Images 18/6/17

selected not elected..former chairman..

heineken spreading globalism dreams..





look at that..think about it..


everything but the candidate..

this is mainstream news..this is how the game is played..

example 2..

more flip flops than seen on bondi beach..


~ by seeker401 on June 19, 2017.

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    “Police did not confirm claims Muslims leaving the mosque after Tarawih prayers performed for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

    As unconfirmed reports swirled, former EDL leader Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Lennon, was condemned for accusing the mosque of past links with extremists.”
    Affiliation Salafi – Ikhwan[1]

  2. >more flip flops than seen on bondi beach..

    dunno about Bondi but i hv seen some at Maslin

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  4. the ads on your blog seeker control the viewing of your blog. The screen keeps jumping to the ad. Sometimes worse than others. While I am typing this comment, the screen jumped to the ad about six times. When I type the comment, the screen jumps back to where I am typing, but keeps trying to go back to the ad. Sometimes I can not read an article because the screen will not let me leave the ad. I try to scroll away from the ad, but the screen keeps pulling me back to the ad.

    Just thought I would let you and others know, if anybody else is having the problem?

    • yeah, very annoying. in one case i had to go to the text-only google cache version.

      it’s a problem with wordpress, not seek’s blog in particular.

      • problem only in the US maybe? I haven’t suffered it…

        • I’ve never seen an ad on Seek’s site. Wow, that’s strange.

          • wow, you do not even see the ads. That is strange. They are inbetween the article and the comment section for me. Actually it just pulled me up there a bunch of times, but if I keep typing then I am able to pull myself back to the comments instead of the ads. The ads are like television. They are motion picture ads.

      • sorry about that guys..i dont see them as i am the owner i guess or because i am in australia..i know i can pay subs to have it removed..does anyone else get it from another country other than usa?

    • It is worse some times than others. I never had a problem with it until about two months ago. The last two weeks it was worse than ever. Today I could not even browse the articles and comments earlier in the morning. It only kept bringing me to the ad. Arby’s and Amazon mainly.




    • And no, they’re not talking about Planet Nine, Planet X, Nibiru or any of the other previously hypothesized worlds out there.

      no no..its something else!

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