist World.
      There won’t be anything similar to courts, or prosecutors, or defense attorneys, juries, trials, trial judges, etc. No, no, all of that is out the window when the Jesus/Jerusalem Utopia is fully installed. What you will have is Talmudic Rabbis deciding your fate- then and there. You are brought before them; they accuse you of X. Y, or Z and you are allowed to stammer on a bit before they pronounce your “sentence” for your “crime” against ‘God’ and the Talmud. If you were accused of thievery, you will have your hands cut off. If you are accused of lying, you get your tongue cut out of your mouth. Those are the ‘soft’ cases, of course.
      If you do something “serious”, like commit marital infidelity, you’re going to be beheaded by a guillotine-in the town square. Think I’m kidding? Exaggerating? Just read what’s already on the internet about the Noahide Laws and then come to realize that the Middle Ages will look “good” in comparison.
      These  British Israel/Illuminati/Zionist madmen are dead serious about installing this nightmare world-and they will install it if you passively sit back and allow them to do it. Time for Christian ‘fundamentalists’ to wake up and smell the coffee!….Ken Adachi]


  3. ‘Noahide Law’ Proselytizing Rabbi Riskin Trains South American Priests in Counterfeit Israel

    We have been warning of the zealous ‘Noahide Law’ proselytizing Rabbi Shlomo Riskin for years to no evident effect. Now he is bringing Catholic priests from around the world to his “Interfaith center” in counterfeit Israel to train them in “dual-covenant theology” (a euphemism for Rabbinic Judaism’s lopsided dual-covenant ‘Jew’/’Noahide’ system) which, in turn, is expected to be taught by these priests at the parish level. This is happening with the approval of the bishops and the Pope himself whose ‘Papal Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews’ officially recognized the rabbi-concocted ‘Noahide Laws’ in 2007 HERE and HERE.


    Pope Francis Sent His Priests to Chabad Rabbi Riskin’s ‘Noahide’ Center

    Last year we noted that, “priests were selected in cooperation with the Archbishops of São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Bogota” to attend Chabad Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s ‘Noahide’ Center in counterfeit Israel. The Archbishop of Buenos Aires at that time is now Pope Francis.


    CJCUC Congratulates Pope Francis on Assuming Leadership of Catholic Church

    The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation in Israel congratulates Pope Frances on assuming the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. We wish him great success in guiding the Catholic faithful and continuing the great work of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI to strengthen the friendship between the Church and the Jewish People that began at the Second Vatican Council.

    “At a time when the entire human family desperately needs to recommit itself to fundamental moral values for humanity to flourish, we pray that the Church and Pope Francis will be successful in teaching the world the truths of Judeo-Christian ethics [i.e. ‘The Noahide Laws’] and the intrinsic value of the human person created in God’s Image,” said R. Shlomo Riskin, founder and Chancellor of CJCUC.


  4. Is it because Popey & Co wants all embyos to grow up to be their slaves?

  5. Paul the Apostle said “dont do evil so that good may come about”

    So Francis has got this right but strangely the Jesuit motto was said to be
    the “end justifies the means” which goes against what Paul said .

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  7. No embryos, just your innocent babies, children and adults so we can steal your resources and land!

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