Catalonia: More than 700 mayors summoned to court

Spain’s public prosecutor has summoned more than 700 Catalan mayors to appear for questioning over their support for a banned independence referendum.

Jose Manuel Maza said that any of the municipal leaders who agreed to help stage next month’s vote should be arrested if they fail to appear.

Prosecutors earlier ordered the seizure of ballot papers and voting materials.

Catalonia’s vote on breaking away from Spain is deemed illegal and has been suspended by the constitutional court.

But Catalonia’s pro-independence government has said that the referendum, which is planned for 1 October, will go ahead.

If the vote is held, prosecutors could charge the council leaders with misuse of public funds.

The Association of Municipalities for Independence has written to hundreds of Catalan officials assuring them that they are doing nothing wrong in helping to run the ballot, despite such actions defying Spain’s constitutional court.

In response to the Spanish government’s latest move, the Catalan authorities have urged the region’s mayors to take to the streets of Barcelona in protest on Saturday.

On Tuesday, the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office instructed security forces to remove all voting materials which it said could help with the “consummation of the crime”.

The order included promotional materials and the ballots themselves, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported [in Spanish].

With their own language and customs, Catalans already have much autonomy, but opinion polls suggest that the vote, if it takes place, will be very close.

There is a widespread feeling in the region – one of Spain’s richest – that too much of its tax revenue goes to Madrid.

Meanwhile Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his conservative Popular Party have vowed to do everything within their power to stop the referendum, which they argue cannot take place according to Spain’s 1978 constitution.

On Wednesday, the official referendum website was shut down following a court order, Spain’s Guardia Civil police said.


the masters of the system are not happy..

you will not leave the union!

look out for bombs..


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  1. Catalonia is a hot topic now…I wonder what is the script the western mass-media (Murdock-s Wash. Times & Chomscky-s GlobarResearch included) follow.

    I live in Spain, I have friends from and living in Barcelona, I-ve been following the process closely for more than a year now (not to mention having studied the history of the County of Catalonia and Kingdom of Aragon since XIth c.)

    Surely there are some interests that push for this destabilisation in Catalonia, as well as the neo/radicalization in a modern “nationalistic feeling” among the people living in Catalonia during the last few decades. (pay attention – the more recently arrived to the region – immigrants from South of Spain of 2nd generation or immigrants form Morocco, the more “catalonian” they feel them selves)

    those who voted the “Law for a Referendum” for the 10-1 (law, that does-t follow any legality with respect to the guarantees about the a. electoral cense, i. e. who could vote, b. observers & counting methods, c. outcome…according to that Law for Ref., the “yes” about the Independence of Catalonia will win with a simple majority of those who have voted. !!…simply put, if there were 3 people to vote in all of the region (2 from morrocan origin and another from Andalusia 🙂 ) if 2 of them voted “yes” than the result of the referendum is Catalonia wants to be independent!!

    here you have the vote of this Law per se, with the half of the Parlament (that represents its voters, i.e., half of the Catalonian society) leaving in demonstration of their absolute opposition to the terms of this anti/constitutional and breaching many international norms Law… something that was clearly explained during the previous 2 dyas&nights long public and TV retransmitted debate in the Parlament by those same political parties (form right to left, throughout all the political spectrum…everybody except for the nationalist party, who holds less than the half of the votes of the Catalans) / – you can see the votes at 0.22 min.

    in view of this, why do we have only the pro-separatism (pay attention, here the press uses the term “independency” 🙂 ) fraction , represented as “the unanimous will of the Catalans” who struggle with the dictatorial and anti-democratic Spanish state?

    who would benefit, at the end of the day, from:
    – destabilisation in the region, and/or directly
    – separation of Catalonia from the Spanish state?

    • Surely there are some interests that push for this destabilisation in Catalonia, as well as the neo/radicalization in a modern “nationalistic feeling” among the people living in Catalonia during the last few decades. (pay attention – the more recently arrived to the region – immigrants from South of Spain of 2nd generation or immigrants form Morocco, the more “catalonian” they feel them selves)

    • maria,
      Are those (mayors?) who vote for the referendum in line with the people? Are they being representative of Catalonia?

  2. If Catalonias’ sole issue for the referendum is founded on tax concerns, then their separation from Spain will only get backlash from a Spanish leadership that will not desire their nation to shrink. I wonder if Catalonia has other reasons for their separation, but even those other reasons would not be enough unless founded on Christ. Otherwise this will turn into a pride versus pride conflict over who is to possess the authority. Reminiscent of the child’s game “king of the hill”. Then the path will be towards bombs exploding, an “us versus them” scenario. Catalonia knows something is wrong, but just can not figure out what that wrong is.

  3. during the last 15 years the Generalitat of Catalonia has intentionally invited / accepted muslim immigration, principally form Morocco & Pakistan…
    today, in 7,5 million Catalonia more than 400.000 are muslims, i.e. it-s the spanish autonomous region with most muslim population, followed by Andalusia, Madrid & Valencia:

    number of islamic fundamentalists in the different regions of Spain, the most, in red, in Catalonia: , “Allah-s Spain”, a book by Ignacio Cembrero

    from the 98 salafist mosques in Spain, 50 are located in Catalonia:
    …already 80 salafists mosques of the total of 240 mosques in Catalonia

    the modern catalonian nation will be based on “xarnegos” roots (a respective term used by catalonians for the immigrants during the 20th c, actual independentists presidente Puigemont/s grandmother comes from Andalusia, lol)

  4. the Catalonian independentists who now have a slight majority in the government of Catalonia are preparing for an independent intelligence and police structures…guess who they asked and received assistance and guidance from…Mossad itself:

    Jan. 2017:

    barcelonian jews are very active in the pro-independence processes while the catalonian nationalists think that Israel will support the new state when Central Bank of Europe will close its doors:

    “Los nacionalistas confían en que el Estado israelí les proporcione créditos cuando pierdan el respaldo del Banco Central Europeo”

    the State of Israel is a very important economic partner of Catalonia:

    “Viva Catalonia, Viva Israel
    Just as Catalonia will soon be the state of the Catalan people, Israel is first and foremost the state of the Jewish people. There is no future for a binational state. Neither a federation nor a confederation, nor autonomy, nor cantons.”


  5. your tweet, seek, of Jaume Ciotet, the PR director of the Generalitat (the Catalonian government, actually in the hands, with a simple and week majority, of the separatists now)
    (“Director general de Comunicació del Govern de Catalunya. Opinions personals.”)
    in blue the voters opposed to the referendum…

    Six of the ten most populated catalonian municipalities won-t give the electoral rooms for the celebration of the proposed referendum:

    “Seis de los diez ayuntamientos más poblados de Catalunya no cederán locales

    BARCELONA, 8 Sep. (EUROPA PRESS) – Seis de los diez municipios más poblados de Catalunya no cederán locales municipales al Govern para que los use como puntos de votación en el referéndum del 1 de octubre: se trata de las ciudades barcelonesas de

    – L’Hospitalet de Llobregat,
    – Santa Coloma de Gramenet,
    – Terrassa y
    – Mataró, además de
    – Tarragona y
    – Lleida.”

  6. so, in view of all that, I repeat the question:

    why the MSM, act as they use to and we know the name of it ((propaganda)), don-t explain the whole picture of the “independentists thrives of Catalonia”?
    why is Assange (Mr. “there are so much real conspiracies that it annoys me when people lose time in the supposed 9-11 consp”) so actively pushing for the referendum (in its legal details totally illegal and opposed by the half of the Catalonian population)?


    • good questions maria..

    • maria, “opposed by the half of the Catalonian population”

      I never noticed this before with you maria, but I think there was a language barrier in my question above in the comments. My question was: are the los deputados voting for the separation of Catalonian doing the will of the population? Are the los deputados acting on their own? Or are the los deputados doing what the people in the streets want?

      Above you say half the Catalonian population is against the separation; meaning, half the population does want to separate. Yet since there is no legal process to discern a “voting-way” to separate from Spain, then the question remains as to what is the foundation for the separation? What higher law than Spains’ law are the separatist appealing to? For example, the U.S. in the late eighteen century argued the case that natural law (natural rights) was higher than English law in order to justify their separation/revolution from England. I am not stating natural law was in reality higher than English law, but it is a historic example of a separatists appeal to what they thought was the higher law. The legal justification the U.S. colony argued to maintain the U.S. Independence was lawful and right was the U.S. colony appealed to what they thought was the higher law, i.e. natural law as opposed the lower law of English king and parliament.

      What are the Catalonian separatists appealing to as to what they think is a higher law than Spains’ law? The article only states the Catalonians “feel” too much tax revenue goes to Madrid. “Feeling” is not a legal argument because it is too whimsical and fleeting day to day. I would think the separatists are not appealing to “feeling” as their higher law as opposed to Spains’ national law, but that is all the article states, “There is a widespread feeling in the region – one of Spain’s richest – that too much of its tax revenue goes to Madrid.” The article also appeals to Catalonian has a different language and differing customs, but again, those are not higher laws usually appealed. I was wondering if you knew what the Catalonians are appealing to as the higher law that justifies their separation from the current national law imposed by Spain.

      • Of course there is a legal procedure contemplated in Spanish constitution in case an autonomous region wants to secede from the Spanish state: change the Constitution itself! :)…but that means new general elections for a Constituent, general public discussion and the active participation of all Spanish nationals, not only the Catalans.

        info- here:

        which is a long, long path…and very uncertain as outcome…there have been voices (secret voices, on the verge of the conspiracy) from the academia, think-thanks & politicians for the last at least 5 years, according to which a “Second Transition” is being prepared (the “First Transition” was the change after Franco’s death back in 1975 to the Democracy and the adoption of the new Spanish Constitution in 1978). This 2nd Transition should lead to a new structure of the Spanish state, something like a Federation of autonomous states, or just give special status to Navarra (where basques ETA used to operate) and Catalonia, according to which those 2 regions will be completely or quasi independent financially & more, while remaining inside the Spanish State, so into the EU, NATO, etc, etc…Under that speculated 2ng transition, it’s very probable that the form of the state will be changed into a Republic, leaving Felipe, the actual king (whose mother, Queen Sofia, attended for years and years the annual meetings of Bilderberg,…err…a day after the one back in May 2014 King Juan Carlos “spontaneously” abdicated, what a coincidence!) until his death as a “guarantee” of the stability of this transition.
        …there are a lot of people – academia, insiders – who consider the current events in Catalonia as a text-book social engineering of that 2nd Transition: force at the end of the day the Spanish society to accept that proposed constitutional change. Many political leaders, who oppose the Referendum in October, have stated their acceptance of a possible Spanish federation or so (the one is the chief of the Socialist Party, PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, who invited to Bilderberg in 2015, while he was still nobody).

        Personally, and knowing well ((their)) thesis-antithesis-syntesis modus operandi, I give credit to such a scenario. The end-game, I suppose, is to leave everything under Brussel’s umbrella (EU), while creating a european filial of Israel (check my previos posts here about the israeli-nationalist catalonian ties), whit all its consequences.


        • 1st Transition, Constitution of 1978:

          “This new constitution also granted the right for historical communities to form autonomous regions in Spain. It acknowledges the existence of more nationalities within a united and indivisible Spanish nation. The first regions to be recognized as “historical nationalities” were the Euskadi (Basque Country), Catalonia and Galicia. The nation is openly multilingual and the defense of regional tongues is explicitly cited in the pivotal Article 3:

          Castilian (Spanish) is the official language of the State. All Spaniards have the duty to know it and the right to use it.
          Other (Iberian) languages are official in their respective autonomous communities according to the Statutes.
          The wealth of the different language variations in Spain is a cultural heritage that shall be the object of special respect and protection.
          This was widely criticized by right-wing groups which thought the unity of Spain was compromised, and it is still a source of argument today.”

        • Thanks,
          – There is a legal mechanism, which would be to change the constitution and involve the all of Spain the process.
          – The justification for Catalonia to separate is centered on “historical nationalities”, or differing custom and language it seems.
          – An aside: imagine if India did that: “According to Census of India of 2001, India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages.”

          How does one argue against the separation? It seems sensible if the only argument against it is Madrid will lose power. I ask as a hypothetical with the assumption the process was enacted on proper terms. Though noting in reality the process is currently being enacted improperly (illegally).

          Are you saying the EU will not have to go through Madrid to exert power in Catalonia if there is a separation?

          • “– An aside: imagine if India did that: “According to Census of India of 2001, India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages.”

            exactly. here a map about possible european independent states, according to existing political parties who claim the right of auto determination:

  , from 2014

            …so…the question is why so much seem from the MSM on the Catalonian independence?…why the kurdish referendum for independence was slammed by the US while giving wings to the Catalonian?…

            …lol…my personal impression is that (((they))) need Catalonia for fostering their Kalergi plan…they’ve done that already in the North, i.e. Sweden in which already “no-go muslim zones” exist…in the centre Germany & UK are on the verge…they are flooding southern Italy with “refugees” imported free from black Africa via Libia, courtesy obscure ONG’s, with Soros’ fingerprints, worse in Greece…so the European south-west is dealt as well, availing of the Catalonian nationalism (a late-XIXth century construct, I’ll write a post on that):


            check out the link…I quote only it’s closing:
            “Consider Abdelwahab Houzi, a Salafi jihadist preacher in the Catalan city of Lleida who adheres to the radical Wahhabi sect of Islam. He recently declared: “Muslims should vote for pro-independence parties, as they need our votes. But what they do not know is that, once they allow us to vote, we will all vote for Islamic parties because we do not believe in left and right. This will make us win local councils and as we begin to accumulate power in the Catalan autonomous region, Islam will begin to be implemented.”

            there are 7.5 million people living in Catalonia. Back in 2000 the muslims were 30.000…now they are 500.000!!… more than those who have voted traditionally for the nationalist party (CUP), 6,9% (twice as much as in the rest of Spain), in Gerona (a major city) they are 11,1%…the birth rate consist of more than 10% of all births in the region.

            this development is due to a conscious and hard work by the catalan nationalists & the left-wing parties to subvert the traditional social equilibrium and prepare the ground for a “democratic vote” in which the pro-independentists would be more than the traditional spanish nationals. that’s why the politics of the Generalitat (Catalonian autonomic government) to “seduce” muslims, mainly from Morocco, to impose at whatever cost the Catalonian language (a romance dialect, similar to the portuguese, not so different from Spanish but hard to understand immediately) as the only official in the region…consider that Erasmus students who chose Barcelona to give their last year at university went away screaming because instead of the expected Spanish they knew and expected to practise in the classrooms there was only Catalonian…as well as…if a Peruvian/Colombian/whatever south american immigrant goes to Spain he will certainly not chose Catalonia since there he should stumble with the added effort to learn a new language (adapt to a dialect, to say the truth…I speak only Spanish, but after 2 days of hearings in the Catalonian Parlament, directly TV-transmitted I can understand now 60-70%)…and viceversa, an african/arab immigrant should learn a new language, so the choice between Spanish and Catalonian is made on the basis of the mosques and religious benefits the state will offer him…and so the automatic pre-selection is put in place…

            the other card is the ((they)) assistance…

            “Notwithstanding, while there are no real proves that the backing J. Assange gives to the Catalonian independence cause has been impulsed by Putin’s Russia (lol, the official MSM have been backing this narrative, that Assange is Putin’s stooge), the so called “Catalonian diplomacy” bets on the State of Israel as his fundamental international support for & of a future independent Catalonia while does’t want to hear about the Russian interests”


            …and we all know who Mr. “in view of so many real conspiracies, people discussing the “truth” about 9/11 annoys me” Assange works for…

            • ah, thanks for getting back with me on this. The mosques. Qatar again putting in the big money in Europe. Israel support of a Muslim growing region (Israel=mosques=Mecca).

              • 🙂 I’ve been away for few days…more posts on this subject later…you got the theme, though…”destabilising”…using “the muslim / salafi tool”…towards a Kalergian society …with a ruling oligarchy…;)…not me or you, of course, those oligarchs…

        • and talking about ((their)) thesis-antithesis-syntesis modus operandi…

          here what JP Morgan analysis / suggestion from 2015 was:

          “n a research note following the vote – of the autonomous elections back in 2015 which was won with slight majority by the Coalition “Together for the Yes” – , JPMorgan predicted that the “conflict between Catalonia and the central government will not lose intensity. … In our view, a material offer to reframe the role of Catalonia within the national state … is needed to soften the rising radicalism in the pro-secession camp and restore the premises for a more constructive approach.”

          …”a material offer to reframe the role of Catalonia within the national state”…the maniovre I was told about 3 years ago: reform of the Spanish constitution, giving birth to a Federal Republic, granting Catalonia and Pais Vasco fiscal autonomy…

          seems that JPM-s executive director Marco Protopapa (lol about that surname) has stated that in plain text very recently

          (I can-t find the original english link for that info published in the Spanish press…)


            “”Given the scope of the political, legal and fiscal difficulties ahead of it, we – JPMorgan – think the path ahead for Catalonia is more likely to see a shift toward greater fiscal autonomy rather than full independence – but the fact that the independence option appears credible (if not necessarily attractive) will increase the likelihood of the region securing strong autonomy arrangements.”

            …so…weakening the national states while transferring more powers to Brusels…:


            a couple of quotes from the last ““GREATER EUROPEAN INTEGRATION: THE WAY FORWARD”
            ROME, 14 SEPTEMBER
            DECLARATION”, 2015, signed by Italy, Germany, France and Luxemburg:

            “The current moment offers an opportunity to move forward with European political integration, which could lead to a federal union of States.
            Greater integration will also allow our continent to successfully face global challenges such as forced displacement and increasing migration flows, climate change, the spread of conflicts and terrorism, instability on the monetary and financial markets, competition from emerging economies and the need to diversify and coordinate energy sources.”
            “We believe that the strengthening of Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) is needed”
            “In this context, the transfer of greater powers to the EU institutions should be sought.”

        • Puidgemont, the president of the Catalonian Autonomous region of Spain declared the independence of the Catalonian Republic in a “postmodern way”, just to suspend it 1 minute afterwards:

          lol…towards a dialogue…which should lead to the II Transition as I mentioned earlier in this thread…to transform the Spanish State into a plurinational asymmetric federation of states…

          in some places NATO&US bombs are used to fracture a big state/consolidated nation…in others we are offered a panthomym in 3 acts: thesis / antithesis / synthesis…

          • 1 minute of independence and the world was silent and Catalonian’s still had to buy bread. So funny – 1 minute. Was he proud of his accomplished feat?

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  10. your re-tweets of Assange’s campaign ni favor of the Referendum in Catalonia…no such campaign about the Kurdish referendum on Sept. 25th…how strange, cough-cough…why is that? double standards for the “right of auto determination”?…who will benefit from an independent Catalonia at the end?
    …as JCorbett pointed out: what we are taught is the most important news is in fact a way to programme us in a certain direction…what is the big picture?…we’ve seen plenty of color revolutions here at the FTM, painted as “spontaneous” and legitimate popular vote…why aren’t we suspicious about the events in Catalonia?

    …cui bono?…

    • oh i am suspicious! but i like any form of anarchy against the system..dont throw the baby out with the bathwater sort of thing..

      the kurds event is overtly neoconservative i reckon and assange doesnt want to be seen as sitting with them..

      • “i like any form of anarchy against the system..”
        Are we sure this is a form anarchy against the system? do we know the Big Picture to be able to judge?

        My guess is (((they))) need an independent Catalonia in order to:

        a. foster their Kalergi Plan, via mass muscleman immigration in the south/west of Europe,
        b. have a filial of the State of Israel in Europe…for whatever it may be useful…

        the smoking gun? among others, Assange-s support. (Assange is Rthshlc asset, IMO…for him (Israel-did-it) does not exist. …go figure! with all his leaks…)

        • “musulman immigration” in the new Republic of Catalonia

        • “Are we sure this is a form anarchy against the system?”

          That is the question, and I think all signs point to it is not against the system. I could be wrong, due to the very next question you asked maria, “do we know the Big Picture to be able to judge?”

          I thought Agenda 21 was a push for city-state, more local autonomy in condensed local areas and make the wilderness areas larger. I might not be remembering correctly, and that was something from years ago floated around. Like this map below:

          • that was a part of the agenda yes..

          • if the Spanish govt is actively looking to stop it then i see it as a push against the system..the union cannot be white anted..

            • True, but the agenda could be compartmentalized. Which leaves it an open question for now as to what is best to happen.

              In other words, if nationalists would not act as nationalists, meaning, real nationalists have to be in power, but through enough corruption into the mix and popular opinion could sway toward independence. The nationalists who get to power by popular opinion are now left out in the cold when popular opinion no longer backs the nationalists. The propaganda becomes the dominant medium to where the power exists. The propaganda pushes popular opinion anyway it desires.

              • Terrible English on my part, sorry:
                In other words, nationalists have to act as nationalists, meaning real nationalists have to be in power, but throw enough…

  11. we Pray don’t be THEY new method for COLOR-REVOLUTION but THEY players are on the side of THEY-KING ?
    we’re working hard since march for awareness about THEY-COLOR-REVOLUTIONS go first-Solution

    btw is not a solution but PrezTrump talk about MarshallPlan
    on speech THEYevilUN
    we’re pushing this for a while
    we the people to @POTUS call Arabella newMarshallPlan send Food&toys to NOKO kids fromWorldKids #peace
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  12. oops the speech worth reading not THEY-WARMONGERS sound bytes

  13. office of .cat domain raided, computers seized, IT manager arrested & charged with sedition.

    madrid sending 16,000 police in cruise ships, 4,000 of them guardia civil, to catalonian ports. dock workers close docks, refusing to let ships in.

    • this is what i am talking about..

      • i am naturally inclined to support secession – i’ve had some very negative interactions with the guardia civil and several conversations with real life madrid fascists.

        but it’s very concerning to see israel and their mouthpiece assange supporting it so vocally. funny how much they favor “self-determination” when it comes to catalonians and kurds, but not when it comes to palestinians.

    • I would be surprised if Madrid did not do those things. If Madrid just let Catalonia walk away for free, it would be madness.

      • i dont know how the spanish constitution handles treaties, but in the US, article vi, section 2 is perfectly clear – treaties negotiated by the president and approved by the senate are to be considered the highest law of the land, superseded only by the constitution itself.

        and both spain and the US are signatories to treaties which enshrine self-determination as the law.

        (of course, the US does not follow laws because it’s a rogue nation.)

        it looks like we’ll have not just one but two secession initiatives on the california ballot in 2018. fun times ahead 🙂

        • “it looks like we’ll have not just one but two secession initiatives on the california ballot in 2018. fun times ahead”

          from how it appears, fun times indeed

    • Reports convey Catalonia planned on Madrid sending in police (Catalonia knew Madrid would). Catalonia had plans in place to continue with the referendum even under these measures taken by Madrid. Those plans are reported to be still active, and Catalonia will therefore continue with the referendum even with Madrid adding forced pressure. The Madrid forces may only increase the probability of Catalonia’s independence (see below). The nationalists do what they do; Catalonia will via for independence with confidence (meaning they have support). Notice how vocal the Netherlands are for independence, and according to the article, international observers are not deterred at all by Madrid’s actions.
      ““From what I sense in Catalan media, social media and friends and family, all these acts are just reaffirming the convictions of those who have decided to vote and vote yes, and it puts in a really difficult position those who still contend that the referendum and the Catalan government are the anti-democratic ones.”
      In their letter, the Danish MPs said they do not understand why “there is no willingness [on the part of Madrid] to engage in a dialogue”.
      They said: “In a democracy, threats and judiciary and legal responses are not the solution … Politicians, not judges or police forces, should primarily deal with political tensions in any European democratic country.” “

    • I thought this was funny. Whether the independence is good or not, I just thought how it was funny the soccer team is now getting a political platform. Since the soccer team says so. lol!

      “Barcelona’s football club said it backed the referendum. It said in a statement posted to its official Twitter account: “In the wake of the events that have transpired in recent days and, especially, today, with regard to the current political situation in Catalonia, FC Barcelona in remaining faithful to its historic commitment to the defence of the nation, to democracy, to freedom of speech, and to self-determination, condemns any act that may impede the free exercise of these rights.””


  15. The Big Picture?…article from 2015….makes a lot of sense to me…knowing the players, the final objective…and Assange’s blind assistance to Catalan (not kurds, nor palestinian, lol) right of auto determination :

    “Towards European federalism

    Considering the numerous ties between each of the candidates on the Junts list and European think tanks and organizations that advocate for a federalist European Union (meaning a model in which nation-states would disappear in order to promote what is commonly called euro-regions that would defend their interests directly in Brussels), it would be easy to illustrate the point that the movement of independence in Catalonia is in fact part of a much larger force, one that acts at the European level and has been building for several decades. This relationship between Junts and European federalism is most clearly seen in its leader Raul Romeva.

    The number one candidate for Junts, Romeva is a member of the Green Party in Catalonia (he is considered “independent” within the Junts coalition) and has been a member of the European Parliament between 2004 and 2014. During his years in the European Parliament, Romeva has promoted the idea of not just an independent Catalonia, but also of a federalist European Union, by signing the Spinelli Group manifesto, one the first major federalist movements in Europe.

    What federalists advocate for is a European Union in which nation-states such as France, Spain or Italy would surrender most of their sovereignty (beyond what is already happening with the EU Treaties) to regions – such as Catalonia or Brittany in France – and the EU institutions in Brussels. The federalists promote the idea that these regions – also called euro-regions – would extend beyond what is today known as French, Spanish or Italian national borders. The fact is that present-day EU is slowly moving towards this model through various policies and reforms such as the reform of regions in France or the promotion of regional languages (see Regional Charter for Regional or Minority Languages), or more importantly, through each new treaty that transfers more sovereignty from nation-states to Brussels and regional entities.”


    “Catalonia and federalism, Spain and Europe, who wants what?
    On Sept 27, the separatists in Catalonia won a majority of seats in its regional parliamentary elections. However, they won with a very close margin and only thanks to the 10 seats of the anti-capitalist party, the Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (CUP), whose support hangs by a thread.

    Now that the campaign is over, we can take a step back or two and analyze the political situation in Catalonia. What are the main differences between the main parties that make up Junts pel Sí? And – perhaps more importantly – what unites these parties beyond their common stand on the secession of Catalonia from Spain and relationship towards the European Union and the U.S.?

    Together for Yes

    The Catalan independence Coalition known as Junts pel Sí (Junts) was the main winner in the Catalonian elections. Meaning Together for Yes in Catalan, the coalition presented a common political program in the summer of 2015. Studying the program, it is difficult to locate it in the traditional Left/Right political spectrum, as one could expect from a coalition made up of the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (neoliberal), the Republican Left of Catalonia (socialist), Democrats of Catalonia (center-right, Christian democrats) and the Leftist Movement (a coalition within the coalition, of much smaller leftist parties).”

    “The CIA and the Federalist Movement

    “Funding of the Federalist Movement came exclusively from the American Committee for a United Europe (ACUE), a CIA front that made little to no effort to appear like anything else – its board of directors was made up of prominent members of the U.S. secret services, including former heads of OSS/CIA: Gen. W.J. Donovan, Allen Dulles and W. B. Smith.”

    • “The fact is that present-day EU is slowly moving towards this model through various policies and reforms such as the reform of regions in France or the promotion of regional languages (see Regional Charter for Regional or Minority Languages),”

      I had been wondering what the legal justification Catalonia was espousing for its’ right to separate from Spain. The only right Catalonia has been espousing is it is culturally different. Culture and language reasons have been its’ higher law than Madrid’s Constitution. The quote above points out how the EU had been pushing this higher law for some time. Anthropology and Sociology have been the higher laws in education for some time, i.e. human rights interpreted by race and sexual identity groups. It had flooded the English Departments in the Universities in the U.S. for some time. Modern literature, and thus the arts, TV programming and music. All areas of cultural institutionalization (making culture). News media can be short term propaganda, but acculturalization may change culture at the institutional and legal level over generations and is a form of long term propaganda.

    • THEY-LUCIFERIANS double play maybe ?
      let them go indy (independent ) later rescue them
      almost same than the NFL we need to remember always always in THEY-upper echelons or top of the pyramid is one of THEY LUCIFERIANS maybe ?
      playing booth sides Divide is THEY game name
      same that PrezTrump-sticker- impeach full-color blue on Red hiding in plain sight always behind LUCIFERIANSsenators there for life time

      • ((they)) need the “Catalonian Case”, imo, in order to foster the process towards a European Federation of Regions, with which de facto/finally, destroy the european national states and definitely transfer the power to ((their)) administration in Brussels.
        ((they)) need to create the model of a Hegelian thesis = the “catalonian people” (10-20% 20 years ago, 50% now, much more tomorrow, due to immigration and imposition of ONLY Catalon in the schools) struggle for independence vs. the antithesis = “the centralist – spanish – state, in “a dictatorial fashion” doesn’t let them go…towards the synthesis = the reform of the Spanish Constitution and so the creation of a Spanish Federation of Federal/Independant States…towards a de facto administrative fragmentation under the umbrella of only the EU.
        ((they)) are using both sides in order to implement that Hegelian process:
        on one side, the Catalans independentists like Puigemont, Romeva, etc. are led to think that their cause will be supported and aided by the State of Israel, so they get really extreme in their positions,
        while on the other, the Spanish Government has been reassured time and again by Brussels that the EU stays behind its position…so neither it, Rajoy, wanted to start negotiations of some sort.
        the effect is that both societies, earlier very friendly & quite amalgamated, today, 5 days before Oct. 1, are more and more divided and driven into hatred towards the other.

        so, at the end of the day, when the bargaining ends and the solution is proposed, a socially engineered society, both in Catalonia and Spain will be so very grateful to “that marvellous solution” of a Federal Spanish State, about which nobody could even think about some 5 years earlier. except for the insiders.

        that’s the way I see the so called “Process” …it’s a new form of “color revolution”, which uses the good old Divide and Conquer…

  16. we Pray is not THEY-NEW-COLOR REVOLUTION seem for your-post here that is not going that way thx God 🙂
    on some footage we saw the usual-suspects the black-bloc gear .THEY fits & carnations
    from 2011

    • 🙂
      The “Junts pel Si” (JPS) coalition (=”united for the vote for Independence”) won back in 2015 only few seats more, in the Catalonian Parlament, than the parties who oppose the referendum. Nevertheless, the JPS could effectively pass by the fast-track the Law for the Referendum. According to this law if on Oct. 1 only 3 people voted (people about whose census there is no transparency at all + only residents in Catalonia + and catalonians abroad could vote, while the Catalonians who live in the rest of Spain ARE NOT ALLOWED to vote) and 2 have voted “yes” for the Independence, that automatically will lead to the unilateral declaration of the Independence of Catalonia.

      …sounds like playing with signed cards to me…

      …curious how even zero hedge has not caught the details…

      In case the “yes” wins – lol, the whole referendum is structured so that this is the only alternative, since the “no” voters will nott bother to vote a referendum they consider illegal… the JPS coalition promises an unilateral declaration of independence within only 18 month…of course, before any new general elections could occur in which the fragile majority the JPS coalition has today could vanish in the dust…

      and yes, if Catalonia becomes independent form the Spanish state tomorrow, automatically it will not be part of EU, euro & NATO, etc…like the hypothetical case of an independent Scotland, Catalonia should then pass (could be fast-track, most probably) all the legal procedures to adhesion and then re-entry into the EU structures.

  17. 12:55 p.m.

    A media watch dog says pressure by the Catalan government and social media harassment by “hooligans ” of the pro-independence movement is making for a suffocating atmosphere for journalists trying to cover the planned Oct. 1 independence referendum in the northeastern Spanish region.

    A report by Reporters Without Borders on Thursday said the regional government’s drive to impose its side of the story in local, Spanish and international media has “crossed the red lines.”

    It added that Spanish authorities’ judicial measures against Catalan media to stem propaganda for the referendum have created an atmosphere of extreme tension.

    Spokeswoman Pauline Ades-Mevel called on Catalan authorities to come out against the stigmatization of Spanish media, saying it smacked of electoral campaigns such as those of Donald Trump and other “reactionary movements.”

  18. would love to see more updates from you maria 🙂 most of my feeds are pro-secession so i’m not getting the other side of the story.

  19. 🙂 xxx, I can give you tones of material in Spanish if that serves…

    here a sum up = a coup d’etat by the catalan nationalists…:

    the imposed Oct. 1 voting doesn’t comply with the minimum standards for a democratic referendum: according to the Law for the Referendum, voted by 62+10 of 135 seats in the Catalonian Parliamentó_Parlament_de_Catalunya_2015.svg/250px-Composició_Parlament_de_Catalunya_2015.svg.png (green + yellow)

    who, by the way, all together received 48,7% of the votes in the last Catalonian elections back in 2015, having the unique electoral platform to make a binding referendum for Cat. independence, making clear that the rest 50,6% of those who voted (77% of the census) DIDN’T want such ref.

    in order that the results of Oct-1 are binding there is no participation minimum nor qualified majority required. whatever number decides to vote, if 50%+1 of the ballots are “yes” within 48 hours the Generalitat should proclame unilaterally the independence of Catalonia.

    :)…well, all the more…there is no census published, nobody knows how has been engineered who is deemed to vote…there are no known electoral commissions, even less with the normal democratic requirement for both participants of the “yes” and “no” parties…there has not been an open debate and pre-referendum campaign for the “no” option, whatever.

    a graphic resume here:

  20. thanks for all of the above info maria.

    of course if they are able to release results of the ‘referendum’ at this point, secession will win by a large margin – afterall who is going to go to the trouble of trying to vote just to vote no. there is much controversy ahead, no doubt.

    • just to vote “no” and then see his vote thrown into the wc, lol!…no guarantees for the scrutiny of the votes, remember? all under the Generalitat’s control, party & judje at the same time…

  21. it’s all about money and corruption, at the end:

    a. Catalonia is bankrupted

    so it needs more money, and this move is part of the extortion…as it (the nationalistic card) has always been for the last 39 years, since the Spanish Constitution has been adopted back in ’78.

    a constitution which text has been prepared behind closed door by an “expert teem” amongst which raws there were at least one CIA collaborator, Jordi Solé Tura – who insisted on the adoption of the “historical nationalities” concept within the constitution…a concept which would give the legal basis of Catalan growing nationalism
    the other brand new adopted concept of this Constitution was the “autonomic communities” structure of the Spanish State: those who “know” the details of that time, commented to me, that it was a result of the unilateral creation of the pre autonomic Basque Council at the beginning of ’78. the Basque National Party, PNV, was a filial of the OSS, CIA’s predecessor, during the Spanish Civil war and the WWII and so CIA gave a hand to the ’78 events.

    those two concepts have been the clock bomb that started the processes, with the complicity of the corrupt PP&PPSOE, the main spanish political parties who needed the nationalists to govern and so had blind eyes towards the gradually growing regional nationalism…and that soon will detonate the integrity of the Spanish State, leading to the II Transition, i.e. a reform of the Constitution in order to create a Federal state.

    and while in the Basque country the nationalism had the face of ETA and Batasuna, in Catalonya, the astute Jordi Pujol, a corrupt money trafficker governed and Israel admirer, opted for the re-catalanisation of the region. Starting from the yearly ’80es on, the party led by Pujol until first 2000, when the great Pujol corruption scandal exploded (and which scandal by the way, received twice less media coverage in Catalonia itself in comparison to the rest of the Spanish media…Catalonian media, who directly or indirectly serve the nationalist cause and so receive Generalitat’s subsidies, check the graph!/vizhome/Rankingindependentismo_0/Dashboard3)
    – adopted a series of proactive re-catalanisation policies of addoctrinition: the “full immersion” system was adopted for the public education: the official language for the public schools and universities was the Catalan, the generalitat’s subsidies for the media, etc….in 1994 the Cat. government adopted its official hymn, Els Segadors (take a look of its text:…legislation that the translation into catalan is obligatory in the public life texts, so municipal fines to shops who announce only in Spanish
    …against that belligerent local politics of Pujol’s party, Convergencia democratica de Cataluna (CDC)…and then of his heir, Artur Mas…the central Spanish governments, both from the left (PSOE) and from the right (PP) did do nothing.
    Rajoy won’t do anything as well, I reckon.

    if we add to all this the stimulated by the Generalitat mass immigration, from 2000 on, especially muslims – who learn Catalan but not Spanish, obviously and are rapidly naturalised it’s not difficult to understand the social tissue of the Catalan Independentism, actually the position, as seen from the last elections in 2015, of 50% of the catalan voters.

    great job for those who does not need strong national states.

    • …I’m not myself spanish so I had to read a lot these two past weeks in order to grasp the Big picture.
      hope you find my view useful, xxx..

  22. live coverage

  23. independentists “butifar-rendum” or how to extort for money the central government…oh! what a surprise:

    Catalonia Said to Court Default in Spanish Game of Chicken

    Catalonia is deliberately flirting with default on its bank loans as the region’s separatist government tries to force the Spanish state to deliver aid payments, according to two people familiar with the situation, Bloomberg News reported. Officials in the regional capital Barcelona are counting on Spain to step in and supply the funds they need to meet loan repayments coming due this year, betting the central government will be forced to back down because the costs of a default would be greater for the Spanish sovereign, the people said, asking not to be identified discussing confidential matters. The region already missed payments on at least two bank loans, Regional President Carles Puigdemont said earlier this month according to El Mundo newspaper. Albert Puig, a spokesman for the Catalan government, said the region is trying to persuade Spain to release aid money due from 2014. He said Wednesday there’s “no scenario” in which Catalonia would default. Read more.

    *butifar-rendum, from “butifarra”,
    a hoax

  24. RT live

  25. just what the Intl community needs to pick up a side.
    no explanation about the illegality and lack of democratic guarantees of the butifarrendum provided. of course.

  26. this is what the police was ordered by the catalonian judge to do today:

  27. 1659/5000
    politicians only need the voters to beat the sound they play. How many people went to the streets of Catalonia to protest the theft of millions of euros looted for many years by the same rulers, although with new faces, those who have governed them for many years? I think that the Catalans are embarrassed to recognize that their rulers are thieves but prefer thieves from their neighborhood to those in the neighborhood next door .. but all the politicians work for Masons, in Spain, in Catalonia, and in the rest of the world , I have also seen what politicians from other countries do … I have already said here that I saw Obama, with Brzeinski, Biden … in Lucifer’s palace in London, and the last to enter the party, there were three English aristocrat girls, one, Diana Spencer. and the same thing is happening all over the world. All the ambitious work for lucifer. I went to that party deceived by an American student, we shared a room, and although she told me to cover my eyes and fulfill other part of a ritual (Masonic, and that I already shared here, most of what happened at that party ), which at first seemed a joke to me, I saw many things, and I quickly realized that it had to do with something else, rather than a student party.
    ten days later I left London, but I will tell you, now, that I left without knowing neither English nor Spanish … I do not know how I came alive to Spain. but also, those of the same organization in my city were already waiting for me.
    and since I was ten years old, the Luciferians here have not stopped pursuing all my steps.
    los subditos botan y votan y botan y votan.. botan al son de los políticos.

  28. London ?

  29. what ‘s the big deal.. Even Yugoslavia broken into half a dozen of countries.. a small pissy place like Slovenia or Montenegro gets a country. It’s what the globalists want.. if they have their way – China will split into 3 or 4 chunks after Myanmar.
    So Catalonia is no different..surprised it hadnt happened much sooner.
    Bilbao regent should also go independent. lol..

  30. 🙂 you should retweet that as well, seek:

    the same guy voting four times at the “democratic” referendum…lol…normal…without any elementary guarantees and a handicapped void law for referendum…

  31. seek&others,
    the reason why this hurry into the proclamation of the secession (within 48 hours) is….


    Andorra is the preferred safe heaven for the Catalan independentists politic oligarchy…


    • Buchan III, Richard Duke – Kingdom of Spain and the Principality of Andorra – August 2017

      SUBJECT: Ambassadorial Nomination: Certificate of

      Demonstrated Competence — Foreign Service

      Act, Section 304(a)(4)

      POST: Kingdom of Spain and the Principality of Andorra

      Mr. Buchan is the Founder (2001) and CEO of Hunter Global Investors L.P., based in Palm Beach, FL. Hunter invests in global markets including real estate, venture capital, private equity, funds and public securities. The firm’s investments have outperformed relevant benchmarks over time. Mr. Buchan is also actively involved in a number of educational and philanthropic causes. For example, in 2011 his family established The Buchan Excellence Fund, the largest single endowment at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill focused on Spanish languages, literature and culture. The fund supports, among other things, a video exchange program between American and Spanish schoolchildren. Mr. Buchan’s analytical and financial management skills, his leadership in business and philanthropy, and his language skills and deep appreciation for the Spanish people and culture, make him well qualified to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain and the Principality of Andorra.

      Prior to founding Hunter, Mr. Buchan was a Managing Director at MCL Corporation in Dallas, Texas and New York, New York (1997-2001), and a Vice President – Investment Banking, Global Financial Institutions Group at Merrill Lynch in New York, New York (1992-1997). He currently serves as Vice Chair on The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Arts and Sciences Foundation Board of Directors. Mr. Buchan grew up on a working farm in rural North Carolina. He, his wife and their children continue family traditions and manage a farm that grows over 60 varieties of organic, heirloom tomatoes and other vegetables. They run a farm stand, develop new varieties of tomatoes and donate fresh produce to local charities.

      Mr. Buchan received a BA in Economics & Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1985, and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1991. He also attended La Universidad de Valencia in Valencia, Spain, and La Universidad de Sevilla in Seville, Spain. He speaks Spanish, and has a working knowledge of Catalan.

      Duke Buchan III, Founder and CEO, started Hunter in 2001. The firm is based in Palm Beach, Florida. Prior to founding Hunter, Mr. Buchan worked at several large financial and Wall Street firms. The firm and its affiliates manage multiple funds which invest in a range of asset classes globally. Public securities and real estate are a particular focus for Hunter. The firm and its partners are committed to preserving and growing capital over a long-term investment horizon and are willing to accept and capitalize on short-term market volatility in exchange for higher returns. To quote Warren Buffet’s long-term investing perspective:

      Duke Buchan III
      Founder & CEO
      Hunter Global Investors L.P.
      Palm Beach, FL

      founded in 2001 the year of the world trade center!

      • August 2017
        How a US private-equity group just became Spain’s new real estate giant
        Popular deal sees Blackstone become biggest fully private real estate owner in the country
        the US investment fund entered the Spanish real estate market in 2013, acquiring protected housing stock from Madrid City Hall, which at the time was in need of liquidity. But it pulled off an even bigger deal on Tuesday, when it bought up half of the toxic real estate portfolio from failed Spanish lender Popular.
        Thanks to the deal, overnight Blackstone became the biggest completely private real estate firm in Spain. Founded in the 1980s with seed capital of $400,000, the company has just added €5 billion of assets from Popular to the €7 billion it already had in Spain from its 2013 operation. The company’s total assets in the country now total just over €12 billion.

  32. “Pujol acknowledged before the Israeli Knesset, in that shameful speech, that he is deeply Zionist, from his tender age and the hand of the founder of Zionism, Teodoro Herzel, through his book entitled “The Jewish State”: ” I said, I did not just come into contact with Judaism. Also in a certain sense and especially with Zionism. And not superficially. With only 17-18 years I read (Der Judenstaat) of Herzel “. ”

    …during the last 40 years the public adoctrination in Catalonia has been very similar to the israely one in Palestina.
    Jordi Pujol & his heir Artiro Mas, the presidents of the Autonomic Region Catalonia highly esteem the israeli example, even state that catalonians hade jewish origins…

  33. 1. this night the coup-d-etat en Catalonia is being enacted:
    the spanish national police in the region is being neutralised in arab-spring style at the moment.

    2. tomorrow a general strike will be performed which will paralyse the whole Catalonia (the strike was convoked by the Generalitat – the Catalonian Government of Puigemont&CIU, which obtained only 48% of the votes in the last elections back in 2015), so it’s obligatory, will follow the 2 milion catalans who voted Yes the Independence as well as those 5,3 million who din not vote for it this last Sunday)

    the control of all the infrastructure – airports, ports, etc. is in Generalitat’s hands.

    3. tomorrow evening the Generalitat will declare unilaterally the Independence of Catalonia

    …I repeat: with the of 2 million of 7,5 million catalonians, 5,3 million with right to vote…against the will of 3,3 million catalonian nondindependentists…isn-t that a Coup d-etat???…

    4. on Wednesday the EU will invite the Spanish government to negotiate with Generalitat, as equal.

    5. the outcome, most probably will be the de fact independence of Catalonia within the new architecture of the Spanish state as Federation of independent states or at least Catalonia, possibly the Basque Country.

    • and who is next? there will be more i believe..

      • not in Spain, the only territories with nationalist fractions are those 3 northern regions.

        an account dedicated to expose those photos/videos declared spanish police’s violence, i.e the hoaxes:

        @Cerni_report .

        the whole “Event” (referendum till the Declaration of Independence) has been planned and organised, phase by phase, carefully

  34. the best is when plp ask for help to the EU / seriusly THEY LUCIFERIANS
    BILDERBERG-EU-NATO-DEVIL-UN ( no more call evil b/c backwards is live or satan is santa )so are LUCIFERIANS & are piss for loosing so from weather modification to bring a referendum back that happen all ready to
    NOKO & the best bfore remember guys INT is really good on that remember was all about gematria/kabbalah/palindromes & more now we know THEY LUCIFERIANS are behind when is Russia-Russia-Russia
    example THEY LUCIFERIAN referendum in Catalonia no in Kurdistan
    more lately

  35. today in Catalonia:

    • “you don’t have a f*king idea what happened in Russia, sons of a b….againsta the people…register, go on…soon you all have here arms…I wish you one thing – that you never take an arm in your hands…you’ll see”

      N.B. the police who supervise calmly the burning tyres on impeding the traffic is not Policia Nacional nor Guardia Civil. No. they are Mosses d’Escuadra, the local autonomic police who de facto gave plaegence to the Generalitat on Oct.1 till present.

      those, which Mossad gave instructions and guidelines to..I posted about this earlier…

      • The local police are in charge in Catalonia? When Madrid sent in police and locked down areas that has been repulsed? Pushed back?

        You may remember Catalonia is a leader of the Environmental agenda in Spain. That was one of the promotions given as to why they should secede, along with cultural boundaries/differences.

        • yes, the Mosses d’Escuadra are in charge in Catalonia. in theory all he three police agencies work in a team. the Policia Nacional & Guardia Civil, the police agencies Madrid sent to Catalonia, were meant to assist the local police in the fulfilment of the judicial decision of the Catalonian Supreme Court to seize all the voting urns for the illegal (because anti-constitutional) referendum and so prevent its celebration. the proindependentists (all together 2 million voter, extremely well mobilised) entered the voting centres the night before Oct. 1 and so when the police arrived it found the resistance of the independentists within the buildings where the voting urns were. While the National police was fulfilling the orders of the judje, the local police were receiving flowers from the voters and so, fulfilled the orders of the pro-separatists local Government.
          it’s a de facto coup d-etat, of the pro separatists coalition which has the local government facilities.
          according to the Spanish constitution (art. 155) the Spanish PM could suspend in such case the autonomic powers of the local government and proclame the state of exceptionality. for some reason Rajoy does not do it.

    we can believe this link URL


  38. beyond the media campaign of “police violence” in Catalonia. sum-up of the #fakenew Op in english:

    take a look, seek…

    • cheers..

      Spanish Police acted mostly correct and proportional being surrounded by violent people, sometimes Police fleed.
      Spanish Police was force to act and do “dirt job” due to withdrawal of Catalonia Police by political reasons.
      Catalan Police and their Antirriot Squads had performed much more violent acts against defenceless people than the Spanish’ (ie 11-M).
      Catalan Government confiscated urns in another occasions by same reasons (ie multireferdum – Artur Mas). So they preach what they don’t accomplish.
      Demonstrators acted violently against police not just yesterday but harassing them all latest weeks, even chasing them on their hotels.
      Demonstrators kidnapped public schools and public places to carry out their performance fooled by Catalan Government , that cleaned their hands.
      Demonstrators had no shame to use children and elder people for their purposes.
      Latest weeks menacing youngsters prevented people to have university classes in UAB and UB, so violating the right of students to not follow the strike. Is that the kind of “right to decide” they want to implement?
      Spanish Police images charging against people are really impacting, with people “flying”, but the real outcome of the damages are more psychological than physical watching just 4 people remain in hospital 1 day after.
      Demonstrators had been dragged by a manipulator Catalan Government to commit such illegal actions in order to have the photo of Spanish Police charging against them, getting international justification to declare the Independence therefore imposing it undemocratically to half of Catalonia.
      Same people voted 3 or 4 times on different schools, even under age. No control, no census, no guarantees.
      The same referendum was done on 2014, always having pro-independence 1-2 millions from a population of 7,5 millions. Spanish police allowed. What they cannot allow is do it every few years wasting millions of euros of Catalan budget to promote just one answer and brainwashing children on the schools and TV. They want to destroy and split the country in two even without having majority.
      Catalan Government is declaring soon the independence no matter the results of 1-O results, like dictators, since the target of Puigdemont was to use Catalan people to get the photo of Spanish Police charging against them. Why he and his “brave” team was not in middle of the war supporting citizens? PUIGDEMONT STAYED FEW MINUTES ON VOTATION CENTER AND FLEED COWARDLY WHILST THEIR FOLLOWERS RISKED THEIR INTEGRITY THE FULL DAY. Similarly happened in 1936 with Dencas…
      None of the wounded were people from top Government, celebrities, subsidized intellectuals, TV3 public media demagogues, catalanist right, pujolist lobby, pro-process columnists in subsidized newspapers… All of them were enjoying from their homes what they achieved manipulating like puppetry half of Catalan society.
      This week will be imposed “mandatory” general strike with the excuse of “Spanish repression”, so people won’t be able to work due to these dictators. “Right to decide” just for what they want. Kids on public schools are being forced to keep 1 minute of silence, whilst FC BARCELONA didn’t respect and played the same day of the charges (money is money)… Incredible. Teachers start appearing GESTAPO linguistic police.
      Catalan media are much better in marketing and fake news than Spanish one. The number of wounded “healed” in one day cause a fit of laugher. Surely Assange, Russia Today and Russian Government as hoster of Catalan banned sites is one of the main supporters of referendum. THEY WANT WEAK EUROPE

  39. another smoking gun…the Chabad “friends”:

    1. curious where Chabad Liubavitz centers in Spain are operative…

    2. look here…

    JUNE 14, 2017
    A picturesque city in northeastern Catalonia famous for its medieval architecture and the old Jewish Quarter, Girona was host to the first-ever European and Central African Regional Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries earlier this week.
    Carles Puigdemont, president of the Generalitat de Catalonia, was in attendance during the opening.

    • Independent Catalonia will be the filial state of Israel in Europe.

      seek, I reaffirm in this statement of mine:

      ¨Personally, and knowing well ((their)) thesis-antithesis-syntesis modus operandi, I give credit to such a scenario. The end-game, I suppose, is to leave everything under Brussel’s umbrella (EU), while creating a european filial of Israel (check my previos posts here about the israeli-nationalist catalonian ties), whit all its consequences.”

      The present events, the 40-year long processes and the outcomes expected in Catalonia are clearly Ukraine 2.0.

      a divided population where indoctrinated youth hate the “state oppressor” their parents used to call Fatherland…a secondary language (a dialect of Spanish, really) put into the altars, and so the nationalistic feelings, thanks to and by the autonomic governance, …which autonomic governance was made possible by the model inserted in the Spanish constitution post-Franco’s regimen (the so called Ist transition) by the CIA (I explained that earlier).

      The events we are observing these days are the end of a long-lasting project to deconstruct the state & society created by Franco. The authors of the project? the usual suspects, of course.

      20-30 years from now, due to the generation turn over, there will merely be spaniards in Catalonia, they will all declare themselves nationals catalonians (Just like in Ukraine will merely be russians, they will all be “ukranans”). Spain will be the neighbouring ex-oppressor country to “fight with” (just like Russia is to Porosheko’s regime).

      20-30 years from now, Catalonia will be the center of great salafist activity (those wahabists & muslims the Generalitat imports and willingly tolerates now to help the separatists thrives) and so the hub of constant instability in Europe…but/”thanks god”/that’s why (…which was first? the consequence or the reason? lol) Israel will be always there to help with antiterrorist experience 😉 and whatever else…to be in his house, basically.

      and while Ukraine could be physically divided in western and eastern (Donbass) parts…the division in Catalonia is different, it’s young vs. old…Spain has already lost, while Israel has won.

      great reivindication for the 1492 expulsion of the jews by los Reyes Catholicos. the same as in Ukraine for the persecutions of the ashkenazi jews in the Russian empire (now Ukraine) in the 19th century.

      • I appreciated this summary maria. You put events together well. It seems likely, especially the 20-30 years from now senarios. Other events could likely change by then, and the year spans of 20-30 might not be as significant, though the time lines might be spot on. I think what is really probably about what you said are the trajectories and the events themselves. Israel supplying the “antiterrorist experience”. Spain being the oppressors who the Catalonians fight with, same as Ukraine. The period of conflict with the rise of Islam will change the dynamics and “immediacy” in Europe at large, especially Brussels (how much for Rome we will see). The immediacy are those calls by politicians to “do something” in the face of such threats and therefore to be able to push agendas hard and with greater ease. The order taking control will promise stability, and the populists will desire the order in the midst of chaos closer to their European doors.

        Thanks maria! You really put together a well informed picture of events. The possible deep seeded hatred by Jews going back to 1492 and the 19th century, if true, is monstrous and unforgiving. Would hate to have them for a father. 🙂

    • Girona was host to the first-ever European and Central African Regional Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries earlier this week.
      Carles Puigdemont, president of the Generalitat de Catalonia, was in attendance during the opening.

      best mates eh?

      • I sense a theme…lol

        an off-topic question…would like that Rev. was around:

        what is the sense of the emissary work of Chabad? is not the jewish religion quite close to new adherences? so why emissary work? or is this simply a jewish re-colonisation? positioning on the ground of the race-that-never-mixes, chosen to guide the peoples?
        the grid for the future handling of the Noahide laws, adopted by the ONU and then the Covenant of Dem Nations?

        what does Chabad doing all over the world so agress…pro-actively?

        • Chabad Lubavitchers are more of a cartel than a religion. Most practicing jews in Israel denounce them.

          The aim of the Chabadniks (or Lubavitchers) is to help molding and manipulating world events in line with Biblical “End Time” prophecies which involves the second coming of the Messiah, a prerequisite of which is a final conflagration; from which those suitably pure and distinctly Jewish will be saved while the rest of us perish. Rising out of the chaos will be a New World Jewish Order fixed in place with ultra-orthodox Jewish laws. Fanatic evangelical sects make similar efforts in Washington (dispensationalists).

          The Chabads are very influential in all significant governments of the world, but most in Moscow, Washington and Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Post on October 19, 2001, gave a summary of Chabad Lubavitch as: “a potent force with 2,600 institutions around the world. It is an organization with immense world-wide financial resources . . .Their influence cannot be overestimated. Former Vice President Al Gore is a Chabad

          The guru of the sect was deceased (1994) Rebbe Schneerson, worshipped like the Messiah. He is supposed to resurrect from the dead, when the Israelis have seen to the fulfilment of the apocalyptic Bible prophecies (Ezekiel 38-39, Joel, Jeremiah 25, e.g.) as ben David to create a Messianic world.

          Ivanka and Jared Kushner pay their respects to the dead Rebbe.

          • …Al Gore either!!…wow!…

          • I might be wrong and these particular Jews hold to an eccentric idea of the Messiah. It may be they are eccentric from the dominant idea of the Jews pertaining to the Messiah. What I might be wrong about is I would think the Chabads are not waiting for the 2nd coming, but are still waiting for the 1st coming of the Messiah. Jews rejected Jesus in being the Christ/Messiah, so they are still waiting. Their idea is the Messiah will conquer earthly kingdoms and establish their kingdom on earth, which is why some wanted to put Jesus on the throne then, but He fled. He told them it was not His time to usher in the final judgement and fully establish the new creation at that time, that was a future purpose certainly to be fulfilled later. He told them He was there for the other purpose as foretold, which was death on the cross and resurrection which was necessary for the salvation of His people. He would come as the conquering king and judge later the same way He left will He return. Jews rejected Him for that. He was too weak in their eyes, suffered too much, and was not much of the king they sinfully thought the Messiah is. Their idea of the Messiah as a conqueror and ridding the Roman Empire in their land Jesus did not do, so that was one reason they rejected the true Messiah and still delusionally wait for His 1st coming.

            • They are bringing about the second coming themselves THEY are playing out the scripts
              THEY want to control the world by COMMUNISM
              they are the offspring of the Sabbateans
              they believe anyone who is NOT one of them is garbage and needs to be destroyed! Israel is the tribe of Jacob, it’s not a country or a state, it’s those who love the Creator and these people do NOT worship the Creator, they want to be GODS LORDS OVER MANKIND

              • it appears so

              • btw. Historically, these kind of people have been called zealots. There are many names for them. Dispensationalists, as mentioned above, also have a strain of zealotry. There have been many zealot inclinations of different religions, spiritualism, sects, or ideology’s. The ones that went full blown and people died because either they thought the utopia was about to happen (a heaven on earth brand or whatever the sect denominated it as), or they the group thought they had to make the “heaven on earth” happen, both inclinations exist(ed). An early 16th century example is the Munster Rebellion.

                Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre would be a more recent example.

                Depends on how well those of a zealous orientation are politically connected, it would seem, and maybe a nice looking suit and tie, or Jewish orthodoxy dress to keep up appearances, that such inclinations are entertained by the more politically in control. Nazi’s I would say had a zealotry. Their rebellion and change of order style was fanatical and determined to make a utopia. Communism is of the same order. The dispensational premillennialism strain in the U.S., especially in the 20th and 21st century involvement in U.S. gov’t, was zealotry. The Chabad seems to be, too.

        • Where is Rev17 I miss his insight ????????

  40. okay so this site has crazy sidebars BUT good information lol I know it leans toward the side of what some would call ‘conspiracy theories’ but dammit, they are the CONSPIRACISTS

  41. in this article, the author, a university professor, states that the big game is repeat the Kosovo script and transform the newly carved state of Catalonia into the biggest NATO base in Europe, in view of the planned for so long now war on Russia…as well as be a hub of terrorists, just like the “liberated” Kosovo and Afghanistan are already…

    (google translator)

    • Interesting article.

      I thought this was interesting as well from another article in March of 2017
      meeting with James Carville, Bill Clinton’s campaign manager. Frankly, I’m trying to figure out why they would have met with Carville of all people!!

      Puigdemont about the CEO: “The referendum is transversal and where there are more Catalans united”

      The fact that 50.3% of Catalans defend the holding of a referendum even though the Spanish government does not allow it, and that 23.3% more will support it in case it is agreed upon, it shows, in the opinion of the president, Carles Puigdemont , that “the referendum is a cross-cutting objective and that’s where there are more Catalans together.”

      “There are independentistas voters in all the political formations and, therefore, it is an affair that strictly extends the purely independentistas parties”, he assured.

      Puigdemont has placed the Spanish government to “contrast” these data with a formal referendum. “I would like the Spanish State not only to negotiate a referendum but to explicitly commit itself to accepting the result. We commit ourselves,” he assured.

      Regarding the other projections, he refused to assess the results of the parties that indicate that the absolute majority of JxSi perilla – “the polls go and come according to seasons,” he has sentenced, and has merely emphasized that “The desire for independence is the mainstream” and this must have a political response beyond electoral projections that it considers “secondary.”

      Democratic Guru

      The president and foreign minister, Raül Romeva , met on Wednesday with James Carville , who was the president of Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992 and is considered an influential guru of the democrats . With him they have dealt with the Catalan process.

      “We do not lose any opportunity to speak with the different windows that may have and those who have an interest in putting their ear and listening to what is happening in Catalonia and we have found that there are many people that are interested,” he assured the time to evaluate the meeting.

      Previously, Puigdemont visited the Jewish Museum in New York where he discussed the possibility of receiving this museum in 2019 the exhibition of Hagadàs de Barcelona that was exhibited at the Museum of the city.

      • thanks, intrigued. 🙂

        I make you notice the source of this article:
        lol, elnacional….it’s Puigemont’s mouth in fact.

        the newspaper who claimed on Oct.1 in its english version that the judge of the Catalonian High Court has permitted in fact some voting on the streets, posting the pdf of the judge’s act in spanish, where those who speak spanish could see for themselves that no such thing was true. I posted it on this thread back them

        the big loudy (dirty) mouth of separatists propaganda. word by word

        the Ceo of the digital newspaper:
        José Antich, wrote in the ’90 the biography of the “VIrrey of Catalonia”, J. Pujol

        • !!!! Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but thanks for pointing that out to me. No wonder he was meeting at the Jewish Museum and with James Carver, now it makes some sense. Probably getting expert advice on how to Wag the Dog! 🙂

      • the separatists probably sought (possibly with “a convincing envelope” as gift 😉 ) for the US media assistance / media campaing guidance for the Proces …

        this: (use the translate function in twitter)

  42. Spain has accused Catalonia of using ‘blackmail’ in its bid for independence
    October 5, 2017

    Spain has accused Catalonia of trying to achieve independence through blackmail, as tensions continue to mount over the region’s plans to secede from the mainland.

    In a statement published on Wednesday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy wrote in Spanish: “The government is not going to negotiate any illegality, it will not accept any blackmail.”

    In Wednesday’s statement, Rajoy also condemned Puigdemont’s criticism of King Felipe VI, who in a rare political speech on Tuesday said the Catalonian referendum organisers showed “disrespect to the powers of the state” and constitutional laws.

    Following the king’s address, Puigdemont said Felipe was “deliberately ignoring millions of Catalans” and called for mediation, The Telegraph reported.

    Rajoy, who has firm support from the king, said: “These criticisms [of the king] show that Mr Puigdemont is not only against the law, but out of reality.”

  43. read about ¨the bubbling up of subterranean politics in europe¨, financed & put into action by Soros’ Open Foundation, 2012:'Bubbling_Up'_of_Subterranean_Politics_in_Europe

    and then read very carefully the findings of LSE, for Open Soc.:

    the people’s protests are…”It’s about politics not austerity”, Soros says…you know ;)…

    • I did not read the articles yet, but plan to. But the clip you have above made me think. Think how the Open Society is termed “Independent analysis”. There is never an “independent analysis”. Analysis and advice are always bias. Brute facts are baseless assertions. Then for his work in the EU he terms it differently. He worked on monitoring the state of affairs in the EU. The “independent” concept is a wormwood, a true bitterness, to corrupt and propagandized while appearing political partisan and avoiding local gov’t interference.

    • Second article maria linked:
      “Several German interviewees, for example, stress that it was videos of the Spanish Assemblies on YouTube that motivated them to join. ‘My heart was beating. I couldn’t understand a word of what they were saying but I thought: awesome! They meet in a public square and they talk to each other.’”

      A person simply just needs to put marbles in their mouth and talk; some people will assemble in the new movement. Yeah, they assemble together, but for what? Wolves assemble in packs, but for what? People join the assembly of put candles in the [beep, dah, beep, dah, beep], but for what?

      Psalm 111:1, “Praise the Lord! I will praise the Lord with my whole heart,
      In the assembly of the upright and in the congregation.”

  44. and now The Economist…pushing for a referendum (a fraud and robbery in its essence as I tried to demonstrate the past days..)

    we all know who The Economist really is ;)…

  45. I’ve just received that….yesterday, Oct. 5th, meeting of the Catalonian separatists, in Gerona:

  46. they’ve just declared the official results of the “refrendum” (check the charts):

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