Sperm counts among western men have halved in last 40 years


Sperm counts among men have more than halved in the last 40 years, research suggests, although the drivers behind the decline remain unclear.

The latest findings reveal that between 1973 and 2011, the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate of men in western countries has fallen by an average of 1.4% a year, leading to an overall drop of just over 52%.

“The results are quite shocking,” said Hagai Levine, an epidemiologist and lead author of the study from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

While infertility treatments such as IVF can offer solutions to potential ramifications of the decline on one level, little has been done to address the root of the issue, said Levine, pointing out low sperm counts might also be an indicator of poorer health among men more generally.

“This is a classic under the radar huge public health problem that is really neglected,” he said.

It is not the first time researchers have highlighted concerns about sperm counts, but previous studies have been criticised, with some saying the decline could be down to changing laboratory methods, or studies failing to take into account whether participants were selected on the basis of infertility problems.

But the authors of the latest study say they have addressed such concerns, analysing only studies that used the same sperm count method, were of a reasonable size and involved men not known to have infertility problems or disease, among other measures.

The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction Update by an international team of researchers, drew on 185 studies conducted between 1973 and 2011, involving almost 43,000 men. The team split the data based on whether the men were from western countries – including Australia and New Zealand as well as countries in North America and Europe – or from elsewhere.


Dr Levine, an epidemiologist, told the BBC that if the trend continued humans would become extinct.

“If we will not change the ways that we are living and the environment and the chemicals that we are exposed to, I am very worried about what will happen in the future,” he said.

“Eventually we may have a problem, and with reproduction in general, and it may be the extinction of the human species.”

Scientists not involved in the study have praised the quality of the research but say that it may be premature to come to such a conclusion.

Dr Levine, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, found a 52.4% decline in sperm concentration, and a 59.3% decline in total sperm count in men from North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The study also indicates the rate of decline among men living in these countries is continuing and possibly even increasing.


this is possibly the biggest story of the year yet it barely ripples in the mainstream..

“The results are quite shocking,” said Hagai Levine, an epidemiologist and lead author of the study from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.”

in 40 years western mens sperm counts have dropped over 50%..think about that!

from what?

why is this happening?

how does t stop? does it stop?


~ by seeker401 on July 27, 2017.

16 Responses to “Sperm counts among western men have halved in last 40 years”

  1. environmental estrogen mimics.

  2. GM corn set to stop man spreading his seed


  3. Agenda 21. (White) Population replacement, and then population extinction. With just the Elite left to live in Utopia.. Alex Jones is all over this..

  4. Is Bill Gates using Epicyte gene to control population of poor?


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  6. Vaccines and Glaxo Wellcome is on it.


  7. Bad food , pesticides and gender bending chemicals , mothers taking the pill
    estrogenic additives in meats etc etc deliberate depopulation as a by product

  8. Transgenderism and feminism has something to do with it also. It is not a coincidence that as these cultural movements rise, the emasculation and male sperm counts go down. There is a wave of good reasons as noted by the many comments above.

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