What you need to know about the BOOK of ENOCH and the SYMBOLS of DARKNESS


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~ by seeker401 on August 23, 2017.

32 Responses to “What you need to know about the BOOK of ENOCH and the SYMBOLS of DARKNESS”

  1. “The main peculiar aspects of the Enochic Judaism are the following:

    – the idea of the origin of the evil caused by the fallen angels, who came on the earth to unite with human women. These fallen angels are considered ultimately responsible for the spread of evil and impurity on the earth;[45]:90

    – the concept of “End of Days” as the time of final judgment that takes the place of promised earthly rewards;[45]:92

    – a solar calendar in opposition to the lunar calendar used in the Second Temple (a very important aspect for the determination of the dates of religious feasts);
    – an interest in the angelic world that involves life after death.[49]”

    “By the 4th century, the Book of Enoch was mostly excluded from Christian canons, and it is now regarded as scripture by only the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church.”

  2. Perhaps the translation of these chapters of the book (Cruza la Raya) CROSS THE STRIPE have posted on the web, needs to be revisited, but even so, perhaps some reader of the seeker blog can value the wealth it contains. At first I was going to publish by installments , as I was translating, the complete book, free, but it is a complex work and I have changed my idea, although, since there is visible reading, and in this blog I learned enough English, I want to share with Seeker and Its followers the work done, besides the content is of maximum interest for the seekers of the truth. I do not write fiction, nor theories, nor hypotheses, only my own experiences, in which many people interact, of the whole Earth, and of Heaven.

  3. https://mariadelrosariocorderoteson.wordpress.com/2017/06/27/cross-the-stripe-installment-2/

    • Thanks rosario7 !

      • God knows if my contribution to make truth and love visible on Earth is worth it.
        I am only sure that the book Cruza la Raya, has read it components of the “… great scarlet dragon, which had seven heads and ten horns, and on their heads seven diadems …” are of here and they are from there, but they all gather on the shore of the sea.
        They read the book when I published it in 2008, they are around me, they know the truth, and they actively participate in the story from the beginning … because they are the adversaries of love and they are the ones who drug, Kill, rewrite history and deceive so that the truth is hidden, and thus, love dies.

        And around me for most of the time, the silence is thunderous.
        Some are sold into darkness, and others are dead with fear. If it were known, the reality of the atrocities committed by that kind of people, the rest, would react to face them without fear.
        I know that sometimes I am very hard to respond, even if I try to make it soft, but the truth has only one face and reflects the reality that has in the background, and is not always pretty.

        Do not be afraid to ask or express the truth.

        Nobody here is perfect, but if we really want love to succeed, we are going in the right direction to reach perfection, the interior, and that perfection will then also be reflected in our exterior.

      • +1

      • One more chapter, translated. To cross .. the stripe
        And there I leave it, until I find help in translating or finishing my new book, on the go.
        We urgently need the truth, fundamental truths, which I have been discovering in my way of life: who I am, where I come from, and why I am here … and much more. We urgently need the truth
        One more chapter, translated. To cross .. the stripe
        And there I leave it, until I find help in translating or finishing my new book, on the go.
        We urgently need the truth, fundamental truths, which I have been discovering in my way of life: who I am, where I come from, and why I am here … and much more. We urgently need the truth https://mariadelrosariocorderoteson.wordpress.com/2017/09/05/the-door-cross-the-stripe/

        • Thanks rosario7, I’ve read them all. I loved the third chapter… can’t wait for the next translation.

          • +1…still have to read the last one…your strive for truth makes you honor! thanks for sharing!

          • Thanks for answering me, intriguedbyr. On this page of our beloved sekeer, I have posted other chapters translated into English, from my other books, and what counts is not trivial, shows the meaning of life, and where we come from, and even through my own life , space time, is for all the same.

            I write to help find the truth, and it is not easy to find it, because there are many, many, who try to hide the truth to benefit from our ignorance, and they do not stop committing barbarities for that to continue.
            It may seem pretentious, but my books are fundamental to know the truth. Here in these pages and in all places, and throughout history is speculated, with what I now give you first hand, I am here and I can tell my own life, so that others do not continue to invent it, and using it to continue to deceive (many of them we see them continuously in media cover), as they also use the name of others close to me … those who want love are not so many, but they do not stop working either, for the sake of everybody.

            In my books, there are no hypotheses, no assumptions, no inventions, no theories, I was authorized by God, when I was 18 years old, to tell all this, when I realized what was happening. I have been a victim, since I was born, of attacks of all kinds, physical and spiritual, and overcome all that and stay alive … my motivation is very powerful .. Only love brought me here, God knows.
            And God is God for all, here and everywhere.
            Do not neglect to seek the truth, as much of what is seen with the eyes of the face as what is seen only with the heart, and for the sake of all who want love.
            not that I like this platform a lot, but it’s the only one I have for the moment:

          • I’d love to hear from you, why did you love Chapter third?

            • rosario7, I felt more engaged or immersed into your state of mind in the third chapter. Perhaps it was more descriptive, or my own curiosity, but I enjoyed that chapter best. Your sadness, fear or apprehension of what was beyond the arched door felt like you were stepping into another dimension, unsure of what lay before you, but compelled to see.

              I felt like perhaps it wasn’t another dimension at all, but a remembrance or divine message to one who desperately seeks truth and answers when they no longer feel they can be a part of this world. I felt as if you were given a vision of the past destruction of the earth and you were about to learn why it had to be destroyed. Of course, that is an assumption on my part, but as the reader, this is where my mind was after reading the third chapter. Thanks again for sharing your experience with us, I know you’ve been working very hard to get an English translation for some time now, I appreciate your letting us have access to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Thank you intrigedbyr, it is a joy for me to see a person in search of the truth, because it is not the most common. Comfort and fear wreak havoc on people.
                This narration shows another way to find the answers that we do not find in this reality. To enter another dimension, space time, is not a children’s story, is another reality that the adversaries of love try to hide us so that we continue living the fiction that interests them in this everyday reality, and thus, humanity disappears from the Earth , and for this we do not need machines. They want to replace souls with machines.
                In this same real story, I enter into two different dimensions, that of dreams, or astral travel, and into the astral, then I also enter into another dimension, of space time, and it had not been my first time, nor had been the first of my astral travels on that occasion.
                Cross the Stripe was the first book I wrote so that the truth of our distant past is exposed to all, and the past is connected with the present, and the present is the result of our past, a glorious past on Earth that they try hide, with trauma, destruction and lies.
                I count in my books, the important thing that was not counted in the books of the old testament, and what does not count in the new testament, and much more.
                I have returned to Earth to meet my unique Love, in return, it would help everyone, and in fact, is what I have tried all my life. And everything I do is for love.
                Finding answers to our questions is simpler and at the same time more sublime than we could ever imagine. God, and his son Jesus, with all his angels and followers, are always ready for good, truth and love to fulfill their reason for being.
                Worrying about what is really important to overcome obstacles, they, the adversaries of love, do nothing but entertain us with what we do not need to reach the truth, and love. At least, it happens to me, I do not need to leave the house to see who it is to be my watchman on duty, even, pretend to be friends of mine and with lies to enter my own house.
                Do not waste your time with them because that is what they seek, and that only, at best. In my case they tried to kill me there several times … and as they could not came to the door of my house with the intention of entering and finishing me. They do not want to pay their crimes and do not leave evidence. They are specialists in synthetic drugs of specific design, in causing accidents, and in deception.
                While I finish the last book in process, I hope to find someone to help me translate those published, at least, in English. Completing all this task is of urgent need for the good of all .. neither is it a joke nor is it an exaggeration, it is the reality that we need to know

                • Thanks again rosario7. I’ve not had an experience anything near yours, however, I have experienced something that is very hard to explain in words, definitely a euphoric state of mind, a wonderful feeling that tells me there is something greater than us and it lives within us, or is a part of our spirit and our minds – something we are connected to that if we were not so distracted with ‘life’ the answers would be right there in front of our face, well within our reach and as easy as just walking away from all the nonsense and chaos other ‘men’ have created in this world, and stepping into the world we were always meant to be a part of.

                  Not sure if any of that made sense, because it’s very difficult to explain these ‘feelings’.

                  It’s a feeling of freedom or separation from this reality that is exhilarating yet difficult for me to find the right words to describe, and I don’t know why, but I think we all HAVE to be here, like a journey we must take to seek the answers we are looking for.

                  (Nope, I do not and never have taken ‘drugs’, lol….just in case someone is wondering ๐Ÿ™‚

                  I’ve also had a very true spiritual experience of validation that our needs and prayers do not go unanswered, and it comes at a time when we are most vulnerable, yet deeply sincere in our need to know why we are here or why some things happen in our lives that are out of our control.

                  I also believe there’s a reason people come into our lives, as I feel the people on Seeker’s site who have been around so very long, were meant to be here for whatever reason other than most are True Seekers of truth and answers to a complex world that is very difficult to comprehend most days, but when it starts to unravel and unveil the so called ‘mysteries’ of why are lives are what they are, it becomes very clear that everything in our world is an illusion created for us, by those who do not have our best interests in mind.

                  In any case, I am fascinated to read of your experiences and I know you are a lady with a wonderful heart. I’m very glad to have met you in cyberland. ๐Ÿ™‚

                  • You’re on the right wave, intriguedbyr, and that means we’re going in the right direction. sometimes we must remain silent to listen to the reality that hides the noise, and which prevents us from seeing both the greatness of our interior, the human being, and the creation of God, and also what is compounded the misery that surrounds us , to understand, who we are, where we come from, and why, we are here. Nothing disconnects itself, and God, gives us so many opportunities … and sees the inside of each heart and the movement of each grass. Complexes, envy, greed, pride … lead the human being to its destruction as a human being, let us not forget why some angels fell, and they envy all that God has given the human being. I repeat, they are experts at cheating and committing atrocities without leaving evidence of their crimes. Much attention, because we are all mixed, human and devils, and many humans have sold their soul. I know parents who have nothing to do with their children and vice versa.
                    For the moment, we still have time, to do it right or wrong, each of us can decide the path to take.

          • Intriguedbyr, remembering your statement encouraged me to translate a couple of chapters more.

            • Thanks rosario7 Stones are said to be ‘truths’, holy truths if taken as a spiritual meaning.

              The corner stone as you described, the corner with it’s perfect angle – Christ ?

              I feel as if you’re climbing a sort of labyrinth, that is not on the ground, but instead seems to be more like tower of sorts or some kind of plane that takes you higher.

              Stone faces, reminds me of garden statues or the kind of stone faces found on the architecture of many beautiful, older buildings.

              For what’s it worth, whether symbolic or other, it seems that Eden or the Garden of God was covered with stones, just as they say, the new heaven is filled with many stones, pearls and streets of gold. ๐Ÿ™‚

              I’m not sure what it means, except it’s part of your journey of truth, or your journey to find true love, but it’s a fascinating read and I appreciate your posting it for us. ๐Ÿ™‚

              Ezekiel 28:13 – Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone [was] thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

              Revelation 2:17 – He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a WHITE STONE, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth [it].

              • I am very happy that you interact with me, intrigedbyr, it is a very clear sign of humility and search of knowledge, without a doubt, at least for me, that I have made many rounds, for the world, and online.
                But this particular story, Cruza la Raya, still has some very enlightening chapters, although they need to be assimilated, because it is all part of the reality that has been hidden from us, and for that they destroyed everything, so that we do not find out about the truth. And what was destroyed in this case was Tiahuanaco, in Bolivia, and they have given us and continue to give us the version that interests whoever presents it: theories, hypotheses … but I tell what happened there, and really, God He granted it. All this trip happened on Earth, I arrived at that place through an astral trip, and then I entered the past by crossing the Gate, in the past of Tiahuanaco, (remember the voice that said, Cross the stripe?) and I saw what happened there seventeen thousand years ago, and age, I was told by a wise “man” of those who directed the work, one of the angels of Viracocha.
                I leave you with a new chapter, and for anyone who wants to learn the truth of that place, I decided to write in a book, because I am convinced that it was not given only to me, but to all humans, because all the The work done by the angels and Jesus throughout the Earth, is for all human beings, and knowingly, that the dark side, the adversaries of love, would always try to eliminate the truth.

                Fuente de la Imagen: coincabol.org

              • CROSS THE STRIPE New chapter: THE GREAT MOUND https://mariadelrosariocorderoteson.wordpress.com/2018/01/24/cross-the-stripe-the-great-mound/

                • Thank you rosario7 Look forward to reading this.

                  • Do not miss it, intriguedbyr, I found many answers in this experience, but first I had to overcome the trauma, process the information and assimilate, then investigate, but the truth is priceless. reality has nothing to do with what they try to make us swallow. It would be very good if the majority knew all the wealth that really contains the human being and what the demons have done to us for thousands of years, so that we forget it. In addition, spiritual contamination is making many souls sick

                    • ” In addition, spiritual contamination is making many souls sick”

                      YES, it is my personal opinion that man made ‘religions’ are a virus of the mind, keeping us under the control of the priesthood who have no spirituality or love of the Creator within their dark souls, but strive to overthrow Him. Thank you so much rosario7, I really do appreciate your contributions to the site. ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • great post!

                  • This chapter is shorter, but no less interesting and illustrative. I only tell what I remember of everything I saw and heard during my journey, through space, and through time, through an astral trip. I have often thanked God and Jesus, for showing me the reality, sometimes wonderful, and sometimes hard reality. Some come to create a paradise, and others come behind to destroy it.
                    https://mariadelrosariocorderoteson.wordpress.com/2018/02/18/3450/ CROSS THE STRIPE โ€“ THE WISE

              • https://mariadelrosariocorderoteson.wordpress.com/2018/01/24/piramide-de-akapana-is-the-great-mound/

                • so very interesting, rosario, thanks!

                  may I ask you: have you seen what you write about in your dreams? or in your memories? what was the way you received those viewings/information?

                  • maria, I do not know if you read all the chapters I’ve shared of Cruza la Raya from the beginning, I send them by order, there I tell how my trip begins and how it develops, and I think I remember in the narrative that it is an astral journey, or experience, extra corporal. dreams and astral travel are different, but they usually occur when your physical body falls asleep or through a state of meditation, but your spirit leaves the body. When we ask questions, and I did them even in the womb, there comes a time when you receive a response. On many occasions I have been called to be a witness and receive information. one must be willing to receive as much as to give. Also, you have to be as brave as you are prudent.

                    • thank you, rosario, for your answer and your posts. the more time passes, the more I appreciate them!
                      no, I haven’t read so far Cruza la Raya, but it’s on my reading list!!

                    • I forgot to translate the title, I meant, Cross the Stripe, I am sending, the links of Cruza la Raya, here, in the blog of seeker 401, translated by myself to English. It’s free

  4. off-topic:
    what do we know about her?


    besides she’s daughter of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Eisenhower

  5. You can share my writings, and my links, could be very useful for the lives of those who receive it.
    My life has already been at risk from the beginning for wanting truth and love, but in the end everything done will be worth it.

  6. Land of the Titans..

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