President Lenin Moreno takes office in Ecuador

Ecuador’s new President Lenin Moreno has taken office, pledging to continue the left-wing policies of his predecessor Rafael Correa.

In his inaugural speech, he promised more subsidies for the poor and a major social house-building programme which would create millions of jobs.

But he also said he would streamline government administration costs.

Mr Moreno won April’s closely contested presidential election, beating his conservative rival Guillermo Lasso.

“I am a president for all. I owe this to everyone. I respect everyone,” President Moreno aid on Wednesday in the capital, Quito.

“I will work for absolutely no-one to be left behind.”

Correspondents say Mr Moreno faces a tough job, as oil-rich Ecuador has suffered from the fall in global prices, and the country has mounting debts.

Moreno has earned numerous awards while serving as vice president of Ecuador: the “Fray Jodoco Ricke” Award; the Order of the Sun of Peru in the rank of Grand Cross; and the Order of Merit to the Democracy, presented by the governments of Peru, Guatemala and Colombia, respectively.


nice work “lenin”..

“I will work for absolutely no-one to be left behind.”

famous last words..


~ by seeker401 on May 29, 2017.

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