Science and some connections to the occult


very interesting..and sort of undeniable..we have posted on jack parsons before..its irrefutable really..

john dee..research that guy..


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    • cheers mate!

      • The Fallen Angels they were communicating with, used only letters because of their lack of formal education in math.
        Both were highly intelligent and produced long descriptions of the geometry they were being given…

        Where D-Wave comes into this is, they know all the math  there is to know, at least for now.
        Therefore, in communication with these same Fallen Angels, they at D-Wave can communicate purely mathematically…

        This is the navigational chart for the Universe.  This is how Fallen Angels travel and their lines of communications with humans on Earth.
        Again, it all begins with the single tetrahedron.  Where the Egyptians got stuck was with the cube.  Therefore, the square-based pyramids, rather than a tetrahedronal pyramid.  This is where Dee and Kelley got stuck.  They could not describe using the Enochian alphabet, a 600 composed of tetrahedrons.  It was just too complex for words.
        Intuitively, Dee and Kelley understood the geometry, but could not compose the equations in describing beyond the basic Euclidean shapes based upon everyday observations of “nature” around them.

  2. D-Wave moved from simple Cartesian coordinates in building a computer based upon qubits, to one using Spherical Harmonics, the computational, therefore communication system processing numbers along both the surface of a sphere, and within its internal dimensions.
    It is the combination of surface and internal configurations, therefore processing of information composed entirely of numbers arranged in a combinatorial programming language based upon 4, Quaternary.
    If you look at the simple tetrahedron, how many surfaces and corners is its shape composed of?

    TESLA 3, 6 & 9.
    Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.
    Tesla made a number of profound statements over the course of his life and one that stands out is the following….

    We urge you to listen to the show and watch the accompanying video for visual reference points, however, the images discussed are all here for you to view in your own time.
    Burning Man, CERN, DNA & Raising OSIRIS with ANTHONY PATCH!
    In the days prior to the show, Tony Patch started to realize just what it was that Tesla was talking about. The image below will hopefully allow you to follow the information Tony is relaying here…..
    DNA Mark Of The Beast & Project Blue Beam w/ANTHONY PATCH
    Of course, we can’t enter all this without posting the Anthony Patch website:

    • check out rigetti computing. they are bringing quantum computing to the cloud.

      • thanks, xxx!

        “Rigetti Computing is a full-stack quantum computing company. We design and manufacture superconducting quantum integrated circuits. We package and deploy those chips in a low temperature environment, and we build control systems to perform quantum logic operations on them. We build software to integrate our systems directly into existing cloud infrastructure.

        We believe the first useful quantum computers are within reach, and we believe quantum computing has the potential to one day have an enormous positive impact on humanity. To help realize that vision, we also develop new algorithms for quantum computing, with a focus on near-term applications in computational chemistry and machine learning.

        Our product, Forest, is the world’s first full-stack programming and execution environment for quantum/classical computing. Forest includes Quil (quantum instruction language), our programming standard for quantum/classical computing.”

        • i’ve been to their facility. the quantum chip itself could fit in the palm of your hand. the equipment to cool the chip – with liquid helium – takes up most of a warehouse!

          • so the home application of their quantum computers to be postponed till…?

            • that’s where the cloud comes in…. there will be classical computers in the cloud tht act as the ‘front-end’ for the quantum computers, so anyone with internet will be able to access.

              • thanks, xxx.
                so using the capabilities of quantum computing “tomorrow” already? thanks.

    • 3 6 9

      •                                                    “Key” to the bottomless pit defined

        Definition of what Rev. 9:1 cites as the “key” to the bottomless pit:

        The “key” is the same as a key comprised of bits, required to break a coded message.  Cryptography.
        The “key” is the number of qubits necessary to decode the encrypted key, i.e., RSA encryption.
        The “key” is coded information.

        Once the “key” unlocks the code, the information can be read.
        This information contains instructions on how to open the final portal.  To open the bottomless pit.

        Literally, the “key” is the model 4096 Adiabatic Quantum Computer from D-Wave.
        The model number is the number of qubits in the computer. 
        This number coincides with the number of bits in the “key” needed to unlock the coded information to be transmitted through the portal.

        If one were to compare the developmental timelines since 2000 of both the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the model numbers of D-Wave’s Adiabatic Quantum Computers (AQC). . . you would see they run on concurrent and parallel paths.

        The AQC is connected to the LHC and is needed to open the portal, as well as maintaining its stability.   And, to receive digitized DNA and information from “the other side”.
        Geordie Rose, since 2010 has made it public knowledge their AQC’s functioned because they were actually, literally sending information (combinatoral equations/problems) into another dimension.  And, then receiving back answers/solutions from unknown sources.  But, the answers were correct.

        These steps were proof-of-concept processes.
        They now know how many bits the “key” is comprised of.
        They now know how many qubits it takes to CREATE THE KEY.
        They have built the model 4096 AQC (SECRET).
        4096 bits in the key.
        4096 qubits in the AQC.
        It is linked over to CERN.

        The LHC and the AWAKE experiment are now combined. 
        The Main Ring of the LHC is physically connected to the AWAKE linear accelerator, which is 1000 times more powerful than the LHC itself.

        These machines will hit 20 PeV.   (Peta is Quadrillion)
        Right now, the LHC alone is running at 13 TeV  (Tera is Trillion)
        Last Oct. I said the LHC would hit 1.15 PeV.    
        Three weeks later, CERN admitted I was correct, citing a spike of 1.14 PeV.

        CERN is preparing to go to 20 PeV in conjunction with D-Wave’s model 4096 AQC.

  3. Published on Mar 24, 2017
    WARNING: Anthony Patch – CERN Will Resurrect NIMROD and His Band of Nephilim Demons.

    Anthony Patch gives the low down on the plan by the Jesuit (Vatican) controlled CERN-LHC to release the ‘Beast’ ie Anti-Christ spirit from the Abyss (bottomless pit). He explains in layman terms the hidden occult technology that are already being employed to fulfill the prophecy of Revelation 9. He also gives the occult calendar dates that he thinks the Satanic cabal will execute their plan (1 May 2017, Sep 2017 …) Note: I am not in agreement with his views that 23 Sep 2017 will be the re-birth of the Anti-Christ (Revelation 12). It is incorrect IMO.

    For those of you who are following the occult agenda of CERN-LHC ‘666’. This is a must listen. Anthony Patch provides information not available anywhere on the inner Satanic agenda, the ‘resurrection’ technologies, preserved ‘Osiris/Nimrod’ head of Iraq, DNA of the Nephilim ‘gods’, DNA scanning and replication, Quantum computing …. and also the likely timeline for the release of the ‘Beast’ from the bottomless pit into the world. The Satanic plan for a One World Government led by the Anti-Christ and a One World Religion is about to unfold. We are running out of time and rapidly approaching the final 7 years of endtimes prophecy.

    Revelation 17:8 New King James Version (NKJV)
    8 The beast that you saw was, and is not, and will ascend out of the bottomless pit and go to perdition. And those who dwell on the earth will marvel, whose names are not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, when they see the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

    • Thanks Rev17 Interesting article

      “Preserved Osiris / Nimrod” They probably did. Their main goal in life seems to be how to create eternal life with no dis-ease for THEMSELVES while using the rest of us to experiment on. Old Walt Disney had great faith in cryogenics, they probably already had it back then.

      It’s all starting to feel a bit like STEPFORD and very creepy in our WESTWORLD. Beast system indeed!

  4. Neural lace has been invented to organically connect your brain with a computer

    Scientists from China and the US have found a pioneering way to inject a tiny electronic mesh sensor into the brain that fully integrates with cerebral matter and enables computers to monitor brain activity.
    Researchers from Harvard and the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in Beijing have succeeded in inventing a flexible electrical circuit that fits inside a 0.1mm-diameter glass syringe in a water-based solution.

    When injected into the brains of mice, the mesh unfurled to 30 times its size and mouse brain cells grew around the mesh, forming connections with the wires in the flexible mesh circuit. The biochemical mouse brain completely accepted the mechanical component and integrated with it without any damage being caused to the mouse.
    The mice who received the implants are thriving and while today they need to be connected by a wire to the computer so their brain activity can be monitored, in the future this could be wireless, and the same technique could be used to integrate an electric mesh with a human brain.

    Syringe-injectable electronics

    Seamless and minimally invasive three-dimensional interpenetration of electronics within artificial or natural structures could allow for continuous monitoring and manipulation of their properties. Flexible electronics provide a means for conforming electronics to non-planar surfaces, yet targeted delivery of flexible electronics to internal regions remains difficult. Here, we overcome this challenge by demonstrating the syringe injection (and subsequent unfolding) of sub-micrometre-thick, centimetre-scale macroporous mesh electronics through needles with a diameter as small as 100 μm. Our results show that electronic components can be injected into man-made and biological cavities, as well as dense gels and tissue, with >90% device yield. We demonstrate several applications of syringe-injectable electronics as a general approach for interpenetrating flexible electronics with three-dimensional structures, including (1) monitoring internal mechanical strains in polymer cavities, (2) tight integration and low chronic immunoreactivity with several distinct regions of the brain, and (3) in vivo multiplexed neural recording. Moreover, syringe injection enables the delivery of flexible electronics through a rigid shell, the delivery of large-volume flexible electronics that can fill internal cavities, and co-injection of electronics with other materials into host structures, opening up unique applications for flexible electronics.

  5. Phoenix Project
    (they’ve had the technology for years)

    Phoenix Currency to Come out in 2018??
    Economist Cover 1988

    Is PHOENIX ‘code’ for Babylon? Babylon Rising Again?
    Revelation 17 ?

  6. THIS thing is so big it could very well be used as the ‘new Vatican’ if the Roman Jesuits and other crypto-jews running it were to stake their claim and if Rome really does ‘burn’!

    THE U.S. EMBASSY IN IRAQ ( being upgraded already)
    article from 2012

    I recall a rather rich Jewish guy who claimed HE was the true inheritor to the Iraqi Kingdom, lived in Britain, but can’t remember his name, and can’t find anything to back up my statement either. 😦 I just remember thinking of course, it would be a zionist staking claim to what other people died for, were outright murdered for, and who paid the cost of rebuilding the nation.

    • very interesting…thanks, intrigued!…
      why do the US need such a base in Iraq?? it’s so huuuge!…a mini-Pentagon…hmmm
      ..another question: do the US own the land of the Embassy? view of this:

      “the U.S. spent about $100 million on the Police College facility — which includes a living quarters, dining facility, office building, new gymnasium and a helicopter landing site — that will be turned over to the Iraqis at year’s end because State didn’t get land rights use for more than one year.”

      • The U.S. never needed an embassy that large, but this one seems to have multi-uses. As always, we’ve built this for someone or something else, perhaps the NWO?

      • Iraq’s interim government transferred the land to U.S. ownership in October 2004, under an agreement whose terms were not disclosed.

        • thanks, intrigued….”Iraq’s interim government”, oh, I see… the puppets put there by the conquerers…
          so back to question n. 1: is the US embassy in Iraq the mini-Pentagon the US need in its offensive of Eurasia?

          • LOL good question maria, and YES, the spoils of war by the conquerors indeed. It could be a mini Pentagon, it has it own military, its own water wells, electricity plant and wastewater-treatment facility, houses dozens of FBI, representatives of the Agriculture, Commerce and other U.S. federal departments. Makes one think it’s a great place to be in the event the U.S. went belly up too. Doesn’t the Zio plan for Greater Eretz reach Iraq? I’m not sure or not.

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