Catalonia: More than 700 mayors summoned to court

Spain’s public prosecutor has summoned more than 700 Catalan mayors to appear for questioning over their support for a banned independence referendum.

Jose Manuel Maza said that any of the municipal leaders who agreed to help stage next month’s vote should be arrested if they fail to appear.

Prosecutors earlier ordered the seizure of ballot papers and voting materials.

Catalonia’s vote on breaking away from Spain is deemed illegal and has been suspended by the constitutional court.

But Catalonia’s pro-independence government has said that the referendum, which is planned for 1 October, will go ahead.

If the vote is held, prosecutors could charge the council leaders with misuse of public funds.

The Association of Municipalities for Independence has written to hundreds of Catalan officials assuring them that they are doing nothing wrong in helping to run the ballot, despite such actions defying Spain’s constitutional court.

In response to the Spanish government’s latest move, the Catalan authorities have urged the region’s mayors to take to the streets of Barcelona in protest on Saturday.

On Tuesday, the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office instructed security forces to remove all voting materials which it said could help with the “consummation of the crime”.

The order included promotional materials and the ballots themselves, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported [in Spanish].

With their own language and customs, Catalans already have much autonomy, but opinion polls suggest that the vote, if it takes place, will be very close.

There is a widespread feeling in the region – one of Spain’s richest – that too much of its tax revenue goes to Madrid.

Meanwhile Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his conservative Popular Party have vowed to do everything within their power to stop the referendum, which they argue cannot take place according to Spain’s 1978 constitution.

On Wednesday, the official referendum website was shut down following a court order, Spain’s Guardia Civil police said.


the masters of the system are not happy..

you will not leave the union!

look out for bombs..



~ by seeker401 on September 15, 2017.

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  1. btw, the image above seems to be proven fake, taken from a party” in Germany


    View story at

    • In the criticism part of Wikipedia it states, “Gene Sharp has consistently denied these claims….” Yet, all people have to do is read his book. Apparently it had been read in some known cases. It is considered successful. Those who deny his work is involved in some other kind of cases are cases that do not fit his motivation which was to provide a blue print for people to revolt against gov’ts. When gov’ts use his book in ways that may not be as politically acceptable, then he denies he was involved. Yet, his book had been translated into 31 languages first in Burma/Myanmar. Nobody has to get the man’s permission to use his work, just like when scientists made the A-bomb. Or when the GE man thought it was a scientific success the gov’t made a hurricane powerfully make landfall in Savannah, GA, U.S.A. Once the information is out there, the corruption of man’s heart only desires its’ wicked power.

  3. “do you even know who is Jordi Pujol and how his family founded the bank “banca catalana” with the jew Moisés David Tennenbaum??”

    first Generalitat’s president post ’78 and ideologist of the catalonian nationalist strategy, Jordi Pujol’s father, Florenci, worked since he was 21 y.o. in partnership with Moises David Tannenbaum, a jewish financier/currencies contrabandists. + google traductor


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  5. look who-s behind Catalonian Generalirat…

  6. deja vu, isn’t ?

    • same playbook eh?

      • worse lies & manipulation…NED again…

        “The objective of the CIA with this operation (1980) was to move from an “allied” State (which was the status of the relationship between the United States and the Franco dictatorship) to a “vassal” State, which is where Spain is currently But there is still a third stage of deeper subordination, that of “colony,” which is what the United States and Israel imposed in Kosovo after balancing Yugoslavia, which they are imposing in Kurdistan and what they will impose tomorrow in Catalonia if no one remedies it.

        That is the goal: to balkanize and atomize the remains that are still preserved by the Nation States to impose a Federal Europe by creating artificial States that, without any history or past in which to sustain themselves, deliver their weak sovereignty to the networks of oppressive globalisation .”

    • explained:

  7. Catalonia: Spanish judge jails two independence leaders for possible sedition

  8. Interesting article

    Europe’s Silence Over Catalonia Has Its Roots in 1945

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