Macron welcomes Vladimir Putin to France

French President Emmanuel Macron called for improved ties with Russia at his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, even as he rebuked Kremlin-run media for engaging in “propaganda” during the election brought him to power.

Macron, standing alongside Putin at the Versailles Palace near Paris, also staked out tough positions on sanctions and the civil war in Syria. The French leader said he’d support new sanctions against Russia if there’s an escalation in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where he has condemned Russia’s role as an “invasion”.

Fighting terrorism is the main priority for both nations, Macron said at a joint news conference on Monday local time, though he warned that Russian-led efforts to broker a cease-fire in Syria wouldn’t succeed without a political process.

“I want us to win the fight against terrorists in Syria and build together lasting political stability,” Macron said. “We have laid the ground for that work together today. I believe we’ve had an extremely frank and direct exchange. We have told each other everything.”

Putin welcomed the overtures while avoiding any public conflict with his French host, even over Macron’s accusation that Russian media spread lies during the campaign, which came in response to a Russian reporter’s question. Putin denied any effort to meddle in the vote. Macron said he didn’t raise the issue during the meeting as they’d already discussed it by phone and he wanted to move on.

Speaking with remarkable frankness, Macron tore into the state-funded Sputnik and Russia Today, for spreading what he said were “serious untruths” during the French election.


putin looks happy..

“Macron tore into the state-funded Sputnik and Russia Today, for spreading what he said were “serious untruths” during the French election.”


~ by seeker401 on May 31, 2017.

2 Responses to “Macron welcomes Vladimir Putin to France”

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  2. All the bankers world leaders are visiting each other.
    Funding terrorism, conflict and instability is both nation’s obvious goal.

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