Putin orders 755 US diplomats out of Russia


President Vladimir Putin said 755 US diplomats must leave Russia and warned ties with Washington could be gridlocked for a long time, in a move Sunday that followed tough new American sanctions.

The Russian foreign ministry had earlier demanded Washington cut its diplomatic presence in Russia by September to 455 — the same number Moscow has in the US.

“More than a thousand people were working and are still working” at the US embassy and consulates, Mr Putin said in an interview with Rossia-24 television.

“755 people must stop their activities in Russia.”

Mr Putin added that an upturn in Russia’s relations with Washington could not be expected “any time soon”.

“We have waited long enough, hoping that the situation would perhaps change for the better,” he said.

“But it seems that even if the situation is changing, it’s not for any time soon.”

On Thursday, the US Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill to toughen sanctions on Russia for allegedly meddling in the 2016 US presidential election and for its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Iran and North Korea are also targeted in the sanctions bill.

The law now goes to President Donald Trump who had made an improvement in ties with Russia a plank of his election campaign.

Moscow on Friday ordered the US to slash its number of diplomats in Russia to 455 and froze two embassy compounds — a Moscow summer house and a storage facility in the city — from August 1.

In December, the then US president Barack Obama ordered out 35 Russian diplomats and closed down two embassy summer houses that Washington said were being used by Moscow for espionage.


tit for tat..

“755 people must stop their activities in Russia.”

if trump is a russian puppet then hes gone rogue on them..or he never was  a puppet..make your choice..


~ by seeker401 on August 1, 2017.

13 Responses to “Putin orders 755 US diplomats out of Russia”

  1. “if trump is a russian puppet then hes gone rogue on them..or he never was a puppet..make your choice..”


  2. I wonder if, and if so, how the MSM is twisting this into their narrative. Maybe they are just going to move ahead with their narrative and ignore, or just keep covering McCain’s superman effort to burn the Obamacare repeal.

  3. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  4. https://consortiumnews.com/2017/07/24/intel-vets-challenge-russia-hack-evidence/

  5. https://www.newsbud.com/2017/07/30/banker-wars-world-war-2-part-1/
    …pity I don-t have the subscription…Kurt Nimmo is great!…

    • In this two part episode of The Geopolitical Report, we look beyond the myth of the “Good War” and examine the hidden history behind World War 2. FDR, often portrayed as the man who saved the world from the scourge of German fascism, began his career as a Wall Street speculator. Later as president, he worked behind the scenes to defeat the Neutrality Act and betray the American people and their desire for peace and avoidance of the evolving war in Europe. Roosevelt had J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI spy on members of the America First movement, a national group opposed to war, and targeted labor activists and others. As well, we look at the role a Wall Street consortium of bankers led by J.P. Morgan played in funding the Nazis in the 1920s.

  6. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-medvedev-idUSKBN1AI2L9

    • New sanctions on Russia which U.S. President Donald Trump has signed into law are tantamount to a “full-scale trade war”, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday.

      Medvedev also said in a Facebook post that the sanctions showed the Trump administration was utterly powerless.

      “The hope that our relations with the new American administration would improve is finished,” he wrote.

    • Trump overplayed by the US establishment:

      The prime minister stressed that Trump has been completely overplayed by the US establishment, predicting that the US president will be ousted.

      President Donald Trump has signed a bill to slap new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea on Wednesday morning. He signed the bill on Wednesday morning, without holding an official signing ceremony as he has done with other major pieces of legislation, according to media reports.

      The sanctions target Russia’s defense, intelligence, mining, shipping and railway industries and restricts dealings with Russian banks and energy companies.

      The law also limits the US president’s ability to ease any sanctions on Russia by requiring Congress’ approval to lift any restrictions.

      For instance, Trump would now need Congress’ permission to reverse measures imposed by his predecessor Barack Obama. He would also need lawmakers’ approval to return Russian diplomatic properties that were seized under the previous administration.

      • article, “For instance, Trump would now need Congress’ permission to reverse measures imposed by his predecessor Barack Obama.”

        Legally, if this means Obama’s executive orders, then Trump does not need to go to Congress to override executive orders, even though he signed the bill. Congressional legislation in relation to executive orders are not authoritative in choosing which executive orders are to be followed: Obama’s or Trump’s. Congress in such a choice would be overstepping its’ power. So the courts and the executive branch legally can ignore Congress when they make such a choice. Yet, Congress can make its’ own legislation that differs, negates, or mirrors an executive order. Congressional legislation would then be deemed of the higher authority.

        For example, if Trump overrides Obama’s executive orders, even though Trump signed the bill, then it is legal. Trump does not have to adhere to that part of the bill that states Obama’s executive orders are law, because Congress would be overstepping its’ power. Only if Congress draws up its own legislation that mirrors Obama’s executive orders would Congressional legislation be of a higher authority over any future executive orders that seem to differ or negate what were at one time Obama’s executive orders, but legally would not be Obama’s executive orders because Congress made the legislation and so Congressional legislation would be the higher authority in that case. Congress simply siding with Obama’s executives’ orders is not Congressional legislation. Congress would have to actually write the law themselves.

        article, “He would also need lawmakers’ approval to return Russian diplomatic properties that were seized under the previous administration.”

        Legally, the executive branch through the Department of State issues diplomatic immunity or revokes it, enforced by the judicial branch. Congress would be overstepping its’ authority and therefore can be ignored by the other two branches.

        Just like when judges ignore executive orders (all branches of the executive) it would be legal. Legally judges can ignore laws and orders from the EPA or any other bureaucracy. Judges only have to follow legislation from Congress and even that legislation if deemed unconstitutional can be ignored by judges. But Congress can make more legislation to counter the Supreme Courts decision, and judges may adhere to the new legislation or not. It could be a vicious cycle, back and forth, and the executive branch could make their own laws on top of it all. It comes down to who is listening to what law and enforcing such a law by the power they have to enforce the law(s). The different branches of the U.S. government are always a power struggle by each side to get the upper hand. It is when one branch or the other, has the bigger guns or larger amount of people holding the guns to enforce their branch of the gov’t laws that the people are subject to their coercive force. Politically the FBI is therefore a big player, because they will follow either the judicial and/or the executive branches orders. Congress does not have any law enforcement throughout the public sphere, but has legislation (which it rarely uses except for social programs) and the power of the purse (which it may never use, well they have not for maybe over a hundred years though that was to be a key weapon in their arsenal to balance the power of the three branch gov’t).

      • I think Trump and Putin both become more powerful politically due to these sanctions and diplomatic issues. Trump does not have to follow the bill, and for now, this further counters the opposition narrative of a Trump and Russian collusion. Trump will gain political steam after this. Putin will as well for similar reasons, and greater political gain with the nations that historically align with Russia. The U.S. and Russia may still work together through other doors, like the deals that were made with Qatar and obviously the heat between Russia and the U.S. is not as hot as it seemed to be against Qatar at one point.

        I might be wrong, but I will not be surprised if not much comes out of all of this political flex of muscles.

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