The Mandela Effect: A critical analysis


looks like hes debunked most of the popular ones..thoughts?


~ by seeker401 on August 28, 2017.

11 Responses to “The Mandela Effect: A critical analysis”

  1. hmm..

    • i stopped watching when he/she said TianAnmen Man was run over by the tank,, plus so many ‘false’ accounts. well maybe in her reality – that guy was runneth over in another universe. North/South korea moved above china it? Korea has always been above Shanghai close to Yantai

      Maybe Google is playing tricks with their individual & collective memory

  2. hmmm…
    i skimmed this. did he cover the scarecrow having a pistol in the wizard of oz? or the wolf lying down with the sheep in the bible? a preacher was real upset over that one.

  3. The narrator of the youtube made some good points. Notably how some incline to an infallible memory denies empirical evidence, e.g. there had to be a Sinbad movie called Shaazam even though empirically one can not be found. Also, how those who deny empirical evidence, e.g. C3POs’ leg is silver, in favor of a fallible memory, i.e. they do not remember his leg being silver so their forgetfulness is right and the empirical evidence found in the movie is not right; the movie had been changed, etc.

    Searching internally, in other words, favoring ones own interpretation, or inner mind/spirit, according the youtube may give a person either the inclination of (a) extreme internal infallibility or (b) extreme internal fallibility. Either way their “internal” understanding is the standard for everything. They either forgot it or remember it; again either way, for them, it boils down to their internal view is right no matter what anybody else says. An example of (a) is their memory is right so everything/everybody is wrong, even empirical evidence is wrong. An example of (b), their forgetfulness makes them right, because they just do not remember so everything/everybody else is wrong until they no longer forget and they remember. Until then, all else is wrong because they forget.

    These people try to appease their conscience – because their internal worldview must be right! – even to the point of explaining away an external authority by saying, ‘No, my memories or forgetfulness is right; there just must be other parallel universes, or we could call it the Mandela effect, that my internal mind/spirit has tapped into. My inner self/selflessness must be right no matter what.’ Of course they could not admit they are wrong because, to them, what is right and loving is all within.

    • Why doesn’t M.E. changes the Coke label from Red to Blue,,, or adidas from 3 stripes to 4 stripes… or something to that effect

      • exactly. Of course somebody, somewhere has an M.E. answer, probably, to those answers, e.g. because the M.E. did not take effect with Coke labeling, or Coke does not exist in the other universe, etc. It depends on how much they think they profit thoughtfully, not economically as of yet as far as I know. Is anybody making money off of M.E.? People need to blame or find some excuse for there “inner power”, ability to appease their conscience, or whatever they love to call it.

      • now that would be something..

  4. M.E. is a psych0p to discredit our memory of important events?
    who created this “M.E.” ..if XFiles is telling us M.E. is real then ..

  5. SO ..Is it real?

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