Images 6/8/17

one way to wipe out opposition?


mixed messages..


can you see it?

the 3, 6 and 9..

is this historically correct?


italian magazine which discusses the future..

come to burning will be fun they said..

what a web they weave when they attempt to deceive..mark

even the apes have one eye..

really..they do..

the “true face” eh?


~ by seeker401 on August 7, 2017.

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  1. TIME .. A World Without Jews

  2. “Judaism is not the religion of the Bible.”

    “This is not an uncommon impression and one finds it sometimes among Jews as well as Christians – that Judaism is the religion of the Hebrew Bible. It is, of course, a fallacious impression.”

    Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser “Judaism and the Christian Predicament”

    • obfuscation..

      • What Kind of Jew are You ?

        No this is not historically correct .. it is not even a valid question .. the original religion of the old testament is Yahwism .. beginning with Enosh the son of Seth .. ‘Then it was that men began to call on the name YHWH’ Gen 4:26 .. it is believed that Moses father inlaw taught Moses about the worship of Yahweh, Jethro was a priest of Midian .. Midian was a son of Abraham and Keturah an Arab concubine .. therefore Midian was an Arab .. so Moses learned about Yahweh most likely from a Palestinian

        Yahwism developed into a formal religion with Moses and was practiced up until the exile to Babylon .. Judaism was formed in Babylon and is not the religion of Moses and the Prophets .. the Hebrews under divine judgement were separated from the temple and could no longer practice Yahwism .. in the attempt to preserve their religion they incorporated the scribes of Babylon the Kenites into the Sanhedrin and gave their daughters in marriage to the Kenites .. the Kenites are descendants of Cain .. this is the origin of Judaism

        Kenite: Hebrew word #7017 Qeyniy (kay-nee’); or Qiyniy (1st Chron. 2:55)
        (kee-nee’); patronymic from Hebrew word #7014 (see below); a Kenite or member of
        the tribe of Kajin [Cain]:

        Cain: Hebrew word #7014 Qayin: As a proper noun, masculine: Cain = “possession”;
        the oldest son of Adam and Eve and the first murderer, having murdered his
        brother Abel.

        Structure Of The Kenite Scribe

  3. It is not historically accurate. Judaism came later and the early seeds of it are the Pharisees and Sadducees. The proto-Judaism was the faction that no longer believed in the Scriptures. Christ came as the full revelation of the Word in the flesh. They did not believe Him, so they crucified Him, but their murder was their condemnation for in His death we have life. As Christ said:

    Luke 24:25-27, “25 Then He said to them, “O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken! 26 Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory?” 27 And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.”

    I also have no idea what Pauline and Judean are. I know Pauline, but not that they are two branches of Christianity. The Orthodox and Roman Catholic church did not come into their solidified existence until AD 1052, whereas prior to that date the Papacy was trying to gain total control at times, but there were other churches in other regions who did not follow him until the schism in the year I gave. At that year, there is a definite break when some churches became “Eastern Orthodox” and others “Roman Catholic”, but even that is not a sufficient account. Locals churches were more autonomous, there were some churches not completely within the either of them, such as the Syrain, Armenian, Waldenenses, etc. It was not until about the high middle age ca. fourteen century that the Pope became such a coercive force on not only churches but kings. And even then, it was not until the Council of Trent in the sixteen century in which the RCC solidified their doctrine and excommunicated anybody who preached justification by faith alone, in Christ alone. Before that time, people still preached the gospel not only in the RCC, but in other churches that did not see themselves as RCC. Though there were some who were burned at the stake by the RCC before the Council of Trent, like John Huss for preaching the gospel, yet the threat to the RCC is usually more worldly and the gospel had been secondary until the Council. Other things like indulgences and the Pope’s power if threatened, were their fears, because then they would not get money and hold sway over governance – worldly things. The gospel is something they lost in their corruption as they forgot how Christ alone saves and not the church and not the Pope and not twelve hail Mary’s, etc.

    faith versus works, that is the difference between the gospel and not the gospel. Christ or our own free will saves us, only one of these saves us.


      • Thanks Seeker. I am not directing what I write below to you or anybody in particular. It is something that just is laying on my heart at this present time.

        I heard of Pauline, but not Judean. Paul and James wrote about the same thing, and so did Peter, Jude, Moses, Job, Daniel, etc. Pauline theology comes from Liberal Theology, or Higher Criticism, which started in Germany in the eighteenth century. Higher Criticism started when scholars in the German Universities accepted Enlightenment philosophic ideas, e.g. Spinoza, Francis Bacon, and Descartes, etc. Higher Criticism, and also they themselves called it Liberal Theology, spread through other universities and seminaries. It took some time before it was able to take over in the United States in the Mainline churches fully in the 20th Century. Another large impact, which made It spread further, was when Darwinism was innovated and incorporated into Higher Criticism. Also Marxism, such as contemporary Liberation Theology, is a form of Liberal Theology due to its’ philosophical roots, but technically Higher Criticism focuses on textual criticism, not just the Bible but all books. Liberation Theology is focused on class warfare and so focuses on minority groups, etc. None of these actually focus on meaning and centrally – the gospel of Christ Jesus.

        Yet, Enlightenment philosophy (Rationalism) took hold due to a precursor, which was Pelagianism in the form of Socinianism also called Unitarianism. These are also Rational philosophies with a Christian veneer. These false teachings in their Christian veneer started in the RCC. It was at the 16th Century Council of Trent that Pelagianism, or more technically semi-Pelagianism was solidified and the gospel was officially condemned in the RCC. Semi-Pelagianism is the same thing as Pelagianism but is technically taught with a different nuance.

        The charismatic movements are the results of the Enlightenment, or Rationalism, but experientially due to the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. He was trying to make Rationalism better, but ended up closing man off from reason and for man to depend on his senses. It is sensual in nature; experience and evidence oriented, but just like with reason the evidence can be made to fit any interpretation. Especially when the interpretation is made more believable by various means that are not always compassionate, but rather power hungry.

        The RCC started in Rome. There were other churches upon a large geography at the time that were not under the authority of Rome. No church had a high authority structure with only one person at the top. Even councils of a high authority were only recognized by Bible believing churches. All councils have been studied, debated over, and the Scriptures have been searched by subsequent generations to see if any doctrinal and practiced ways were true or not. Of course, each generation has to come to some conclusion about the historic decisions, but this is the process of accepting or discarded studies and legwork done in the past. Why reinvent an iron furnace when somebody can use the plans of one already invented and maybe in the course of their building the furnace they discover a better understanding of how it is and they make a better one? Same thing with Scripture. Go to Scripture, find where people went wrong or right. Not according to social class philosophy or man’s supposedly more superior knowledge because we can now build a better mouse trap. One searches the Scriptures and asks – Who is this Christ? What does the Bible say about Him? Others have said things about Him, but are what they say found in Scripture or from their own imagination? Mostly it is from man’s imagination, not from Scripture itself, which does not, in a certain sense, trouble the believer at all due to the understanding given by God.

        Back to the RCC, over time, the Roman Church took in ideas from the Roman Empire, just like all corrupt churches and institutions which take in ideas and ways from the surrounding world. They do so when the people in them begin to think they know what God really thinks, feels, or wants His people to do. They turn away from God’s written Word, and listen to their own sinful understanding. Just like the Pharisees and Gnostics. Once that hook is cast, then it is everybody for himself because they do not follow any reliable standard to know the Truth. They desire to know and follow the ways of creation instead of God, and the ways of creation are not only false, but is very selfish to be pluralistic. Nobody communicates and understandings each other if pluralism is taken to its extreme, which is why Rome decided to put in place a Pope. Somebody to make all the false diverse ideas come together under one central power and authority. The Bible would have been sufficient to see who was right or not, but Rome arrogantly decided the Pope was better for the job. In time, the Roman church claimed not only ecclesiastical power, but also political power. Other churches and kings rejected the RCC assumed authority. The Roman Catholic Church took a long time to get to the point we know today. It was not until about the 15th Century that the RCC became what everybody is familiar with today and solidified not just in practice but by official decree at the Council of Trent about a century or so later.

        The idea that the early church might have taught this or that without actually knowing what it is the early church taught is an imagined fabrication. It is only asserted because the Scriptures “have to be wrong” but that is due to man’s sinful heart being rebellious. Just like Jesus “had to be wrong” when they crucified Him, and they sought ways to kill the full revelation of the Word (Scripture) who became flesh many times. A rebellion against Scripture is a rebellion against Jesus Christ for He is the Word became flesh. Higher Criticism says there is a Q document (and other documents they speculate “had to exist”), and they have Documentary Hypothesis for the Old Testament as well. Yes, there were Gnostic texts, but they never were accepted, because they obviously have different meanings than the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament. For example, now we have about 20 or so Gospel of John’s from the first and second century and only maybe three Gospel of Thomas’. About 80 New Testament epistle’s and gospels in total from the same centuries and only about 10 Gnostic texts. They just were not wide spread and widely accepted. They were a minority, because they were not apostolic and not in continuity with the Old Testament. The content and meaning is how the different writings are separated from each other. People wanted to hear the good news of Christ not about how they could better themselves on their own. The Savior had come!

        It is pure speculation based on sinful man’s dislike, misunderstanding, lack of study, and just basically a rebellion against God in not worshipping Him to not carefully understand what is in the Bible compared to other books. The way people practice their religion is not always the religion revealed in God’s Word. God teaches good practice, but to not go to the Bible to understand what that good practice is and only depend man’s practice to be informed about the supposed religion is not careful. For instance, to understand what Christianity is, Islam is, Buddhism is, or what quantum mechanics is, through another person without going to their basis of existence, e.g. Christ and the Bible for Christianity, is not helpful. Questions must be asked. Is the person well studied in their practice? Do I get heart surgery from the guy down the road who says he knows how to cut open a fish, or do I go to the man who actually cut open another man and did heart surgery before? When man’s philosophy is used instead of what is written in Scripture, then of course all kinds of speculation and dismissing occurs as to what is real or not. Not just in the Bible, but in the world in general. People have no direction in life due to their sin, and it is only exasperated by using sophisticated philosophies of men.

        Men of power, greed, and corruption realize this, not to the full extent, but they are not called predators for nothing. They understand how people may believe in just about anything very easily. Today it is called easy-believism. Liars role out their propaganda machines, indoctrinate the masses, and sell snake oil to make a buck along the way while they bomb a place in the Middle East all the way saying, “We are here to help you”.

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  5. image & some more

    ALL of Congress just outed themselves as GlobalistPuppets with theRussiaSanctions-vote.
    Why is that vote so shocking, b/c plp on the right&left know theRussia-Hacking Story is a HOAX, that the DeepState-GLOBOSS=Globalists intend to conquerRussia sinceRussia has rejectedGlobalism.
    They thought they were sending a message to-PresiTrump, but in fact, they merely gaveVladPutin political-cover to shut down THEYGeorge Soros-CIAoperation inMoscow by kicking out755 CIAfront-PLP operatingAsubversion “regimeChange” mission, under-cover of the StateDepartment.


  7. Pedo-wood…. Seen Macaulay Culkin lately? Huge mental problems… A hollywood pedogate victim absolutely no doubt. (google ” macaulay culkin pedophile victim”) The second he even hints at disclosure, he’ll be dead..

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