Villagers slaughtered in Myanmar massacre..reports of women and children among more than 100 dead

There are reports scores of Muslim Rohingyas — including women and children — have been killed by Myanmar security forces and Buddhist vigilantes in a surge of ethnic violence.

The ABC has received specific allegations from two separate sources about mass killings in the village of Chut Pyin, near Rathedaung township in western Myanmar.

“So far reports — I think quite credible — mention about 130 people including women and children killed,” said Chris Lewa, director of The Arakan Project, which works with Rohingya communities.

“That happened on Sunday when suddenly security forces cordoned [off] the whole area, together with Rakhine villagers … it seems like this has been a major massacre in Rathedaung,” Ms Lewa said.

Simmering communal tensions erupted last Friday when an insurgent group attacked police posts, killing 12 officers.

Security forces said they had killed at least 80 militants, but there are reports of widespread killing and arson across Rakhine State, in Myanmar’s west.

A video provided to the ABC by a human rights monitor purportedly shows Chut Pyin village burning and in another clip mounds of freshly dug earth — allegedly the graves of those killed.

“This is where the dead bodies from Chut Pyin village were buried … they buried 10-20 bodies, putting two to three bodies in each pit,” an unidentified man on the video said.

The graves were allegedly dug on Sunday night in the village of Ah Htet Nan Yar, south of Chut Pyin, with more bodies burned by security forces.


this myanmar crisis has long legs..very significant and of course we have innocents killed..


~ by seeker401 on September 4, 2017.

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  2. Suu Kyi and Myanmar face chorus of anger over Rohingya crisis

    Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai and mainly Muslim countries in Asia led a growing chorus of criticism on Monday aimed at Myanmar and its civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi over the plight of the Rohingya Muslim minority.

    Nearly 90,000 Rohingya have flooded into Bangladesh in the past 10 days following an uptick in fighting between militants and Myanmar’s military in strife-torn western Rakhine state.

    The impoverished region bordering Bangladesh has been a crucible of communal tensions between Muslims and Buddhists for years, with the Rohingya forced to live under apartheid-like restrictions on movement and citizenship.

    The recent violence, which began last October when a small Rohingya militant group ambushed border posts, is the worst Rakhine has witnessed in years, with the UN saying Myanmar’s army may have committed ethnic cleansing in its response.

    Suu Kyi, a former political prisoner of Myanmar’s junta, has come under increasing fire over her perceived unwillingness to speak out against the treatment of the Rohingya or chastise the military.

    She has made no public comment since the latest fighting broke out on August 25.

  3. Rohingya Muslims beheaded, burned alive in Myanmar

    from writer

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  5. oops screenplay

  6. RIP for Victims

  7. Aung San Suu Kyi blames ‘terrorists’ for ‘misinformation’ about Myanmar violence

  8. Not sure what..but i am smelling the msm here on the case of Myanmar for a couple of yrs.. are they pushing a new source of moslem refugees or are they doing something else? is myanmar slanting towards Russia/china?

    what are their narratives?

    • It may be related to the regional economic system change. Myanmar and Cambodia are in a violent stage (little North Korea’s? to generate regional fear, or actual rebels against the global change exist within those countries somewhere? just speculating). Surrounding countries are changing their economic system: The e-wallet agenda in Thailand, which came from Singapore, but has other similar kinds due to cryptocurrencies in China and Japan, as well as the ATM’s opening in Australia. India took out of circulation large denominational currencies. The IMF considered a move to China. When I read the e-wallet article for Thailand, which is in the recent Cambodia article posted by seek, North Korea was mentioned as a regional threat for Thailand. It seems the North Korea threat is being used as a motivating factor – by fear – to mold the regional countries. Russia, China, and the U.S. are “the guardians” of the region. A South Korean representative has recently gone to a central bank meeting in Switzerland.

      I do not think I laid out some details, but taking all of the above into account, there seems to be a picture developing.

    • destabilise..

    • this!!! (form seeks retweets…)


    • THANKS the hands of soros again

      The end of military rule opened the doors for western corporations, NGOs, think-tanks, human rights organizations and to a greater influence of UN Agencies. Many of them, UN-agencies included, are associated to and sponsored by the likes of the self-proclaimed philanthropist and multi-billionaire George Soros. Together they establish a loosely associated network, consisting of new local players and well established international players who are notorious for exploding targeted nations into ethnic violence. Their philanthropy and advocacy for freedom, democracy and human rights has left a trail of ethnic violence, death and devastation from Bosnia and Kosovo to Nepal. Is Myanmar´s geo-strategically significant location, a planned gas-pipeline, and its wealth in resources turning Myanmar into the next target for globalization and the strategic encirclement of China?

      • great comment, Joel!

      • It is that Joel, I think. Also, U.S. Troops in any country is the U.S. of A. way, as maria pointed out above. I still think the next level is the economic establishment that is happening in the surrounding South and East Asian nations, namely e-wallet/cryptocurrencies. Destablize to build their new economic order, which with economics always means a shifting of politics, i.e. political economy, and thus, regional control through the new means, again cryptocurrencies.

        Hard cash may linger for some time, but when the central banks can not handle the internal banking inflation, then new economies have to established by way of military destruction, technology, and now cryptocurrencies. The stock markets demonstrate the ownership of central banks of what are not-so-private corporations anymore.

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