Venezuela’s supreme court attacked with grenade from police helicopter

Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro said on Tuesday that a police helicopter had attacked the supreme court in Caracas – but a grenade tossed at the building did not explode.

Speaking on state TV, the 54-year-old president, who has been facing three months of opposition protests and some dissent from within government ranks, said that Venezuelan special forces were searching for the “terrorists” behind the attack.

There were unconfirmed witness reports the helicopter was carrying an anti-government banner and being flown by a police officer who had declared himself in rebellion in a video on social media.

The helicopter had also flown over the interior ministry, Maduro said, adding: “I demand that the MUD [opposition coalition] condemns this eminently coup-mongering attack.”

Opposition activists have been staging unrelenting protests against a government they accuse of chronic mismanagement and increasingly authoritarian behaviour. The once-prosperous oil-producing country has suffered from rocketing inflation and spiralling crime rates.

The pro-government supreme court is particularly hated by Maduro’s opponents for its string of rulings bolstering his power and undermining the opposition-controlled legislature.

Earlier on Tuesday, Maduro had warned that his supporters would take up arms if his government was overthrown.


errm..can anyone spell escalation?..shit is about to break out even did they get a police helicopter..if it wasnt handed over?

something stinks..

the vultures are circling..


~ by seeker401 on June 28, 2017.

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