GM pigs take step to being organ donors

The most genetically modified animals in existence have been created to help end a shortage of organs for transplant, say US researchers.

The scientists successfully rid 37 pigs of viruses hiding in their DNA, overcoming one of the big barriers to transplanting pig organs to people.

The team at eGenesis admits preventing pig organs from being rejected by the human body remains a huge challenge

But experts said it was a promising and exciting first step.

The study, published in the journal Science, started with skin cells from a pig.

Tests identified 25 Pervs – porcine endogenous retroviruses – hidden in the pig’s genetic code.

Experiments mixing human and pig cells together showed those viruses could escape to infect human tissues.

But the researchers then used the game-changing gene-editing technology Crispr to delete the 25 Pervs.

It then took cloning technology, the same used to create Dolly the sheep, to place the genetic material from those cells into a pig’s egg and create embryos.

The complex process is inefficient, but 37 healthy piglets have been born.

“These are the first Perv-free pigs,” Dr Luhan Yang, one of the researchers from Harvard University and the spinout company eGenesis, told the BBC News website.

They were also “the most genetically modified [animals] in terms of the number of modifications”, he said.

If xenotransplantation – using organs from other species – works, then it has the potential to alleviate long waits for a transplant.

More than 100,000 people need an organ transplant in the US. There are about 6,500 people on the UK waiting list.

Dr Yang told the BBC: “We recognise we are still at the early stages of research and development.

“We know we have an audacious vision of a world with no shortage of organs, that is very challenging, but that is also our motivation to remove mountains.”

Pigs are particularly promising for xenotransplantation as their organs are a similar size to humans’, and the animals can be bred in large numbers.

But removing the viruses is only half the challenge, even organs donated from other people can cause a strong immune reaction that leads to the transplant being rejected.

The US team is investigating further genetic modifications to make pig organs more acceptable to the human immune system.


roll up roll up..receive your pig liver and live longer..

“The team at eGenesis admits preventing pig organs from being rejected by the human body remains a huge challenge”


“The US team is investigating further genetic modifications to make pig organs more acceptable to the human immune system.”

what could possibly go wrong??


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3 Responses to “GM pigs take step to being organ donors”

  1. eGenesis was founded by George M. Church, the man who wants to bring back the wooly mammoth. People like George make me curious. What makes them want to tamper with nature? He calls it ‘engineering’. Some would call it playing God.

    I was looking into George’s background, and found he appears to be a brilliant man who has done extensive research with genetics / dna among other scientific research. Interestingly, there was no mention of his parents on wiki and it said he was born on McGill Air Force Base.

    so I dug a bit further

    His father was Stewart McDonald, a military man who served in the world war and Korea.
    He was the first president of the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association (FMTPA) in Tampa. He was also an actor, model, movie producer, raconteur, public speaker, auto-mechanic, humorist, and writer.
    He earned the nickname of “Barefoot Stew” and a reputation for vigorously independent thinking.

    “He was the biological father of biologist George M. Church at MacDill Air Force Base in 1954.”

    DOES it not seem an odd way to say he was the father of George Church?
    Perhaps it’s just poor writing by the person who put this on wiki?

    “He was the biological father of biologist George M Church at MacDill Air Force Base in 1954”

    ( Was George a test tube baby? A military experiment? )

    There is no mention of George in his mother’s wiki, actress Ona Munson.
    Perhaps she wasn’t his mother, but was the wife of his father in name?

    His father’s wife was an actress, Ona Munson. Wiki states she committed suicide by barbiturate overdose.
    She was married three times, to actor and director Edward Buzzell in 1926, to Stewart McDonald in 1941, and designer Eugene Berman in 1949.

    These have been termed lavender marriages, in that they were intended to conceal her bisexuality and her affairs with women, including filmmaker Dorothy Arzner and playwright Mercedes de Acosta. Munson has been listed as a member of a group called the “sewing circle”, a clique of lesbians organized by actress Alla Nazimova.

    In 1955, plagued by ill health, Ona Munson committed suicide at the age of 51 with an overdose of barbiturates in her apartment in New York. A note found next to her deathbed read, “This is the only way I know to be free again…Please don’t follow me

    a family record I found on Geni

    Ona Munson
    public profile
    Owena Elizabeth Wolcott
    Also Known As: “Ona Munson”
    Birthdate: 1903 (52)
    Death: 1955 (52) (suicide)
    Immediate Family:
    Daughter of Owen P. Wolcott and Sarah E. Gore
    Ex-wife of Edward N. Buzzell
    Managed by: Private User
    Last Updated: November 5, 2014
    About Ona Munson

    brief info on Alla Nazimova interesting woman , interesting connections

    ( Alla was Russian She was the youngest of three children of Jewish parents Yakov Abramovich Leventon, a pharmacist, and Sofia (Sara) Lvovna Horowitz, who moved to Yalta in 1870 from Kishinev.

    She grew up in a dysfunctional family; her parents divorced when she was 8. After her parents separated, she was shuffled among boarding schools, foster homes and relatives.

    Nazimova openly conducted relationships with women, and her mansion on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard was believed to be the scene of outlandish parties. She is credited with having originated the phrase ‘sewing circle’ as a discreet code for lesbian or bisexual actresses.

    Edith Luckett, a stage actress and the mother of future U.S. First Lady Nancy Reagan, was a friend of Nazimova, having acted with her onstage. Edith married Kenneth Seymour Robbins, and following the birth of their daughter Nancy in 1921, Nazimova became her godmother. Nazimova continued to be friends with Edith and her second husband, neurosurgeon Loyal Davis until her death.

    Sorry for all the ‘distraction’ to the story Seeker, but I imagine if one were to travel down this rabbit hole, one would find many interesting and well known names, many of whom are or were in high positions of leadership in this country. Many of them who also believe themselves to be gods, all belonging to the same club.

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