CNN producer admits the CNN Russia narrative is “bullshit”



a few more videos to come as well..we know veritas is the “right” and on one side but this sort of expose just confirms what most of us know and what the rest find so hard to believe..that the mainstream channels are lying to you every night..


~ by seeker401 on June 27, 2017.

20 Responses to “CNN producer admits the CNN Russia narrative is “bullshit””

  1. thx Seek for don’t use links by THEY

  2. Clintons are #5th level power brokers. Soros #4. Tell me who #3, #2, and if you are game….. the unspoken one….#1 is or are…

  3. hilarious video…

    of course cnn’s rating are up. most people hate trump and most didn’t vote for him. easy pickins…

  4. Part 2.

    The nothing burger..

    • “the emptiness that pervades our media” – exactly

      emptiness, meaninglessness, nihilism, whatever one calls it; it remains a big fat nothing burger.

  5. part 3

    • The CNN Producer is correct, I think, about Trump not really being a Republican. If one looks at the Republican and Democratic platform doctrine, the Democrat party is the less hypocritical. The Democrats do what they tell you they believe in. The two parties come at it from a different angle or different emphasis; so they appear to work against each other, i.e. the dialectic.

    • The editing by CNN and the fake news “nothing burger” they feed people. How much longer can they endure this or how will they spin this to keep their reputation afloat? I saw Cuomo on CNN say outright the other day while I was at the gym, that they at CNN keep putting out the [fake] news because that is what the public wants to watch and they will not question the public’s interest. That is one way to spin it.

  6. panem et cirsenses….the agenda continues…

  7. wow..she smashed them big time..

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