Images 20/8/17

mmm..kings man..

arnold..son of a nazi..

paris jackson..

love these old paintings..what had they been told?

ww2 poster made by germany..

what times are we in?

i hope this is a coincidence..


one of (((them))) as well..what a shock!

more inconvenient truth..

bernays would know..its HD..

talk about putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop..

a banksy mural found in israel this month..who has a wall?

click for alarmism..its big and deadly..scared yet?

dog whistling at its finest..two different publications come up with the same idea..


~ by seeker401 on August 21, 2017.

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  1. Breitbart News Network: Born In The USA, Conceived In Israel

  2. so the old space jesus painting, any provenance?


      “The Baptism of Christ”, by Aert de Gelder, painted in 1710 and hangs in the Fitzwilliam Musuem, Cambridge. A disk shaped, UFO type object is shining beams of light down upon John the Baptist and Jesus.

      • incredible. thanks, man.

        (read this entire synopsis, and be transformed)

        “The union of spirit and flesh is the ‘one thing’ spoken of by Hermes Trismegistus, who was also known as Mercurius, in his Emerald Tablet; it is the aqua vitae and quintessence of Alchemy; it is the Qi of Chinese Qigong; it is the Tao of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu; it is the Mysterious Female and tenuous matter of mystic Taoism; in Hinduism it is represented by Ardhanarisvara, who is the union of Shiva and Shakti, of being and non-being; it is the Great Way into Zen stillness, the Mother Luminosity or Rainbow Body of Dzogchen Buddhism, and the enlightened body of Buddha; it is the Tree of Life, linking Heaven and Earth; it is the transfiguration of the canononical Gospels, and the ‘rapture’ of Revelation; it is “of movement, and of rest”, as declared by Christ in the Gospel of Thomas, and “The Word become flesh”, of the Gospel of John; it is the ascension to unity spoken of in the New Age movement, and it is the eternal OM of the Goddess Lakshmi; it is the foundation of the Kabbalah; it is the unified wave structure of matter, of the new physics, and dark matter of astrophysics; it is the body electric of Walt Whitman, and the body divine. In short, the union of spirit and flesh is the essential component of all progressive cosmologies, for it is the true enlightenment. Historically this ‘oneness’ has be called advaita (non-dual). However, the non-dualists of history seem to have overlooked the flesh as being part of that oneness, and continually declared that the body, and all matter, were merely illusion. Fortunately humanity is at a point in its evolution where the flesh can be known to be divine, and a new advaita in which emptiness and fullness are one can come into being. For some people there must be a healing of the pain caused by division in order for them to return to the original harmony of the cosmos. The use of Tibetan singing bowls and Crystal singing bowls can assist in the re-union of our harmonic oneness. This eternal unity is well documented by Masaru Emoto, and Helena Blavatsky. One of the key players in this re-union is the Green Man. In traditional Buddhist spirituality this profound unification is known as Maitreya. In Hindu lore this new vibration is known as Kalki. In Taoism this union is practiced by the circulation of the light. Ken Wilber calls it the one taste, which in Tibetan Buddhism is known as Yab-yum. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother spoke of the divine body. It is through this new, and absolute, unity and oneness that the true ascension of Sophia, our cosmic being, occurs. This is when the vibration of flesh is raised into the vibration of spirit, and the vibration of spirit descends into harmony with the flesh. Within this new and holy oneness, nothing shall be alien: matter is mind, will is consciousness, and flesh is now holy ground! A truly Pagan event: the divination of matter has occurred. This unification is the actual intent behind the Christian Eucharist and the Catholic communion; the word ‘catholic’ means ‘universality’- or, that which is without limits. Communion is thus the integration of the body (flesh) and the blood (spirit), of Heaven and Earth, of form and formlessness, of Creator and Created, and of He and She. The Aquarian Age is upon us, and Love is the one and only Law. And, as in the Jeweled Web of Indra- in which the entire cosmos is made of hollow gems, each filled with nothing but the reflection of all other gems- we must now know and feel that separateness is an illusion and we are all actually an interdependent, multidimensional, infinite oneness. Each of us is everything. A great silence. A new vibration. An holistic ascension. This is the Aquarian Awakening into the Cosmic Christ.”
        Blessings on your journey.

        “To become light, bodily, is the destiny of man.”
        Adi Da

        Consciousness is matter. Body is mind. Spirit is flesh.
        Everything is everything. Everything is the same thing.
        Everything is the same one thing. One. Flesh is now holy ground. Amen.”

  3. […] seeker401 said this on August 21, 2017 […]

  4. Have a google outback steakhouses Brisbane. From memory I think there were 5….. cant fail….

  5. Reblogged this on World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum..


    • I got to “First the printing press…” and then could not take them seriously.

      Like the guy who posted said, if it is a satire, I do not know. It is believable that some would think that way though, but like I said, I could only read some of the beginning and after reading what I quoted above, just could not take them seriously enough to continue onward.

    • it’s clearly satire.

  7. re my steakhouse Brisbane post; Not sure what happened there. Did a quick search some time ago and I thought there were 4 in seq. Perhaps I included the gc one and a proposed one?. Anyway, the Sydney ones may line up…

  8. Hi there.
    I love the brief quote of Adi Da’s here: “To become light, bodily, is the destiny of man.”
    If you have any questions about Adi Da or his teaching, do get in touch.
    All the best.

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