Images 2/7/17

why the eye katy?


the main stage is a cute..

hey..this looks like the katy this a theme???..a voice contestant from australia..

do it..

be afraid..


more from katy..another eye..

ditto..she seems obsessed..

orban needs to be careful what he eats and what planes he flies in..

the infamous sigils of led zeppelin..

album cover art..

old school one eye..


be woke..

revisit your history books..

this wasnt a cute choice of hat by queenie when she spoke in was a deliberate message..


~ by seeker401 on July 3, 2017.

20 Responses to “Images 2/7/17”

  1. Mussolini has his modern day equivalents. Alexander Dugin is another “fascist” communist. He wants White Nationalists to join the Russian bolshevik cause. Here are a few quotes commonly attributed to National Bolshevik Alexander Dugin:

    “I am a supporter of blacks. White civilization – their cultural values , false, dehumanizing model of the world, built by them – did not pay off. Everything goes to the beginning of the anti-White pogroms on a planetary scale. Russia saved only by the fact that we are not pure White. Predatory multinational corporations, oppression and suppression of all others, MTV, gays and lesbians – this is the fruit of White civilization, which is necessary to get rid of. So I am for reds, yellows, greens, blacks – but not for whites. I wholeheartedly on the side of the people of Zimbabwe.”

    “I was also reading the precious books of Gershom Scholem, whom I consider to be the greatest traditionalist thinker.”
    “The Western civilization is a racist, ethnocentric civilization. Every Westerner is a racist . . . But my opinion is: the civilizations of the West and the East are completely different. The Eastern one is superior in respect to defending herself against the Western racism. . . . The Western European ethnocentrism is a constant . . . All European philosophers are racists. . . .”
    “We Russians are no nationalists, we never were a nation. When we speak of the ‘Ours’, it isn’t meant ethnic. The Chechen or the Uzbek are also included. . . .”
    “What comes to the myth of ‘the solidarity of the White race’, it is a complete utopia that leads not only to the Holocaust of the Jews, but also to a genocide of the Slavs. The remains of the Third Reich are a basis for this miserable, contradictory and completely false conception. … I am certain that many non-White peoples of Eurasia are a thousandfold closer to us in spirit and culture than Americans. In this question I am 100% affirmative with the visions of L.Gumilev.”
    “There are African tribes in West-Atlantic shore who breed human slaves to eat them. I find it perfectly reasonable and fully responsible.”

    Total fascist Andrew Anglin is another interesting character. Pro-Putin and pro-Trump propagandist Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer endorsed Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is a race mixer, Trotskyite, and, like Anglin, a Putin apologist. Anglin appeared on Iconoclast radio with host Paul Ironshore, and Anglin stated, inter alia,

    “I think the white race should be bred out.”

    “I think white people are dangerous!”
    “I’m only attracted to black girls, honestly.”

    If memory serves me correctly, and it may not, Anglin revealed that he spent time in Red China and admired their system for their people. If it is true that he spent time in communist China, would Anglin please explain what he was doing there, and if he maintains any contacts at all with communists?
    Part Jew and zionist Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher, who published “Der Stürmer”, affirmed at the Nuremberg Trials that the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 were patterned after Jewish Law,

    “Yes, I believe I had a part in it insofar as for years I have written that any further mixture of German blood with Jewish blood must be avoided. I have written such articles again and again; and in my articles I have repeatedly emphasized the fact that the Jews should serve as an example to every race, for they created a racial law for themselves—the law of Moses, which says, ‘If you come into a foreign land you shall not take unto yourself foreign women.’ And that, Gentlemen, is of tremendous importance in judging the Nuremberg Laws. These laws of the Jews were taken as a model for these laws. When, after centuries, the Jewish lawgiver Ezra discovered that notwithstanding many Jews had married non-Jewish women, these marriages were dissolved. That was the beginning of Jewry which, because it introduced these racial laws, has survived throughout the centuries, while all other races and civilizations have perished.”–Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 14 November 1945 — 1 October 1946, Volume 12, Secretariat of the Tribunal, Nuremberg, Germany, p. 315.

    Dr. Marx asked Julius Streicher,

    “Were you of the opinion that the 1935 legislation represented the final solution of the Jewish question by the State?”–Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 14 November 1945 — 1 October 1946, Volume 12, Secretariat of the Tribunal, Nuremberg, Germany, p. 316.

    Streicher responded that zionism was the final solution of the Jewish question,

    “With reservations, yes. I was convinced that if the Party program was carried out, the Jewish question would be solved. The Jews became German citizens in 1848. Their rights as citizens were taken from them by these laws. Sexual intercourse was prohibited. For me, this represented the solution of the Jewish problem in Germany. But I believed that another international solution would still be found, and that some day discussions would take place between the various states with regard to the demands made by Zionism. These demands aimed at a Jewish state.”–Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 14 November 1945 — 1 October 1946, Volume 12, Secretariat of the Tribunal, Nuremberg, Germany, p. 316.

  2. She denounced “their media” and “their ex-President” and claimed that the only solution “we” have left is to “fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth”. The Marxists are fond of clenched fist symbolism. Marxists like to promote an “us versus them” mindset. Who are “they”? This is all very Orwellian.
    The recent GOP baseball practice shooting demonstrates the horror of violence in politics. It seems flames are being fanned across the artificial divide. We are being led into civil war and/or revolution.

  3. meanwhile the RED PILL movie has been ‘clamped’ down under..
    most aussie men have no testosterone – generally speaking

    • ‘A lot of people don’t realise my interview with The Project was heavily edited down. The full interview was very hostile….I definitely felt ambushed.’

      the project is pure propaganda..

  4. I think these videos are smart. I think they are documentaries, and therefore, historically quite factual. Yet, some of the conclusions, such as this short video, is obviously materialistic and reduces man to be controlled by nature. It is Social Darwinism all over again.

    The conclusion that man is subjugated to a naturalistic fate, and merely a robot, is man’s imprisonment to the domain of sin and all of its’ false imagery of reality. On the other hands, the video embraces the domain of sin by advocating that some people are more “evolved”, as the video puts it. They are only evolved, as the video falsely explains, due to a naturalistic or materialistic, “god of biomechanics,” again quoted from the video. There is even a land based influence, so says the video. The people of Islam are this way because of “the sand and tropics”. This kind of rhetoric only encourages the dialectic cause of race and gender wars. I think the video’s theory that the “god of biomechanics” rules people and a bio-intellectual, more “evolved” people, does not change the violent rhetoric but instead supports violence. It encourages the status quo theory of the power elites who falsely project the dichotomy of a powerless and powerful. Who those powerless and powerful are further identified by such false theories. There was the economic, class warfare. The feminist, race wars, and now all the hype – transgenderism. Each setting themselves up as the “powerless” who need to buck off the dominant, powerful authorities. Meanwhile, the conflict continues as the underlying problem is never really addressed; so peace is seen to be only accomplished through war and poverty is resolved through “austerity”. The domain of sin remains in its’ attempt to watch the world burn than truly lending a helping hand.

    Though I disagree with Islam, I find the rhetoric of the video to be only inflammatory. In my opinion, it would be better to understand to understand the tenets of Islam and not be brushed aside as inaccurate, or falsely witnessing. For example, in Islam, in which I truly find to be ironic and hypocritical, is its’ tenet that all the world can not be Islam. Muslim’s can not have all people of the book converted. How else will their religious empire get tax money to run their day to day life? The unconverted pay the necessary taxes to run the Islamic-state. If Muslim’s truly believed in their ideology, then would it not be best to have the whole of the world be Muslim? Yet, it can not do this because of its’ tenet on tax payments. It is inherently conflicted between its’ beliefs and practical aspects of running its’ politics.

    Islam also maintains its’ influence in Sacred Language false theology, too. The Word of God, for Islam, is only in Arabic. So only a select elite are privy to truly hearing God’s Word, according to Islam. Whereas Christianity reads:

    Revelation 7:9-10, “After these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, saying, ‘Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!'”

  5. So what message was Lizzy sending? I found this lol…

    The Empire of the Five Stars

  6. View story at

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