Fate of Brazil’s President Michel Temer hangs in the balance


Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court has resumed its deliberations on a case which could topple the country’s President, Michel Temer.

The court, tasked with overseeing the electoral process, is looking at whether the 2014 elections were won using illegal campaign donations.

These were the elections that Dilma Rousseff won, with Mr Temer as her running mate.

Ms Rousseff has since been impeached and replaced by Mr Temer.

She was accused of illegally moving funds between government budgets.

As a result, Mr Temer took over as Brazil’s president in August 2016.

However, this case – which was paused in April – could render the entire result from 2014 invalid, meaning he too could be removed from office.

The case comes at an especially difficult time for Brazilian politics, which has been in a state of crisis for a while now.

Since March 2014, the country’s largest-ever corruption investigation, known as Operation Car Wash, has implicated some of Brazil’s biggest names. A third of the cabinet are under investigation for corruption.

Then last month, leaked audio recordings surfaced that seemed to show the president encouraging the payment of hush money to Eduardo Cunha, the former lower house speaker who led the impeachment process against Ms Rousseff.


“Ms Rousseff has since been impeached and replaced by Mr Temer.”

and temer could be gone..so who is up next?


~ by seeker401 on June 9, 2017.

2 Responses to “Fate of Brazil’s President Michel Temer hangs in the balance”

  1. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  2. As bad as it is in Brazil, the crime, I do know there has been some reform in growing number of the churches there, which is certainly a good thing. A reform in churches means a reform in society/nation. Praise God!

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