Images 30/7/17


sacred geometry..

its there..

an eye monument to mh17.. *sigh

ennio morricone doing it..

evangelicals get hands on with the donald..

symbolism..see it?

we can all see that..

an oldie but a goodie..

clooney pretending to be a


so, so lucky..

kesha..shes still around, surprisingly..

creepy one eye..


“bold times”..indeed..

this image is just wow..chester..who was your daddy?


~ by seeker401 on July 31, 2017.

17 Responses to “Images 30/7/17”

    • hes just a whore to the system..they saved his life with a pardon..he is a useful idiot..even running against obama knowing he had no fucking chance..and employing palin as a vp..i mean please..he tanked..

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  2. Seek as always what a eye maybe no the best choice of words for this post
    wow Chester RIP no time to investigate-digg it yet

  3. USA reaper… in alphabetical order.

    ennio showing 666 as well.

    Clooney skull and bones.

    GC suns…? Brisbane bears had 3 pyramids on their jersey… WTF?

    Look at ‘bigfooty’ ‘watched threads’….

    Chester Podesta.. (was molested as a child, was researching Pedophilia in entertainment industry.) No doubt murdered, as was his band member who was investigating the same thing.

    Hillary is a ‘serial lucky’ witch.

  4. good video on Chester podesta..

  5. F.A.P.E.
    Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies.

    Fape is an ‘Art courier service’ world wide through US embassies. It has agreements with all countries with a US embassy to move artworks around the world without going through customs checks without any degree of oversight.. Yes, think shipping containers..

    FAPE is believed play a major role to traffic children around the world for Elite Pedophiles.

    Would the ambassadors know about this? So Who is the US ambassador to Australia?

    John Berry. Democrat. Appointed by ‘Hot dog’ loving Obama. Berry is openly Gay. His partner, Curtis Yee, lives here with him.

    His CV reads like an Elitist Cliché. Born to parents who worked for the US federal government. He completed degrees at the University of Maryland, College Park and Syracuse University and worked in local government and as a legislative aide in state government from 1982 to 1985. From 1985 to 1994, he worked as legislative director for U.S. Representative Steny Hoyer.

    He held posts in the U.S. Treasury Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U.S. Department of the Interior until 2000, and worked as director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the National Zoological Park until 2009, when he was nominated by President Barack Obama as director of the United States Office of Personnel Management. (!)

    Berry took office after being confirmed by the United States Senate in April 2009. In June 2013, President Obama nominated Berry to replace Jeff Bleich as U.S. Ambassador to Australia. He was confirmed by unanimous consent of the U.S. Senate in August 2013.[4]

    Cant make this shit up….

  6. interesting website…..

  7. And Kim Beazley Junior is Australias ambassador to the USA….


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