London terror attack : 12 arrested in raids

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the London attacks, which left seven people dead, an online news agency affiliated with the jihadists said Monday.

“A security detachment from Islamic state carried out London attacks yesterday” the Aamaq news agency said, referring to the attack.


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i watched it was always 5 attackers then it became 3..where did the 2 go?

the continued repeating of only 8 minutes and it was all over..

the vauxhall incident was weird timing to say the least..

why have fake explosive vests?..were they tricked?


~ by seeker401 on June 5, 2017.

24 Responses to “London terror attack : 12 arrested in raids”

  1. Terrible production your Ausy actor “Mr stabbed in the Throat” was undoing his red gauze while cheerfully telling the story, no effort or sign of throat trauma you would expect if throat stabbed. As an Ausy you should be ashamed of the performance. It was as bad and unbelievable as the pom’s “Mr Oi junky/stabber” that the media made a hero .
    Did you see the shots of the two terrified (laughing) girls and the smiling bearded man?
    Of course you can all see that its all about Trump, the banksters placement of UK extremist PM in election and the internet needing regulation ?!




  4. So Uk intel are saying they are useless org.
    That Mi5 allowed an Islamic security detachment to land in the UK at the airport go through UK nazi like security and stab an Australian and a kiwi in the throat for the election.
    Note they are reusing their old election “Jack the ripper” meme .
    With election aids of free moving state supported “terrorists” and a retarded, useless and stupid MI5 tell me who are the UK’s enemies to hide, run and tell on?

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  6. CNN caught faking it..

  7. well said Seek 🙂
    again who broke the story (now is call LEAK ) was prezTrump LEAK about THEY-MC-BOYZ
    well is difficult to take down THEY-EVIL-LOSERS but prezTrump is trying hard 🙂
    now wish we have enough time to go all over the LEAKS (broke THEY story)
    bet is some hard-punches to THEY
    btw THEY(prepare response with all THEY-artist that have a nervous -breakdowns exceptAriana She don’t had one yet ? ) THEY response is always love THEY evol

  8. also this attack maybe smoke mirrors b/c the truth was coming up onMC

  9. THEY-use THEY-city ofLondon area eh?

  10. reversed.. pit one grp against another using cheap ploys like cars & trucks?

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