Czech Republic doesn’t want Euro

Billionaire businessman Andrej Babis, whose ANO party is likely to win the October general election in the Czech Republic, says keeping the koruna would insulate the country from crisis.

“No euro. I don’t want the euro. We don’t want the euro here,” Babis said in an interview with Bloomberg.

“Everybody knows it’s bankrupt. It’s about our sovereignty. I want the Czech koruna and an independent central bank. I don’t want another issue that Brussels would be meddling with,” he added.

A 2016 Eurobarometer survey showed that 72 percent of Czechs want to keep the koruna. The Czech currency has gained more than 20 percent against the euro since the republic became an EU member in 2004.

Czech public opinion about the euro has significantly deteriorated since joining the bloc. In 2009, 61 percent of people in the country wanted the euro. However, the euro crisis has made them change their views.

The Czech Republic meets three of five conditions for joining the eurozone as of summer last year. The country is not a member of the European exchange rate mechanism, and its domestic legislation is incompatible with European criteria.


“No euro. I don’t want the euro. We don’t want the euro here,” Babis said in an interview with Bloomberg.”

be very careful when flying, crossing roads or eating anything you didnt cook yourself..

another billionaire businessman..


~ by seeker401 on June 29, 2017.

7 Responses to “Czech Republic doesn’t want Euro”

  1. out of topic is this true?

  2. thx Seek & Wildy this site is old-school-legit & is many other plp start talking about it
    “when is smoke is fire”

    • I read on another site it was satire. Maybe it is real, how could I know for sure? With the FBI involved with the bodies, it would be easier to track down and be in the press. Yet, it could be such a cover-up, how could I really know? Only God is omniscient. I am comfortable knowing He is good and wise. 🙂

      From the article, this quote below is hyperbole:

      “Clinton spokesman Christopher Blair told us, ‘Of course they’re not worried, you nitwits. You fell for this same shtick last time. Were you not paying attention when they discovered a serial killer who lived next door until a year or two ago? They might be thinking HE would be the obvious choice if you had to point fingers. Try not to be so stupid.’”

      • funny you post that quote
        isFBI & PrezTrump don’t -controls THEYFBI yet 😦

        • The quote is hyperbole. It does not make it wrong. Somebody might have said it, and if Mr. Blair did, he was exaggerating for effect. It is a good tactic sometimes. If the bodies were found, Mr. Blair could talk that way all he wanted, especially knowing none of what he said would matter. His hyperbolic language would fit the extreme situation (bodies found). Usually people do not talk that way, but usual is not the lay of the land with the Clintons.

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