Cops blast “Welcome to Hell” G20 protesters with water cannon

At least 76 police officers have been injured after protests turned violent on the eve of the G20 summit, as German officers clashed with masked anti-capitalist activists hurling bottles and stones.

The march by around 12,000 people in Hamburg protesting against globalisation, dubbed “Welcome to Hell”, was halted as police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse violent crowds.

About 1,000 of the protesters were covering their faces, which is illegal during protests in Germany, according to police.

Video showed protesters scrambling to leave the scene, while others defiantly stood in the way of water cannon trucks as they moved in surrounded by riot police with helmets and batons.

Police tweeted a photo of a car and flames and said shop windows were smashed.

The main “Welcome to Hell” march was called off after the clashes but thousands of people remained as night fell and some engaged in smaller skirmishes with police in the side streets of Germany’s second largest city, AFP correspondents at the scene said.

The protests are set to continue, with up to 100,000 demonstrators expected before and during the two-day Group of 20 meeting gathering Trump, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping of China starting on Friday.


still waiting for a media outlet to call them far left protesters..

“At least 76 police officers have been injured”

violence from “progressives”?

“The protests are set to continue, with up to 100,000 demonstrators expected before and during the two-day Group of 20 meeting”

i also sense they are trying to frame it as if they are all there because of trump..and not because of the darlings of the “globaleratti”..merkel, macron and co..its a mixture of both and they would still be there even if it was clinton not trump coming..


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10 Responses to “Cops blast “Welcome to Hell” G20 protesters with water cannon”

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  2. Hell hath no fury as a people scorned; in peace

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  4. is make for THEY-FAIL-TV-networks
    theG20 far away from StPauli & who is the smart-pants that protest nxt to the water is not way out
    here is some vids we have no time to watched yet

  5. heh… there were G20 protests well before trump (or merkel or macron).

    i spent a good deal of time with german anarchists (including some raucous street battles during the massive anti-german-unification protests, hundreds of thousands strong, that history does not adequately record).

    isabel is right… whose bright idea was it to have the meeting in hamburg (home of the st. pauli district)? it’s the home to the largest anarchist population in germany. (second place goes to schwabian transplants in berlin.) that’s a party that requires no invitations, and you might get a molotov cocktail for an rsvp 🙂

    anti-capitalist is the wrong word. the protests are anti-greed, anti-corruption, and anti-war. they should be framed that way to go beyond the ridiculous left/right paradigm. though i doubt germans will be growing up in that respect any time soon…

    • by choosing hamburg did they want chaos?

    • thx XXX for said it like it is no like THEY-want the World to see it
      Seek post the other day about anti-globalization (no time to read it yet oops)
      except the part that “start in-Seattle on THEY-WTO”
      some of those-protestors like or no we said bfore here are now-for-PrezTrump that is anti-THEY listen to Him
      also He play-World-chess well too
      is a surprise-everyday + He- listen to we-the-plp

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  7. 🇺🇸Trump and Putin 🇷🇺 Broke: World War III Woke: World #Peace

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