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show me some journalistic talent people!



~ by seeker401 on July 11, 2017.

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  1. Reblogged this on Debatable News: Mainstream to Tinfoil Hat and more and commented:
    We can vote the Marxist politicians out of office, but how do we vote the Marxist journalists out?

    • great question and the answer probably cant..

    • marxism isn’t the (only) problem. it’s involuntary collectivism of all kinds that is the problem, and that includes fascism. (the fasces itself displays a bundle of rods that is *bound* together and is therefore stronger than any individual rod.)

      if you think trump is the answer, boy are you asking the wrong question…

      • the fasces itself displays a bundle of rods that is *bound* together and is therefore stronger than any individual rod.

        and found in all sorts of places eh?? *cough congress *cough

      • Agreed re: collectivism. Our country was founded to get away from that, although “back then” it was monarchies. Any variant of dictatorship is the same thing, a concentration of power with “collectivism” used to extinguish individual variation. But, to your comment “if you think trump is the answer, boy are you asking the wrong question,” what do you think is the “right question”?

        • here’s some good questions.

          who (as prez) would be bad for israel?
          who will (really) stop the illegal and immoral wars?
          who will (really) end US support of global terrorism, including so-called islamic terrorism?
          who will honor treaties with native americans, as required by article vi of the constitution, which calls such treaties “the supreme law of the land?”
          who will prosecute and jail US war criminals, including jimmy carter, george hw bush, james baker, bill&hillary clinton, george w bush, condoleeza rice, dick cheney, barack obama, john kerry, ‘mad dog’ mattis, and all the rest?

          i could go on and on… but we all know that the answer to none of these is ‘trump.’

          • we probably said some of those answers be PresiTrump
            so far WE THE PEOPLE are winning and they dare not, cannot, must not report that.
            *GONE is the TPP,
            *GONE is the slavery to Agenda 21 and Agenda 30
            *GONE is the Paris Marxist Control Climate Agreement,
            *Diminished is the Power of the Globalist/Marxist European Union.
            *Empowered is Central Europe’s Three Seas Initiative.
            *ISIS is being EXTERMINATED
            Veterans Administration can now be FIRED and are being fired and replaced with competent caring people.
            *American is now energy INDEPENDENT, a goal 70 years stated, with no intention of happening, until TRUMP.
            *The Chains of Cultural Marxist Speech Slavery (You know as Political Correctness) have been SMASHED, CHATTERED not just broken.

            *The Possibility of America surviving AS A NATION and not as a state in a Globalist One World Government is close to 100 percent now, and two years ago the chances were nearly 0 percent. THIS IS HUGE!
            *Gas Prices are at a 16 year LOW.
            *Construction is cranking up.
            *We have a real chance of truly rebuilding out crumbling infrastructure.
            *We have Averted World War Three, and a year ago we knew it would take a miracle to do that. THAT MIRACLE has happened in the FORCE of Donald Trump and the America FIRST Truth and Liberty Movement.

            the list of masks having been removed from the INHUMAN SYSTEM are encyclopedic. The last was the G20 left shell shocked.

            • i appreciate your sense of hope, isabel.

              believe it or not, democrats have done one or two good things too. so i’m glad tpp is dead and i’m glad about some of the things that have happened under trump, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to ignore the bigger picture.

              trump is there to take the blame for what is going to happen to the economy over the next 4/8 years. and that’s something he really has no control over – just like he had nothing to do with gas prices (oil’s been in a bear market since 2008, so does obama get credit for low gas prices? no – he had nothing to do with it either) – just like he has nothing to do with construction levels.

              trump is a trog. one day he’s telling us he’s pushing for peace and cooperation with russia in syria, and the next he’s bombing syrian bases and villages. and when it comes to israeli scum bombing syria? total silence.

              he has no idea that top people in his administration are dominionists. he has zero clue what the difference between a conseravative and a neoconservative is. he has a tv brain and is unable to formulate thoughts outside of that bubble.

              none of which diminishes the hypocrisy of the MSM and the left. i’m still glad hillary lost…. but that doesn’t mean trump doesn’t belong in jail along with all of his predecessors. he’s already killed civilians while conducting 100% illegal military terrorism.

              the collapse of the US has been underway since the 1990s, with big milestones in 2000 and 2008. what is coming is inevitable. in that regard, who is president does not matter one iota.

          • Do you have an answer to these?

  2. great catch Seek (as laways 🙂 haha ) true!
    same facial expression fromFLOTUS &Putin same EasterEuropean genes ?

    • VP: “why did you marry him..your one of us?” 🙂

    • I’ve always thought that the russians & the germanic people are descendants of the same “race”…
      couldn’t find the reference, but it seems that most important goal for the British empire at the end of XIX – through out all XXth century was to confront russians vs. germans and drive them into war between each other.
      and saying “The British Empire” it’s implied the anglo-american-jewish-zionist establishment…

  3. pic 1: M: “sup?” P: “sup?”

    pic 2: “feerst thing ve do is deescalate syria… dat vill drive them cray-cee!”

  4. Putin a decendant of Mongol Khan?

  5. HA! is upside-down


  6. saddly the other one that does upsidedown too isMERKEL

  7. apropos the above discussion about trump… aaron and melissa put together some very astute analysis in this video:

    • “there could not be a successful lead into a Great War without a Hero. And there could not be a big hero created without a big villain.The villain was Hillary”
      thanks, xxx.

      william engdahl was saying the same in an interview this last January, talking about “the Trump project” engineered by “the Patriarchs” (the same as usual): Trump was meant to lead the US into the next Big war, no woman figure could do that.

  8. thx XXX we watching-now
    btw here we know you’re no-Misses fan but is good read

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