Images 13/8/17

interesting..what can you see?

have a look at some old christmas cards and see if they have this famous mushroom on them..


because skulls and death are very cool..

kesha film clip image..whats that in the top left corner?

praying at the shrine of the one eye..


the for a bigger image..

always classy rihanna..

yeah yeah..

eye see you..

they are plugged into the silicon chip..aka, the new tree of life?

i guess thats merkels feet..or mays? either way macron walks on water eh?

these are the signs..look for them..

from the NYT no less..disproportionate?


~ by seeker401 on August 14, 2017.

36 Responses to “Images 13/8/17”

  1. the tree of life corresponds also to Our Lord’s prayer:

    jewish Kabbalah i nothing else than the esoteric hermetic gnostic knowledge hijacked (as always) by the jews :
    “In Jewish mysticism, the theosophical[10] doctrinal system of Kabbalah (Hebrew: “received tradition”) emerged in late 12th-century southern France (the book Bahir)”
    …12th century…curiously the time and the region when&where the cathars (holders of the gnostic /original Jesus teachings tradition/esoteric christianity) sprang in Europe…

    check out, especially anthroposophy vs. Blavatsky & Alister Cr…

    …the arcane knowledge (hermetic) used by the “good guys” vs. the “bad” ones…

    • nice work thanks..

    • also on mind-Control one of the 1 thingys THEY do to a person is extended-arms so look like a cross & rpeat person -name person is control when the other person touch his/her arm the person tumble the point is a Cross THEY like to do this to X-tians

  2. I do not know what is in the left hand corner, but in the poster on the right read “Welcome to…”, those white figures might be Japanese spirit beings called Kodama. At least in the popular anime movie, Princess Mononoke, that is the description:

    “They are a kind of spirits, and live in the rich forest. They have pale green, half transparent bodies. They showed a way to Ashitaka and others who lost their way in the forest. It seems that they don’t particularly have any ill feeling against humans.”

  3. 3 time post it
    remember-Fringes OnFlag=MartialLawEh?

  4. here the image

    btw THEY-MCAIN was involve inUkraine remember?


  6. signs & symbols

  7. Remember folks, when planning a terrorist attack:

    1) Always bring your passport.
    2) Always leave your passport in a convenient place for it to be found.

    • !! The plan was followed !!

    • the man of the photo / the suspect terrorist went to the police to denounce his passport had been robbed….:/

    • It was reported that there were two suspects at the scene, and that still appears to be true preliminarily, although reports in these situations are often fluid and conflicting in the beginning. Complicating matters even more, police now say they are two suspects detained, neither of whom drove the car. The driver reportedly fled on foot and isn’t armed, police in Spain said. They are still sorting out all of the identities. One suspect was reportedly killed.

      was it 2 or 3..or will it be 1 as usual?

      • another attack, this time aborted by the local police in the nearby village of Cambrils – 4 shot dead + 1 wounded.
        yesterday morning in the Alcanar village in Tarragona, Cataluna there was a big explosion in a house with wounded and one arrested…the local police makes the hypothesis that the terrorists were preparing something very big, but the accidental explosion in their basis in Alcanar made them hurry with the attack.

        could it be that the Spanish attack was meant for 21st august, when the events in Corea + the eclipse is expected = 11 ???

        remember they always make 2 events simultaneously –
        2014 – 17/7 = started Protective Edge operation against Gaza the same day the plane over Ukraine was shot
        2015 – 23/3 = started the saudi invasion in Yemen, the same day the GermanWings airplane accident occurred….

    • Wow! So I guess the world war is on, and here I thought it was going to be fought on Facebook.


    meanwhile they are trying to spark a civil war in amurca


    • usa should be in an asylum..

      • feel like that here 😦
        but is always rays of hope talk to post-Millennials Gen-Z are not like THEY predecessor 🙂
        many THEY-MILLENIALS are at product of THEY saddly with THEY-GMO’S & HORMONES in food & every place else from THEY-creams when Kiz milk toRitalin & on & on THEY-design

        THEY design to match THEY-84/Soylent green/Elysium future

    • i’m fine with removal of ALL statues, including col sanders. can’t think of anyone memorialized with a statue that’s actually a hero. where’s the statue of vasili arkhipov?

      • no hero but different story

        • Lee chose the wrong side, the side of slavery. The article says he fought for state rights to secede; well, when a state tries to take power away from its’ larger political body and form its’ own union, then of course there will be battle lines and bloodshed. And why did the state chose to secede? Slavery was definitely the issue the southern states desired to control, and they saw the north as the aggressors in their southern state right to have slavery. Of course there should have been a better process, a more peaceful process, to eventually end the evil of slavery, for both sides.

          Lee was a statist. He vowed to the state and did whatever it asked him to do. His higher power and higher moral obligation was whatever Virginia told him to do according to the article.

          Lee was all about peace after the war, because Virginia flew the white flag and surrendered. He followed his state until the day he died by surrendering and no longer desiring war, only peace.

          I think the person who wrote the article is trying to be apologetic concerning Lee. To make Lee appear to be a “good man”. Yet listening to everything the government tells a person and thinking the government is the highest moral power, like Lee thought apparently according to the article, is not really something I find admirable.

        • The fdr quote and what fdr did in his attendance of putting up a Lee statue is important. This conflict on stirs up issues that never side really is resolving, because one or the other side, at the moment, is trying to demonstrate their moral superiority. The Manichaen, or Hegelian dialect, does not necessarily come to resolution.

          For example:
          “When George Washington was eleven years old, he inherited ten slaves; by the time of his death, 317 slaves lived at Mount Vernon, including 123 owned by Washington, 40 leased from a neighbor, and an additional 153 “dower slaves.””

          Thomas Jefferson had slaves, he freed some because they were his children but only were they freed by his last will and testimony upon his death, and the other slaves were only sold off by his family, after his death, because of growing debt.
          “In 1827, the remaining 130 slaves at Monticello were sold to pay the debts of Jefferson’s estate.”

          The two sides on this issue are resolving nothing. Trump does not clarify himself that well, and I do not know if I can interpret the words he says the way he says and understandings his own words. Yet I can see how “both sides”, as Trump said, need to stop being conflictive.

      • this one has to go..


  10. your twit on Schwarzie, seek…

    “Arnold Schwarzenegger has donated nearly $750,000 to the center, raised millions more, and helped the organization fight anti-Semitism. Born two years after World War II ended, he long ago distanced himself from his late father’s views and in 1991 he received the Wiesenthal Center’s National Leadership Award.”


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