thanks to intrigued for the link..

all big money projects..a few focusing on climate change of course..there will be no discussion without mentioning climate change!

might find some interesting connections upon further perusal..big government and big money sitting in a tree..k i s s i n g..


~ by seeker401 on September 8, 2017.

20 Responses to “Top 10 Future U.S. MEGAPROJECTS”

  1. Yunowu linked this vid to me. If you watch, you will see that some of these same states where the mega-projects are planned, are also the states where mother nature, cough cough, is reeking havoc. You must first tear down in order to rebuild. Make America Great Again!


    also good news
    She think is good to endFED
    we don’t check yet RP opinion

  4. & always always THEY-tell us
    “weControl the weather”

  5. Fucking laughable.

    US work force isn’t capable of building any of this bs on any kind of time line with any amount of dollars that the fed can print.

    Not enough skilled, inspired, conscientious, industrious Americans left in this country…unless…they are forced into slave labor.

    Oh, silly me thinking out loud.

    Houston, Miami and whatever other cities that get hammered will never be rebuilt to previous status…ever.

    Just another politicians wet dream.


    • lol:
      “don’t confuse jews with facts!”…”instead, the fairy tails go on…”

    • I don’t dislike Bro Nath…still I can’t figure out what kind of part does he play in the hegelian dialectics…his videos are on youtube, which is -their- channel and -they- know he’s very popular: I had 11 ads in the 10 minutes that lasted this video…so he is an asset for -them-…does he play “the good cop”, creating an antisemitic emotions which are slammed by the ADL & the hate-speech crimes?…are -they- compiling a list of the BroNath viewers?…


  8. Seek remember this

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