Images 10/9/17

what are they trying to say here?

another guy in a flag..

this is his obsession..worth expanding for a look..triggered?

everything is A’Ok..

a new star is born..just like the last ones..

bill skarsgard..whoever he is..

more of bill..

olivia buckland..another nobody playing the game..

thats a shit load of coincidence..

this is how you break weather records..if you dont get make it one..beat 28.3.. the old record is 27.2..we got ourselves a record!

chelsea manning..remember him/her? eyed and masked..

i dont know what you see but its as subtle as a brick through a window..nutt milk..

the bizarre logic of elizabeth wellington..


~ by seeker401 on September 11, 2017.

9 Responses to “Images 10/9/17”

  1. the Gospel of Dominion ..

  2. On Keith Obermann: Oh the days when soap in the mouth did the trick. Not romanticizing the past, but noting how grown-ups tend to act when they do not get their way, and soap just will not fix it.

  3. >> the old record is 27.2..we got ourselves a record!

    syd is 31-32 on Wednesday,,, i could get some ice-cold nutt milk to cool down

  4. THEY-bizarre logic of THEY-snowflakes ( yes we said it ) from Fashion-Industry is pathetic THEY-are politikal commentators on everything + uglyness everywhere:(
    btw all this suicide-hotlines & so call new artist talking about suicide why ?
    THEY-trying to destroy Gen-Z ? b/c be difficult to control ?

  5. Heard on the radio this morning MONSANTO has pulled out of India. Interesting…

  6. Reblogged this on World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum..

  7. jones…spot on BEFORE 911!!!

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